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JEE Main - Oscillations and Waves Important Questions (Free PDF Download)

Last updated date: 16th May 2024
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Score High in JEE Main 2024: Oscillations and Waves Important Questions With Solutions PDF

Vedantu has you covered with its carefully chosen Oscillations and Waves JEE Main Important Questions, compiled precisely by Vedantu's Master Teachers. They are always aware of current trends, ensuring that the questions are perfectly in sync with the JEE Main exam syllabus. Oscillations and Waves important questions for JEE Main encompass multiple-choice questions (MCQs) and Integer Questions, giving students the opportunity to assess their proficiency at various levels. With comprehensive solutions and explanations, the JEE Main Important Questions PDF helps students grasp the correct approaches and techniques. The Oscillations and Waves Important Questions feature Previous Year Questions from JEE Main Exams, allowing students to solve important questions thoroughly and excel in the upcoming exam. The best part? All these resources are free and readily available in PDF format for direct download from our website.


JEE Main Important Questions


Text, Images, Videos and PDF


JEE Main

Chapter Name:

Oscillations and Waves

Academic Session:



English Medium



Available Material:

Chapter-wise Important Questions with PDF

The  Oscillations and Waves chapter covers the behavior of systems that exhibit periodic motion or wave-like behavior. This is one of the important chapters for JEE Main Exams, and you can expect a minimum of 1 - 2 questions from this chapter. Look at the number of questions asked from the Oscillations and Waves chapter in the past five years of the JEE Main exam.

Year Wise Weightage of Questions: JEE Main Oscillations and Waves

Sl. No.


Average No. of Questions Asked

Marks per Question

Total Marks





















Take the chance to elevate your preparation with our Oscillations and Waves Important Questions. It covers the whole JEE Main Physics Syllabus; you can download it for FREE.

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Important Topics from Oscillations and Waves JEE Main 2024

Below are some important topics students must consider while practicing the Oscillations and Waves chapter Important Questions for JEE Main. These topics are picked from the previous year’s JEE Main exams. Hence, before downloading the Important Questions, you can go through the list of important topics in this chapter:

  • Simple Harmonic Motion (SHM)

  • Damped and Forced Oscillations

  • Waves

  • Sound Waves

  • Wave Optics

  • Electromagnetic Waves

  • Polarization

  • Sound and Light Intensity

  • Resonance Tubes and Pipes

  • Wavefront and Rays

  • Wave Motion in Strings

  • Vibrations of Air Columns

JEE Main Physics Important Questions: Chapter-wise links 2024

Download for Free and Learn JEE Main Physics Chapter-wise Important Questions. Get the links from the table below:

Why Important Questions of Oscillations and Waves Essential for JEE Main 2024?

For JEE Main students, Oscillations and Waves serve as a gateway to solving those critical Important Questions. This chapter unravels the secrets behind the propagation of periodic motion and the fundamental principles governing the behavior of waves in various physical systems. Here, we will discuss why this Oscillations and Waves Important Questions for JEE Main is indispensable for your JEE Main preparation, highlighting how it can lead you to success in tackling even the most challenging questions.

Rhythmic Universe:

Imagine the world as a grand orchestra where everything vibrates and sways to its own tune. This chapter introduces you to the mesmerizing world of oscillations and waves, where energy dances in captivating patterns.

Waves: Nature's Messengers:

Waves are like messengers, carrying energy through space and time. Whether it's the gentle lapping of water, the soothing sound of music, or the invisible signals connecting devices, waves are everywhere.

Oscillations: Motion in Harmony:

Oscillations are like the heartbeat of the universe. Objects move back and forth around their equilibrium positions, creating a symphony of motion. Think of a pendulum's soothing sway or the vibration of a guitar string.

Simple Harmonic Motion (SHM): The Cosmic Dance:

SHM is the superstar of oscillations. It's like watching a cosmic dance, where objects move with predictable patterns. It's the graceful motion of a swinging pendulum, a bouncing spring, or a vibrating tuning fork.

