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NCERT Solutions for Class 9 Social Chapter 7 - History And Sport: The Story Of Cricket

Last updated date: 16th May 2024
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NCERT Solutions for Class 9 Social Science India and the Contemporary World - I Chapter 7 - History and Sport: The Story of Cricket PDF Download

The story of the development of cricket and its expansion in the rest of the world is discussed in Class 9 Social Science History Chapter 7. For sports-loving students, this is an amazingly informative chapter to study and find out historical information related to Cricket. The NCERT Solution for Class 9 Social Science History Chapter 7 will help the students to understand and learn this chapter better. The Story of Cricket Class 9 NCERT Solutions is available in the PDF format and you can download them for free from Vedantu. These NCERT Solutions make an excellent resource for self-study.


NCERT Solutions For Class 9


Class 9 Social Science India and the Contemporary World

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Chapter 7 - History and Sport: The Story of Cricket

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Text, Videos, Images and PDF Format

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English and Hindi

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Class 9 Social Studies CBSE has a remarkable syllabus that covers the various aspects of our glorious history. From the French Revolution to the story of cricket, students will find amazing information regarding the noteworthy events of our past.

You can also download NCERT Solutions for Class 9 Maths and NCERT Solution for Class 9 Science to help you to revise complete syllabus and score more marks in your examinations.

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Access NCERT Solutions for Social Science Chapter 7 – Story of Cricket

Q1. Test cricket is a unique game in many ways. Discuss some of the ways in which it is different from other team games. How are the peculiarities of Test cricket shaped by its historical beginnings as a village game?

Ans: A standard game of cricket takes longer to complete than other modern sports. Even though a Test Match lasts five days, it still finishes in a draw. A one-day contest takes the entire day to complete. The Twenty-Twenty, the shortest version, takes roughly four hours to complete. The majority of current sports take roughly 90 minutes to complete. Cricket's lengthy character stems from its origins in the pre-industrial era, when the economy was entirely agrarian. People had plenty of leisure during the off seasons for farming to watch a cricket match for several days.

In different parts of the world, cricket grounds come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Cricket was the first team sport to be codified in the modern era. Over time, the rules and regulations of cricket evolved on their own. Cricket was first played on the commons in its early years. The size of the commons area varied, and there was no clear boundary. The umpires determined the length of the boundary line after consulting with the captains of both teams.

Q2. Describe one way in which in the nineteenth century, technology brought about a change in equipment and give one example where no change in equipment took place.

Ans: Pads and gloves were made from vulcanised rubber. Over the years, the cricket bat has stayed largely unchanged. These two cases demonstrate the impact of technology advancements on cricket.

Q3. Explain why cricket became popular in India and the West Indies. Can you give reasons why it did not become popular in countries in South America?

Ans: Playing cricket was a manifestation by the elites of imitating their colonial masters. Cricket grew popular in British colonies such as India and the West Indies as a result. Because South America was never ruled by the British, cricket was never a popular sport in the region.

Q4. Give brief explanations for the following: 

(a) The Parsis were the first Indian community to set up a cricket club in India.

Ans: The Parsis were wealthy merchants who were the first to adopt the western way of life. As a result, they were the first Indian community in India to establish a cricket club.

(b) Mahatma Gandhi condemned the Pentangular tournament.

Ans: The Pentagular tournament was a competition amongst communally constituted teams. As a result, Mahatma Gandhi denounced the tournament.

(c) The name of the ICC was changed from the Imperial Cricket Conference to the International Cricket Conference.

Ans: In the previous edition, the term "imperial" had implications of colonialism and hegemony. In 1965, the name was changed to International Cricket Conference as other cricket-playing nations gained popularity.

(d) The shift of the ICC headquarters from London to Dubai.

Ans: The ICC's headquarters were relocated from London to Dubai in order to be in a tax-free location. Many cricket-playing countries lacked a double-taxation agreement with England. As a result, relocating the headquarters was entirely a business choice. Some commentators believe it also represents a symbolic transfer in power from Europe to Asia.

Q5. How have advances in technology, especially television technology, affected the development of contemporary cricket?

Ans: Cricket has evolved into a marketable sport with the potential to produce significant cash. Cricket boards made money by selling television rights to broadcasters. Advertising slots were sold to make money for the television stations. Cricket gave businesses the chance to market their products and services to a big and captive audience. Because to the constant media attention, cricketers have become celebrities. Cricketers began to make large sums of money by starring in commercials, in addition to receiving increased remuneration from their cricket boards. The game's audience grew as a result of the television coverage. Cricket could be seen and experienced by people from tiny towns and villages. Many children in small towns may want to be cricketers by imitating their heroes.

NCERT Solutions for Class 9 Social Science India and the Contemporary World - I Chapter 7 - History and Sport: The Story of Cricket

Summary of Class 9 Chapter 7 History: The Story of Cricket

The 7th Chapter of Class 9 SST tells us the historical development of the game Cricket. It is a fascinating chapter to study as cricket binds our diverse country together. You will get to know information on the invention of this game, who played them in the historical era, and how it became popular across the globe.

