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JEE Main - Laws of Motion Important Questions (Free PDF Download)

Last updated date: 17th Apr 2024
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Download Laws of Motion Important Questions With Solutions PDF: Score High Marks In JEE Main 2024

Vedantu presents a valuable asset for JEE Main 2024 aspirants with its Strategically selected JEE Main Laws of Motion Important Questions by Vedantu's Master Teachers. They are consistently updated on current trends to ensure the questions perfectly align with the JEE Main Exam syllabus. The Laws of Motion JEE Main important questions in PDF are multiple-choice questions (MCQs) and Integer Questions, allowing students to enhance their proficiency at various levels. With comprehensive solutions and explanations, the Laws of Motion Important Questions for JEE Main PDF aids students in understanding the correct approaches and techniques. The Laws of Motion Important Questions PDF includes the Previous Year Questions from JEE Main Exams, providing students with all the major questions to solve and study. Most importantly, all these resources are freely available in PDF format for easy, direct download from our website.


JEE Main Important Questions


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Laws of Motion

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Chapter-wise Important Questions with PDF

Laws of Motion Important Questions PDF should be essential material for students since this chapter covers their universality and applicability. You will get an idea of the Laws of Motion important questions for JEE Main by looking at the table below. 

Year Wise Weightage of Questions: JEE Main Laws of Motion

Sl. No.


Maximum No. Of Questions Asked

Marks per Question

Total Marks





















You can find that 2 questions have been asked from the past five years of JEE main exam. The teachers worked hard to ensure the JEE Main Laws of Motion Important Questions with Solutions PDF perfectly matched the JEE Main syllabus. So, gear up to succeed – grab your Laws of Motion Important Questions for JEE Main now and shine in the exam.

Competitive Exams after 12th Science

JEE Main 2024: What to Focus in Laws of Motion?

A few topics in the Laws of Motion will help you score in JEE Main 2024. Knowing the list of those topics will make it easy for you to prepare and focus on the JEE Main exam.  You can check the list of important topics from the Laws of Motion below. Unravel the key concepts, fundamental theories, and vital formulas shaping your success in solving the Laws of Motion Important Questions for JEE Main 2024. 

  • Newton's Laws of Motion

  • Inertia

  • Force and Its Types

  • Equilibrium

  • Applications of Newton's Laws

  • Circular Motion

  • Pseudo Forces

  • Impulse and Momentum

  • Collisions

  • Relative Motion

  • Work-Energy Theorem

  • Conservation of Energy

  • Power

  • Projectile Motion

  • Motion on Inclined Planes

  • Simple Harmonic Motion (SHM)

  • Equations of Motion

  • Torque and Rotational Motion


JEE 2024 Physics Important Questions: Get Chapter-wise Links Here

Access organized JEE 2024 Physics Important Questions with convenient chapter-wise links. Dive into essential topics, grasp key concepts, and prepare effectively for your exams. Get the edge you need with these focused JEE Main Physics Important Questions.

How Laws of Motion Can Shape Your JEE Main 2024 Journey?

Mastering the Laws of Motion is pivotal for JEE Main students aiming to tackle Important Questions effectively. This chapter delves into the fundamental principles governing motion, forces, and inertia. Here, we explore why understanding this chapter is essential for confidently solving Laws of Motion Important Questions for JEE Main.

Embark on your JEE Main 2024 journey with the Laws of Motion as your guiding star. These principles, crafted by Isaac Newton, shape how our world moves and functions. They're not just abstract theories; they're the keys to unlocking a realm of analytical thinking, problem-solving, and real-world understanding.

Foundation of Mechanics:

  • Discover the bedrock of classical mechanics with the Laws of Motion.

  • Build your understanding of how forces and motion dance in harmony.

  • Lay the groundwork for conquering advanced physics concepts and engineering feats.

Problem-Solving Playground:

  • Embark on a journey of decoding complex scenarios.

  • Uncover the art of identifying forces and unraveling their impact on objects.

