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JEE Main 2023 Experimental Skills Revision Notes


Download Free Revision Notes Provided by Vedantu to Help Every Student Crack JEE Main Exam 2023

JEE Mains examination is meant for students with a truly practical bend of mind. The one with a good scientific temper would find the exam easy to crack. One such section is of experimental skills which demand practically applicable knowledge. 

To help the JEE Main students with the same, Vedantu brings you the latest JEE Main Experimental Skill revision notes. These notes are prepared in line with the up to date pattern and orientation of the JEE exam. Teachers who prepare these revision notes have taken immense care that the notes are easy to comprehend by the students. Vedantu makes the revision notes available to the students totally for free on its website. One can download the notes on their device and start preparing.

Download JEE Main 2023 Physics Chapter-wise Revision Notes - Free PDF

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Uses of JEE Main Experimental Skills Revision Notes

Since the experimental skill portion of the JEE exam is a practical topic and requires practical application, students need a deeper understanding of the concepts. The revision notes can assist you with queries like, how to research, how to begin an experiment, what is the right way to write a hypothesis, etc. 

Going through these notes will also enable the aspirant to create a base and know about the whole pattern of the kind of question which could be asked in the exam.  Having these notes not only help with knowing the questions but also equips you with the ability to respond to the questions. Therefore, when one sits for the JEE Main exam, she will be more confident about her answers and will be in a comfortable position to finish the paper on time. 

Importance of Quality Notes provided by Vedantu

Unlike the loose notes available in the market, which are unreliable, the notes provided by Vedantu are undeniably reliable to use for the exams. Highly qualified teachers at Vedantu develop these notes, which cater for the needs of the students and help them score well in their exams. The mentors themselves are pass-out of the engineering colleges or are themselves, engineers. Hence the students can rely on them.

JEE Main Syllabus and Free Revision Notes from Vedantu

The students must understand the syllabus of the JEE Main exams to appreciate the credibility of the revision notes provided by Vedantu more. 

Following are the important highlight: 

  • JEE Main Physics Syllabus has two sections, Section-A & B.

  • Section-A comprises theory with 80% weightage and Section-B comprises practical components (Experimental Skills) with 20% weightage. To score full marks in Section-B, you need to develop experimental physics skills.

  • Vedantu subject experts have prepared the JEE Main Physics Experimental Skills notes. If you want to develop experimentation skills under the guidance of our faculty, you can join the Vedantu studying program.  Vedantu’s subject experts have prepared the JEE Main Physics Experimental Skills notes.


Experimental Skills is a practice-based topic in Physics that requires an investment of time in not only theoretical studying but also in a pragmatic approach for students to score desirably in exams. The revision notes provided by Vedantu for this chapter will guide students in a systematic and organised manner so that they can make full use of their pre-exam regime to refresh the important concepts of this topic.

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FAQs on JEE Main 2023 Experimental Skills Revision Notes

1. How to download JEE Main 2023 Experimental Skills Revision Notes? 

To download the revision notes, students can log on to Vedantu’s website. On the website, the revision notes of JEE Main experimental skills are available in PDF format. Notes are provided by Vedantu free of cost so the students do not have to face financial barriers in their preparation. Be it Apple, Android or Windows, the revision notes could be downloaded on any device and could be accessed in offline or online mode. If the student wishes, a print of the revision could also be taken out.

2. What is the right way to conduct an Experiment? 

Undertaking an experiment requires a meticulous attitude with a scientific temper. To begin, students first have to make certain observations and note them down. Based on the observation, write your hypothesis and make a prediction.  Now to fulfil the predictions one has to undertake experiments in a very systematic manner. Further, the student is required to analyze the results of the experiment which is a very important step in the entire experiment. At last, write a conclusion and record the acquired results. 

3. How to score well in the experimental skill section using JEE Main Experimental Skills Revision Notes?

To score good grades in the experimental skill sections a student has to have a strong grasp of the basics. To strengthen your basics one must refer to the NCERT. All the NCERTs could be found on the official website of the NCERT. Download and cover up the basics. Once the student has laid a good foundation of basics, she should focus more on practicing. Remember to revise all the procedures to perform well in the exam. 

4. How can I get AIR 1 in JEE using JEE Main Experimental Skills Revision Notes?

Getting exact AIR 1 is not in anybody’s hand. It is a matter of dedication and luck. Given that one should focus more on the preparation and practice and revise a lot before going for the examination. It is also important that students study precisely and avoid referring to sources that are not relevant for the exam. Vedantu is providing students free JEE Main notes, which are available on the website and could be downloaded for free. So, get them now and prepare at your own pace.

5. How can I improve my JEE Main preparation with the help of JEE Main Experimental Skills Revision Notes?

To improve preparation one shall have a study schedule that one should religiously follow. Get hold of the past year question paper and the syllabus to have a good understanding of the entire examination process along with the latest trends of the question paper. Have a precise booklist and only stick to it. To further get an edge in the preparation use Vedantu’s JEE Main notes which are available on the website for free. Use these notes to amplify your preparation for the JEE Mains and score better marks in the entrance exam.