Types of Waves: Surfers of Energy:

Waves come in many flavors. Meet the transverse waves that wiggle like a snake and the longitudinal waves that compress and expand like a spring. These waves transport energy, whether it's light, sound, or even earthquakes.

Wave Propagation: Ripple Effect:

Waves ripple outwards, carrying energy from one place to another. Ever tossed a pebble into a pond? The ripples spread out, just like waves moving through air, water, or even solid materials.

Reflection and Refraction: Bouncing and Bending:

Waves love to play games of bouncing and bending. Watch how a mirror reflects light, or how a straw in a glass of water appears bent. These interactions reveal the playful nature of waves.

Sound Waves: Symphony of Vibrations:

Sound waves are your ticket to the world of music and communication. Discover how vibrations in the air create sound, from the sweet melody of a songbird to the booming thunder of a storm.

Electromagnetic Waves: Light's Magical Journey:

Ever wondered how we see the world around us? Enter electromagnetic waves, including visible light. They zip through space, revealing the colorful spectrum and allowing us to experience the beauty of our surroundings.

Applications in Technology: Riding the Wave:

Oscillations and waves power much of our technology. From radio waves that bring news to your phone, to medical ultrasounds that peer inside your body, these concepts are at the heart of modern innovation.

Dive into the vibrant world of oscillations and waves! Imagine the beauty of synchronized motion, the magic of sound and light, and the countless ways in which these concepts shape our understanding of the universe. Get ready to ride the waves of energy and explore the symphony of oscillations on your JEE Main journey.

Formula-Memory Connection: Strengthening Knowledge with Oscillations and Waves Important Questions for JEE Main PDF

Equations are more than just symbols –They're your secret code to solve problems in Physics. When you understand formulas, you can easily handle tricky ideas and feel more sure of yourself.  Use the equation with JEE Main Important Questions for Oscillations and Waves to improve studying. Check out our JEE Main Physics formula pages and begin your journey to prepare for JEE Main now!

Other Important Links for JEE Main 2024 Oscillations and Waves 

Discover the links of extra resources beyond JEE Main 2024 Oscillations and Waves Important Questions. Check out other important links that open doors to learning, practice papers, mock tests, and insights. Boost your readiness, conquer challenges, and embrace success by using these resources made just for JEE Main 2024.

Here are the links for the additional resources of JEE Main 2024:

Enhance Your Results with Vedantu’s JEE Main Oscillations and Waves Important Questions

The Oscillations and Waves Important Questions for JEE Main PDF is a valuable resource that simplifies the intricate principles of oscillations and wave behavior in physics. With its carefully curated questions covering varying levels of complexity, this resource not only reinforces fundamental concepts but also nurtures effective problem-solving skills. Detailed solutions provided bridge the gap between theory and practical application, making the subject accessible. By embracing this resource, students can confidently navigate the complexities of oscillations and wave phenomena, ensuring a strong grasp of the subject and success in their academic endeavors. It's an essential tool for unraveling the captivating world of oscillatory and wave motion in the simplest terms.

JEE Mains PYQ Chapterwise: Mastering Oscillations and Waves with Past Papers

Conquering JEE Mains requires unwavering dedication and strategic preparation. One invaluable tool in your arsenal is the treasure trove of previous year question papers (PYQs). But navigating those years of questions can be overwhelming, especially for a crucial chapter like Oscillations and Waves. Enter JEE Mains PYQ Chapterwise: your key to targeted practice and exam mastery in this foundational subject.

By delving into JEE Main Chapter-wise PYQs for Oscillations and Waves, you gain laser-sharp focus on specific topics within this crucial domain. Imagine tackling your weakest areas, with a targeted set of past questions, building confidence and competence one problem at a time.

Whether you prefer the convenience of a JEE Mains Previous Year Questions Chapter Wise for Oscillations and Waves with PDF download or prefer working directly from online resources, the benefits are undeniable. You'll hone your problem-solving skills, learn to apply theoretical knowledge to real-world scenarios involving Oscillations and Waves, and develop the exam temperament needed to excel under pressure, especially when faced with Oscillations and Waves questions. Remember, these questions are like blueprints for future JEE Mains papers – studying them is like peeking into the exam itself!

