The Snake Trying Summary

Introduction to The Snake Trying

The Snake Trying is a poem in the class 9 English textbook Beehive. The poem is written by W.W.E.Ross. In this poem, the poet is telling us about a snake. A snake that is feared by humans and categorised as a symbol of death is actually a victim in the poem. The snake is trying to save himself from a man who is trying to kill him. Through this poem, the poet wants to send a message to the world that every creature is beautiful. We destroy or kill them based on our assumptions. The snake, whom we fear, is actually feared of us. Let us dive into the poem and read the summary.

Summary of the Poem- The Snake Trying

The poem is all about the situation of a snake. In this poem, the difficulty of a snake is described in a very beautiful manner. One fine day, a snake was resting near a water body. A man was also there at that time. Seeing the snake, he immediately got afraid. He ran with a stick towards the snake to kill him, assuming that the snake would harm him. The snake, on the other hand, was afraid and tried to save himself. 

To save himself, the snake made curves in his body and glided through the water. The poet here tried to show the beauty of nature's creation. The snake looks very beautiful and fascinating to the poet when it moves its long and thin body through the water. 

The snake tries to save himself. He tries to hide its green body behind the bushes. Anyone, be it humans or animals will try to save them from possible harm. The snake also tried to do the same. The poet here is sympathetic towards the snake. He tries to stop the man from harming the snake and requests the man to let the snake escape. The poet is a soft-hearted man who is affectionate towards the animals. He here tries to give a message that we, human beings, should be affectionate towards the animals. Not every animal is harmful. 

The man, in turn, does not pay any attention to the poet’s plea and continues to chase the snake. The man here symbolizes an evil person. How much you try to stop the evil person, he is not going to stop. They keep on doing their evil act. But somehow, the snake was able to escape the danger and disappeared. The chase ended with this and the snake was able to save himself. 


Through the poem, The Snake Trying, the poet W.W.E.Ross wants to deliver a message that we should be empathetic towards the animals. We should not run behind innocent animals to kill them just because they are in front of our eyes. They may be venomous as the snake, but they don't harm us all the time. Rather, we, humans, try to kill these innocent animals just because we assume that they will harm us. We should respect each and every creature of the world and praise their beauty rather than trying to harm or kill them.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What is The Snake Trying to Escape From?

In the poem ‘The Snake Trying’ written by W.W.E Ross, the snake tries to escape from the evil man who wants to harm it with a stick. The snake is trying to escape from the pursuing stick. The pursuer tries his best to kill the snake which is lying peacefully under the sun in the sand. The man, without being aware of whether the snake is harmful or not, tries to kill it. He takes it for granted. But the snake tries his best to escape from the situation by hiding among the large green bushes and succeeds.

2. Why Do You Think The Snake Hid?

In the poem ‘The Trying Snake’ written by W.W.E Ross, a snake was lying on the sand when a man tried to attack it. The man without trying to know the fact whether the snake is a harmful one or not tries to kill it. The snake after realizing that the attacker could harm it tries to run away to save itself from the evil man. The snake, being a small creature and having an advantage of camouflage, hides from the man’s eyes. It ran into the bushes of the tall and marshy plants to hide. The most remarkable fact is that it saved itself from the human being. 

3. Is the Snake Trying an Inspirational Poem?

Ans: Yes, the poem The Snake Trying is definitely an inspirational poem. This poem has a very deep meaning. The poet here urges the reader to develop sympathy and a loving attitude towards the creatures of the world. Each and every creature of the world is beautiful and we should not harm the creatures based on our assumptions. If we try to harm them, we ignore the beauty within them and become a symbol of evil. In the poem, the man assumed that the snake would harm him and he ran behind the snake to kill it ignoring the beauty of the snake. The poem motivates the reader to be more empathetic, humanistic and develop a loving nature towards all the creatures of the earth.

4. What Do We Learn About the Person Who is Running Behind the Snake?

Ans: The person who is running behind the snake is scared of snakes and has assumed that the snake is going to harm him. In this fear and rage, he completely ignored the beauty of the green garden snake and rushed behind the snake mercilessly to kill him. The person is not an admirer of nature as he ignored the beauty. Rather he is pitiless and harmful to nature as he is trying to kill the snake based on his assumptions.

5. What Do We Understand About the Poet from This Poem?

Ans: We can notice that the poet is an admirer of nature. He is thoughtful of all the creatures of nature. He is kind, gentle, and sympathetic. He wants to save the animals. From the poem, we can also notice the poet’s love for nature and its creatures. He wants the man to stop harming the poor and beautiful snake. He noticed the beauty of the green garden snake. He noticed the way the snake is moving and how it is escaping. He inspires the readers to develop a sympathetic attitude towards the living creatures. A snake will not bite you just because it is venomous. If it is not disturbed, it will not cause any harm. So, we should not disturb the creatures and they will also not harm us.