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CBSE Class 10 English Worksheet Chapter 3 Two Stories About Flying - PDF

VSAT 2023

CBSE Class 10 English Worksheet Chapter 3 Two Stories About Flying - Download Free PDF with Solution

Last updated date: 17th Mar 2023
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When it comes to English, prose and poetry are the two compulsory requirements in teaching this language’s essence, importance, and grammar. In this English class, the students of Class 10 will be going through a story named two stories about flying that speaks about two stories about flying with a hidden significance or moral lesson that the students will come to learn. 

So what is it about? As the title is self-explanatory, two stories about flying are about two stories that are related to flying, written by two separate writers/authors. The first story is about a baby seagull who is terrified to fly despite the many tricks, coercion, pleas, and threats by his parents, who eventually decide to leave their scared son alone at the nest. He witnesses his siblings able to land their attempt at flying during their very first try, but for some reason, this baby seagull is mortified to do so and begins to feel hungry. 

His mother then comes up with another plan, praying to all the gods for it to work this last time. She takes a piece of fish and flies very close to the cliff where her baby seagull is, but not close enough for him to grab it. Already insane with hunger, the baby seagull trips and falls down towards the waters. Immensely frightened that he is about to plunge to his death, he unconsciously stretches his wings, allowing him to stop his fall and fly high, joined by his siblings and parents. 

The second story revolves around a pilot named Black Aeroplane flying a plane from Paris to London during vacation. A while after take off, he notices that the skies and clouds have begun to darken, hinting that a storm is in the air. Though he knows that he is supposed to turn back, he continues to move on since he doesn’t want to miss vacaying with his family. As the storm begins to worsen, he realises that he might not make it to London in one piece. The flight controls and equipment starts to flicker, the fuel amount is dangerously low and he almost loses control over the plane.

Just when he thought that all hope is lost, he sees another plane flying slightly forward, beckoning him to follow and he does, anchoring the plane north. He is safely out of the storm, but the unknown aircraft is nowhere in sight. After landing safely, he contacts the airline control centre to get in touch with the anonymous plane’s pilot to show gratitude for saving the lives of him and his passengers, but is flabbergasted when he comes to know that there was only one plane flying from France to London that night and that was Black Aeroplane’s plane only; nobody else flew any planes that night due to the storm’s predictions.

The Main Objectives in These Two Stories are :

  • Always have faith and courage in yourself and self-confidence always starts from within.

  • Never put the lives of the people around you at risk just because you want things to go your way, no matter what.

This chapter comes with many worksheets and exercises that have been revised by the best professionals in this subject, assisting the students to do better as they move on to higher classes.

CBSE Class 10 English Worksheet Chapter 3 Two Stories About Flying - PDF will be uploaded soon

Benefits of Learning Two Stories About Flying in Class 10 English Worksheet

The Two Stories About Flying Class 10 worksheets are designed to bring out the seriousness of students to get engaged in studies while also having fun in the process. The worksheets contain all forms of exercises to make the students well-equipped to answer any form of question that appears in their exams.

The Two Stories About Flying Class 10 questions and answers contain ardent sets of questions that are related to the lesson as well as questions that trigger the curiosity of students, automatically making them go into creative mode. Questions such as what made the young seagull tired and what did the seagull pretend to do to provoke the baby seagull to fly, etc. are also asked as they belong to one of the frequently asked questions that turn up during the examinations.

These worksheets have all been written and cautiously edited by experienced grammarians, authors, and writers, certifying that the students are able to gain the best experiences during their study sessions.

Examples of Usage of Two Stories About Flying for Class 10

These are a few Two Stories About Flying Class 10 questions and answers examples :

  1. Answer the Following Questions :

  • What made the young seagull tired?

  • What did the seagull pretend to do to provoke the baby seagull to fly?

  • Where was Black Aeroplane flying to and from?

  • Do you think fear is necessary to keep going? Explain.

  • Has an anonymous person ever helped you get out of trouble like the unknown aircraft in the second story?

  • Compare the endings of the first and second stories with their significance.

What does The PDF Consist Of?

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  • The Two Stories About Flying Class 10 worksheets pdfs can be found at Vedantu’s website and are always available for free downloads. 

  • With a pdf, students and teachers can now create, edit, save, and even share any of their information to others, if needed.

The summary of Two Stories About Flying pdfs are also available at Vedantu’s platform, along with the numerous worksheets and exercises that were put in place by their specialists and experts, handing over quality study material to the students and making sure they make the best of it.

FAQs on CBSE Class 10 English Worksheet Chapter 3 Two Stories About Flying - PDF

1. Who are the authors of the Two Stories About Flying?

Liam O’ Flaherty and Frederick Forsryth are the authors of the Two Stories About Flying.

2. What are the titles of the two stories?

The titles of the two stories are “His First Flight” and “Black Aeroplane”, respectively.

3. What provoked the seagull to dive and fly?

His hunger. He couldn’t control his hunger any longer, so he dived head first into the waters and began to fly.

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