The History Class 9 Chapter 7 has been segregated into different units. The first unit focuses on the historical development of this game in England. The second unit tells us about the relation between Victorian England and the significance of cricket during that era. The third unit describes how this game traveled the world and reached the England colonies in different parts of the world. The next unit focuses on the impact of cricket on religion and race in the Indian subcontinent. It slowly transformed into a new form in India under British rule. Students will find out how this game transformed due to the decolonization of India and how the game changed over the years. Cricket took a different turn when it was commercialized and media entered the world of Cricket. A brilliant presentation of the history of cricket has been described in this chapter that every student will find very interesting to read.

How Can You Benefit from the Class 9 History Chapter 7 Solutions?

The syllabus of CBSE Class 9 SST is pretty huge. It will become tough for the students to complete the syllabus and concentrate on other subjects too, without proper help. Hence, the Class 9 History Chapter 7 Solutions are prepared by the subject experts at Vedantu to help students understand and learn the chapter effectively.

  • Easy Understanding of the Concepts

History is a fascinating subject. Chronology is very important in this subject. In order to understand the chronological development and impact of different factors on Cricket, you will have to refer to the Class 9 History Ch 7 Solutions. You can easily find out the significance of this chapter in India’s colonial history too. You will discover how the game changed in due course of time and became what it is today. All the factors related to the Victorian era in England and the Indian colonial era will be described perfectly in the answers to all the questions in the exercises.

  • Completing the Chapter on Time

The easiest way to complete this chapter is by referring to the NCERT Solutions Class 9 Social Science India and The Contemporary World Chapter 7 Story of Cricket. Focus on the units, study them well, solve and practice the questions given in each exercise, and compare your answers with that of the solutions. In this way, you will find out how to rectify the mistakes in your answers. Thus, you can address your doubts independently, with the help of these NCERT Solutions.

  • Unit-Wise Solutions for Better Preparation

The NCERT Solutions for Class 10 Social Science History Chapter 7 PDF file can be downloaded on any device and can be used as a reference. No matter when you want to study, you will have the utmost convenience by using these NCERT Solutions PDF file offline to prepare for the exams. You can also use these NCERT Solutions for last-minute revisions. Since all the key points of this chapter are covered in these NCERT Solutions, following them will escalate your confidence level. So, you can score well in the exams.

Why Should You Prefer Vedantu for Class 9 SST Solutions?

Vedantu is among the leading e-learning portals for CBSE students. You can rely on the quality of the NCERT Solutions and other relevant study resources on Vedantu, as our subject experts have prepared and sorted these solutions in a chapter-wise manner. It helps the students to organize their study schedule perfectly. Moreover, the students will become familiar with the CBSE guidelines to answer questions easily when they follow these NCERT Solutions.

FAQs on NCERT Solutions for Class 9 Social Chapter 7 - History And Sport: The Story Of Cricket

1. Is the transformation of cricket over the various eras explained in the NCERT Solutions for Class 9 History Chapter 7?

Yes the transformation of Cricket over the various eras is well explained in the NCERT Solutions for Class 9 History Chapter 7. When you refer to these NCERT Solutions, you will get detailed answers on how the Victorian era and colonial rule have impacted the transformation of cricket.

2. Why should you refer to the NCERT Solutions for Class 9 SST Chapter 7?

By referring to the NCERT Class 9 History Chapter 7 Solutions, you will be able to save time in preparing the chapter and practice better. All the essential points of this chapter are covered in these solutions, in a question and answer format. Therefore, referring to these solutions will help you prepare for your examinations more effectively.

3. How will the NCERT Solutions to ‘The Story of Cricket’ help me prepare for the exams?

When you follow the answers, prepared by the subject experts at Vedantu, in the NCERT Class 9th History Chapter 7 solutions, you will be able to analyze the appropriate way of writing answers precisely, without stretching the given word limit.

4. What is the history of the cricket game?

Cricket was first played by the Indians in 1721. Cricket originated in South-East England. It was introduced to the Indians when colonization happened. NCERT solutions provided by Vedantu have a series of questions, related to these concepts, to help the students of Class 9 prepare for Chapter 7 in History. These solutions are prepared by experts to make sure students understand the concepts and answer all the questions in the exams.

5. How was cricket invented?

Cricket was originally played first in England. This game was invented when a player threw the ball at a tree and someone from the other side would stop the ball. This simple game evolved when a stump or a wicket gate was used instead of a tree. Also, the bat used to be in the shape of a hockey stick originally, but later, people used the bat and formed rules for the game.

6. Who is the father of cricket?

William Gilbert Grace, born on 18 July 1848, is the father of cricket. He was, without a doubt, the most iconic cricket player. For the students of Class 9 to gain in-depth knowledge of this chapter, NCERT Solutions are the best reference material to prepare for the exams. Vedantu, with the help of subject experts, creates the NCERT Solutions for Chapter 7 of Class 9 Social Science to help students get well versed in this chapter.

7. When was cricket established?

Even though cricket was invented in the 17th century, the game evolved into a proper game and gained a unique nature only in the 19th century. The world's first cricket committee was established in the 1760s in Hambledon and Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC) was first formed in the year 1787. Download the NCERT solutions free of cost put together by the experts at Vedantu to learn and understand these concepts in more detail.

8. Is Chapter 7 Social Science Class 9 easy?

Yes. Once you understand the given concepts, it will be easier for students to learn and prepare for their exams. Additional help can be provided by the NCERT solutions by Vedantu where the questions and answers are prepared by the professionals to make sure students can clear all their doubts and get well versed in this chapter. These NCERT solutions can also be used as reference material for students to revise before their exams. All the study material is also available on the app.