The Snake Trying Summary

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Explanation of The Snake Trying

The Snake Trying is a literary piece included in the syllabus of Class 9 students studying in the CBSE board. Summary of The Snake Trying tells you that the poem revolves around a snake and the fear associated with it in people’s mind. The idea of a snake develops both fascination and horror because human conscience often misinforms them to look at it as a symbol of a fearsome death. Although snakes are a part of nature, yet people are afraid of them. As an explanation of The Snake Trying, the poet highlights the various hardships that an innocent animal has to face in order to survive in a world surrounded by humans. The snake is shown as a victim and the man an assaulter. 

Summary of the Poem The Snake Trying: Brief Explanation

The poem is penned by the famous poet W.W.E. Ross deals with the dilemma of a harmless snake and its survival story in the human world. The poem starts on a fine morning near a water body where the snake was lying comfortably in the sand. The water body might be a pond or a river. While he was basking in the sun, the summary of The Snake Trying includes, he was disturbed by a human being who had a stick in his hand. The man gets terrified at the sight of the snake that was lying peacefully on the sand. So as a natural instinct that works with humans, he immediately plans to kill the snake. Sensing a sign of danger, the snake tries to hide from the approaching man. 

To save itself from the attacking man, the snake tries to run away and on doing so it makes some sudden curves. Here, in the explanation of The Snake Trying, the poet expresses his fascination towards the elegant movement of the snake. The snake then tries to slide through water so that it can save itself from the move.

As a natural aim for any animal, the snake too tries to save itself. The snake on sensing the attack instinctively tries to protect itself. The poet here tries to express his sympathy for the innocent creature. Furthermore, we can see the poet pleading with the pursuer to let go of the unharmed. We can see his desire for the snake. This shows that the author is a man with a good heart and certainly has a soft corner for all the living creatures. Every human should have such a heart for all those innocent creatures who cannot speak for themselves. 

Further, we come to know that the snake is green-coloured and is small in size. From the summary of the poem The Snake Trying, we also get to know that the snake mentioned in the poem is not harmful to anyone. 

It turns out that the attacker does not listen to the poet and instead carries on ways to harm the snake. He continues to chase the snake. One can see the resemblance of an evil person here. No matter how many times he is being stopped from doing the act, he continues to not listen to the poet and keeps on doing his work. However, we all know that the snake has an advantage of camouflaging which helped it to hide inside the green bushes. It hid among the marshy plants. By doing so, the snake was able to save its life from the felon man. 

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The Theme of the Poem The Snake Trying

The man’s relationship with nature is the overall theme of the poem The Snake Trying. Here in the poem, we are offered two different perspectives on the natural world. The first is to admire the elegance and beauty of the snake. The poet tells us that the snake is a naïve creature which is even harmless to children. The poet pleads humans to treat the small creatures gently. 

The second way is fear through which humans relate to nature. Most people have a perception that all snakes are harmful and with that idea in mind they try to attack all the creatures. In that process, a lot of innocent and harmless animals lose their life. The poem is about a harmless snake who is lying on the sand peacefully and on sensing an attack it tries to save its life and makes a good escape. The poet emphasizes that not all snakes are harmful, some are quite harmless. He also appeals to not kill snakes as it is a foolish and an evil thing to perform such an act. 

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What is The Snake Trying to Escape From?

In the poem ‘The Snake Trying’ written by W.W.E Ross, the snake tries to escape from the evil man who wants to harm it with a stick. The snake is trying to escape from the pursuing stick. The pursuer tries his best to kill the snake which is lying peacefully under the sun in the sand. The man, without being aware of whether the snake is harmful or not, tries to kill it. He takes it for granted. But the snake tries his best to escape from the situation by hiding among the large green bushes and succeeds.

2. Why Do You Think The Snake Hid?

In the poem ‘The Trying Snake’ written by W.W.E Ross, a snake was lying on the sand when a man tried to attack it. The man without trying to know the fact whether the snake is a harmful one or not tries to kill it. The snake after realizing that the attacker could harm it tries to run away to save itself from the evil man. The snake, being a small creature and having an advantage of camouflage, hides from the man’s eyes. It ran into the bushes of the tall and marshy plants to hide. The most remarkable fact is that it saved itself from the human being.