The Tale of The Custard Dragon Summary

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Summary of The Tale of The Custard Dragon

The Tale of The Custard Dragon summary is an excellent old fashioned ballad. It is a humorous piece that follows a timid brave dragon by the name of Custard. It is written by Ogden Nash, an American writer/ poet, very well known for his verse, well over 500 poems. Due to his rhyming schemes, he was called the nation’s best-known. This is about a poem that he has written about a girl Belinda who has four pets, a black kitten, a grey mouse, a yellow dog, and a coward dragon named Custard. The poet describes all the characters as brave except for the dragon, who is a coward. But the entire situation changes when the pirate attacks Belinda’s home.

The Tale of Custard The Dragon Summary Class 10 English

The Summary for Class 10th English poem goes like Custard is a pet dragon of Belinda, a girl who lives in a little white home with her various pets. Nash says that they all are courageous, except Custard. Others are described as brave and are compared with other bold species like tiger or lion, but the dragon is very cowardly. He always looks for a safe place for itself. All the other pets make fun of him. But one day they are astonished by the coming of a pirate in the home. They all get scared and begin hiding. But to everyone’s astonishment, the dragon tackles him and also eats him up after. Each of them is saved by Custard, and they thanked him.

In the end, they begin to realize that they used to make fun of Custard because he was timid. So, suddenly all of them start saying that they are much braver and that they could have handled the situation in a much better way but all of them very well realised that Custard was the actual hero and most courageous among them. The poet tries to point out that sometimes a coward or timid person comes out to be the real hero in the challenging situations that life throws at you.

Summary and Analysis of The Tale of Custard the Dragon

Bellinda had named all of her pets. The little black kitten was called by the name of Ink, the name of Blink called the little grey mouse, and the name of Mustard got the little yellow dog. But, because the dragon was a cowardly creature, Belinda called him by the name of Custard. Custard dragon was described as having big sharp canine teeth, with pointed spikes on the top of his body and with scales underneath the lower portion. His mouth was described as similar to a fireplace, and his nose was fierce as a chimney. He also had daggers on his toes instead of regular nails. 

Belinda believed herself to be as brave as a barrel full of full-grown bears. Ink and Blink chase lions down the stairs when they come. Mustard was as strong as an angry tiger on the hunt. But different from all of them, Custard was always the weakest link. Belinda usually tickled him ruthlessly and tortured him. Belinda’s other pets called him Percival in satire. Percival meant a knight of King Arthur’s court who was sought after the Holy Grail. Whenever Custard asked for a safety cage for his own self, Belinda and Blink giggled and laughed out to their heart’s intent. And Not just this, Ink and Mustard made fun of him by asking him how old he was because of how he was scared of every little thing that came their way. 

Now here comes the twist in the tale, that changed it all. Once, Belinda’s home had an encounter with a pirate with guns in both his hands and a big dagger-like knife that he pressed in between his teeth. Seeing the pirate in all his haunted glory, Belinda starts crying and howling for help. Hearing that, all the animals hid for their own safety. Only Custard fought with the pirate bravely, as opposed to what everyone always thought of him. In Fact, he ate him all up in a single bite itself. 

When Custard saved all of them, everyone thanked him for saving their lives. But in the end, all of them realized that they used to make fun of Custard the dragon purely because he was coward and timid. As a result, all of them promptly started to say that they are much braver than he is, and therefore they could have handled this scary situation in a way better than he did.


It is quite visible that in The Tale of Custard The Dragon poem summary, the poet is trying to say that sometimes even a timid person comes out to be the actual hero in the most challenging situations that life throws at you just like Custard came out and saved everyone's lives and proved his bravery to all of them.