  • Sharpen your problem-solving skills, not just for physics but for life's puzzles.

Real-World Wonders:

  • Step out of textbooks and into the world of applications.

  • Design bridges, predict space missions – the possibilities are endless.

  • Watch as the Laws of Motion shape the world around you.

Action & Reaction Connects All:

  • Newton's Third Law: for every action, there's an equal and opposite reaction.

  • It's not just about physics; it's a life principle.

  • Delve into the ripple effects of interactions, from objects to human relationships.

Critical Thinking Challenge:

  • Each law is a new lens to view the universe.

  • Train your brain to decode, interpret, and apply these laws.

  • Unlock your ability to approach challenges from unique angles.

Bridging Theory with Reality:

  • Turn theoretical knowledge into practical magic.

  • Dive into experiments, solve problems, and become a problem solver.

  • Equip yourself with skills that transform theory into tangible action.

Conclusion: The Power of Motion:

  • Unearth the hidden forces shaping our world.

  • The Laws of Motion aren't just equations; they're the keys to understanding the universe.

  • Get ready to not only ace JEE Main but also embark on a lifelong journey of exploration.

Gear up for an adventure of forces, motion, and discovery. Laws of Motion aren't just chapters; they're your passport to unraveling the mysteries of the physical world. Let's dive in and unlock the secrets together! 

Strategic Approach: Maximizing Learning with Laws of Motion Formulas and Important Questions

When you want to learn effectively, you can use a smart strategy by combining formulas and JEE Main Laws of Motion Important Questions. These two things work together nicely. Laws of Motion Formulas are like short explanations of important ideas that can be used to resolve the problems. Using them with Important Questions of JEE Main Laws of Motion gives you a complete way to learn. Laws of Motion Important Questions in JEE Main give you a strong base, and formulas help you understand better and solve the questions. This mix makes hard things easier and helps you remember better. By using this strategy, you can improve how well you understand and do well in your studies.

Most Important Formulas of Laws of Motion

  1. Newton's Second Law:

$F = ma$

  1. Weight:

$W = mg$

  1. Tension in a string:

$T = mg + ma$

  1. Frictional force:

$f_{\text{friction}} = \mu N$

(where $\mu$ is the coefficient of friction and N is the normal force)

  1. Acceleration on an inclined plane:

$a = \frac{g \sin \theta}{1 + \frac{I}{mr^2}}$

(where I is the moment of inertia, m is the mass, and r is the radius)

  1. Centripetal force:

$F_{\text{centripetal}} = \frac{mv^2}{r}$

  1. Work-energy theorem:

$W_{\text{net}} = \Delta KE$

  1. Impulse-momentum theorem:

$F\Delta t = \Delta p$

  1. Law of Conservation of Linear Momentum:

$\Sigma p_{\text{initial}} = \Sigma p_{\text{final}}$

  1. Equation of Motion (for uniformly accelerated motion):

$v = u + at$

$s = ut + \frac{1}{2}at^2$

$v^2 = u^2 + 2as$

  1. Work done by a force:

$W = \vec{F} \cdot \vec{d}$

(where $\vec{F}$ is the force and $\vec{d}$ is the displacement)

Download the JEE Main Physics Formulas by Vedantu for FREE. Combine it with JEE Main Important Questions, and you can see the good changes in your scores.

Next-Level Preparation: Supplemental Links for JEE Main 2024 Laws of Motion

Explore additional resources beyond JEE Main 2024 Laws of Motion Important Questions. Students need to consider extra materials like practice papers, mock tests, PYQPs, etc., alongside important Laws of Motion JEE Main questions to gain a well-rounded preparation, refine their exam strategies, and build confidence for the JEE Main exam.

These extra resources will elevate your preparation for JEE Main 2024 Laws of Motion. These links go beyond the basics to provide more learning materials. They're like stepping stones to higher understanding. As you delve into these supplementary links, for Laws of Motion you'll explore deeper aspects of the chapter. This added knowledge can help you solve complex problems and tackle challenging questions. 