So, unleash the power of JEE Main PYQ Chapterwise for Oscillations and Waves. Download your chosen resources, pick your weakest topic within this chapter, and start practicing. Each solved question is a step closer to your JEE Mains dream. Remember, consistency is key! Make chapterwise PYQs for Oscillations and Waves a daily ritual, and watch your confidence and competence soar as you approach the exam with a laser-sharp focus and a wealth of knowledge at your fingertips, ready to conquer even the most challenging topics in Oscillations and Waves.

FAQs on JEE Main - Oscillations and Waves Important Questions (Free PDF Download)

1. What are JEE Main 2024 Important Questions for Oscillations and Waves?

JEE Main 2024 Important Questions for Oscillations and Waves are a set of questions that are considered to be essential for students preparing for the JEE Main 2024 exam. These questions cover the important topics in Oscillations and Waves, as per the JEE Main 2024 syllabus.

2. What are the important topics in Oscillations and Waves Important Questions for JEE Main?

The important topics in Oscillations and Waves for JEE Main 2024 include:

  • Simple harmonic motion

  • Damped oscillations

  • Forced oscillations

  • Resonance

  • Wave motion

  • Superposition of waves

  • Standing waves

  • Interference of waves

  • Diffraction of waves

  • Polarization of waves

3. How can I find JEE Main 2024 Important Questions for Oscillations and Waves?

There are many resources where you can find JEE Main 2024 Important Questions for Oscillations and Waves. These include:

  • Online question banks

  • Textbooks and study materials

  • Practice papers and mock tests

  • Coaching institutes

  • Tutorials and online courses

4. How should I use Oscillations and Waves Important Questions for JEE Main?

Here are some tips on how to use JEE Main 2024 Important Questions for Oscillations and Waves:

  • Start by identifying the important topics for the exam. You can do this by referring to the JEE Main 2024 syllabus or by consulting with a teacher or mentor.

  • Once you have identified the important topics, find a set of JEE Main 2024 Important Questions that cover these topics.

  • Start by solving the easier questions first. This will help you to build your confidence and to get started.

  • As you progress, try to solve more difficult questions. This will help you to challenge yourself and to improve your skills.

  • Don't be afraid to make mistakes. Everyone makes mistakes when they are learning. The important thing is to learn from your mistakes and to keep practicing.

  • Track your progress. Keep track of the questions that you are able to solve correctly. This will help you to see how you are improving over time.

  • Solve questions under timed conditions. This will help you to get used to the time pressure of the exam.

5. What are some of the common mistakes that students make in JEE Main Oscillations and Waves Important questions?

Some of the common mistakes that students make in Oscillations and Waves include:

  • Not understanding the basic concepts of Oscillations and Waves

  • Making careless mistakes in calculations

  • Not practicing enough

  • Not solving questions under timed conditions

6. How can I avoid common mistakes in JEE Main Oscillations and Waves Important Questions?

Here are some tips on how to avoid common mistakes in Oscillations and Waves:

  • Make sure you understand the basic concepts of Oscillations and Waves.

  • Solving problems carefully and avoid making careless mistakes.

  • Solve a lot of questions under timed conditions to get used to the pressure of the exam.

  • Get help from a teacher or mentor if you are struggling with any of the concepts.

7. What are the benefits of solving Important Questions of JEE Main 2024 Oscillations and Waves?

Solving JEE Main 2024 Important Questions for Oscillations and Waves can help you in many ways. These include:

  • Help you identify the important topics for the exam.

  • Practice solving problems in the important topics.

  • Learn from your mistakes and improve your skills.

  • Get a feel for the format of the exam and the type of questions that are asked.

  • Stay motivated and keep up your momentum in your studies.

8. How many JEE Main 2024 Important Questions should I solve for Oscillations and Waves?

The number of JEE Main 2024 Important Questions that you should solve depends on your individual level of preparation. However, as a general rule of thumb, you should aim to solve at least 1000 questions before the exam.