CBSE Class 8 History Chapter 4 Notes - Tribals, Dikus and the Vision of a Golden Age


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The rituals and customs which were followed by different tribes early on were entirely different. These rituals differed from the ones that were propagated by the Brahmans. Now, these were the societies that were not really characterized by caste-based societies and their divisions. According to the Class 8 History Chapter 4, those who were of the same tribe would share certain common ties which denoted kinship. Also, there was some sort of economic and social differences within the tribes too.

CBSE Class 8 History Chapter 4 Notes - Tribals, Dikus and the Vision of a Golden Age part-1
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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1. What was the Effect of Colonial Rule in Tribal Lives?

Ans. The lives of these people belonging to the tribes changed a lot when the British Rule began. Here we are going to answer a few questions about the changes in people’s lives due to the beginning of Colonial rule.

Q2. What Exactly Happened to Certain Tribal Chiefs During the British Rule?

Ans. According to the Class 8 History Chapter 4 Notes, before the arrival of the British, tribal chiefs were considered to be extremely important. They had more economic power and also the right to control and administer the territories which were under them. However, during the British Rule, the power, as well as the functions for the tribal chiefs, changed a bit as they lost all their power of administration and had to follow certain laws made by the rulers.

Q3. What was the Effect of the British Rule on Jhum Cultivators?

Ans. One of the main goals of the British rule was to ensure that certain tribal groups settled down in the best way. This ensured the control and administration of the British over such peasants. Hence, there were some land settlements introduced by the British in order to ensure that these cultivators would get proper revenue resources in the best way. However, this effort didn’t prove to be very successful as there were widespread protests along in the states.