These links are your secret resources to boost your confidence and excel in your exam. Check out the links in the table below and take your JEE Main 2024 Laws of Motion preparation to the next level.

Excel in Your Exams with Vedantu’s JEE Main Laws of Motion Important Questions

The Laws of Motion Important Questions PDF for JEE Main is a valuable tool for understanding how things move in physics. It has questions for all levels of learners, helping you understand the basics and improve your problem-solving skills. This Important Questions PDF for JEE Main Laws of Motion covers everything you need to know about the chapter and comes with detailed explanations. It's a great resource to help you do well in JEE Main physics and succeed in your studies.

JEE Mains PYQ Chapterwise: Mastering Laws of Motion with Past Papers

Conquering JEE Mains requires unwavering dedication and strategic preparation. One invaluable tool in your arsenal is the treasure trove of previous year question papers (PYQs). But navigating those years of questions can be overwhelming, especially for a crucial chapter like Laws of Motion. Enter JEE Mains PYQ Chapterwise: your key to targeted practice and exam mastery in this foundational subject.

By delving into JEE Main Chapter-wise PYQs for Laws of Motion, you gain laser-sharp focus on specific topics within this crucial domain. Imagine tackling your weakest areas, with a targeted set of past questions, building confidence and competence one problem at a time.

Whether you prefer the convenience of a JEE Mains Previous Year Questions Chapter Wise for Laws of Motion with PDF download or prefer working directly from online resources, the benefits are undeniable. You'll hone your problem-solving skills, learn to apply theoretical knowledge to real-world scenarios involving Laws of Motion, and develop the exam temperament needed to excel under pressure, especially when faced with Laws of Motion questions. Remember, these questions are like blueprints for future JEE Mains papers – studying them is like peeking into the exam itself!

So, unleash the power of JEE Main PYQ Chapterwise for Laws of Motion. Download your chosen resources, pick your weakest topic within this chapter, and start practicing. Each solved question is a step closer to your JEE Mains dream. Remember, consistency is key! Make chapterwise PYQs for Laws of Motion a daily ritual, and watch your confidence and competence soar as you approach the exam with a laser-sharp focus and a wealth of knowledge at your fingertips, ready to conquer even the most challenging topics in Laws of Motion.

FAQs on JEE Main - Laws of Motion Important Questions (Free PDF Download)

1. How can Laws of Motion Important Questions benefit my JEE Main 2024 preparation?

These questions reinforce your understanding of Laws of Motion principles and improve problem-solving skills, crucial for the exam.

2. Do JEE Main Laws of Motion Important Questions cover topics like Newton's laws and friction?

Yes, they include questions on Newton's laws, friction, and other key concepts related to Laws of Motion.

3. Can I find questions specifically on concepts like inertia and momentum in Laws of Motion Important Questions for JEE Main?

Absolutely, these questions often cover concepts like inertia and momentum in the context of Laws of Motion.

4. Are there Important Laws of Motion questions that involve the analysis of forces in complex systems in the Important Questions of Laws of Motion for JEE Main?

Yes, you can find questions related to analyzing forces in intricate systems, providing practical application of Laws of Motion.

5. Do JEE Main Laws of Motion Important Questions cover the calculation of acceleration and tension in pulley systems?

Indeed, questions related to calculating acceleration and tension in pulley systems are included in this set.

6. Can I find Laws of Motion Important Questions for JEE Main involving motion on inclined planes and circular motion?

Yes, these questions often bridge the gap between Laws of Motion and topics like motion on inclined planes and circular motion.

7. Are there JEE Main Laws of Motion Important Questions that involve resolving forces in different directions?

Yes, questions related to resolving forces in various directions are included, helping you understand vector addition.

8. How should I incorporate Laws of Motion Important Questions into my JEE Main 2024 preparation?

Integrate these questions into your study routine, focusing on specific Laws of Motion topics, and review solutions to improve your understanding and problem-solving abilities in this chapter.