Ranga’s Marriage Summary

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Class 11 ‘Ranga’s Marriage’ is a brilliant story written by Masti Venkatesh Iyengar. In this story, the author depicts an incident from his life. It circles a guy named Ranga. The incident happened in the village named Hosahalli. He was the first person from the village to go to Bangalore and learn English. When he returned, villagers thought he would be changed. They found that nothing prominent has changed in him. They then decided to marry Ranga with a girl. 

When you study the Ranga’s Marriage Summary, you will find out what happened next. The summary has been prepared by the teachers of Vedantu. This summary will help you understand what the author wanted to explain in this story to the readers. Interesting events happen later on. Consider referring to the Ranga’s Marriage Class 11 Summary so that you can prepare the chapter well enough to answer the questions aptly.

Summary of Ranga’s Marriage Class 11

As per The Ranga’s Marriage Summary, Ranga lives in a village named Hosahalli, close to Mysore. He was sent to Bangalore by his parents to study in an English medium college. After returning to the village, people flocked to his place to find out whether he changed or not. Everybody in the village thought that earning an education in English changes a person physically. To everyone’s disappointment, there was no significant change in the boy. He was the same boy he left the village for English education.

In the Ranga Marriage Class 11 Summary, the boy greeted every villager the way he did before. He joined hands and paid respect to everyone with a ‘namaskar’. Hosahalli was a village of tradition and good mangoes. Once all the villagers left, the author stayed back to talk to the guy. The narrator, the author himself, conversed with Ranga and thought of getting him married to a beautiful girl. Ranga replied that he has no present plans to get married yet. All he wants is to wait to find an admirable and mature girl to marry. The author then decides to find a girl matching his expectations.

In Class 11 English snapshots Chapter 3 Ranga’s Marriage Summary, he felt that Ratna is the best girl to match with Ranga. The girl is from a big town, much bigger than the village they stayed in. She knew how to play veena and harmonium like an expert. She was mature and culturally potent. The author then hatched a plan to make Ranga fall in love with Ratna. In the Ranga’s Marriage short Summary, whenever he visited the author’s place, he called Ratna. They crossed paths and Ranga was bewitched by her beauty. The author then played another game. He told Ranga that she was engaged. Ranga became very sad as he started liking Ratna very much. The narrator then takes Ranga to an astrologer to find out any solution to the issue.

The narrator, on the other hand, has hatched a plan with an astrologer. As per the Ranga’s Marriage Summary Class 11, everything was preplanned. The astrologer asked the questions he wanted to ask himself to express that he liked Ratna. The astrologer then expresses that he was deliberately in love with a girl whose name is also Ratna. The Summary of the Ranga’s Marriage Class 11 suggests that Ranga was very happy that it is Ratna he loves and he desperately needs her in his life. The narrator confirmed that Ranga wants to be her wife. Despite the fact, we find in Class 11 English Ranga’s Marriage Summary that Ranga was not happy as she was not available for marriage.

The narrator thus created a beautiful plot to make Ranga understand that Ratna was the perfect girl for him. After confirming that he also loves Ratna, he then decides to go to the girl’s house for matchmaking. Both the families were ready to tie them in the holy bond of matrimony. In the Summary of the Ranga’s Marriage, we find that the narrator visits the couple’s house ten years later. The occasion is Ranga and Ratna’s son’s 3rd birthday. To his surprise, they have given the name of the author to their son. The author was honoured for making so much effort for the wellbeing of Ranga and Ratna in the past.

The Short Summary of Ranga’s Marriage teaches us how the holy bond of matrimony was successfully created by the narrator. It also tells us how our culture, traditions, and customs come in the way of a holy bond of matrimony.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1.  Where Did Ranga Go for English Education?

Ans: As per the Class 11 Ranga’s Marriage Summary, Ranga went to Bangalore for English education.

2.  Why were the Villagers Disappointed?

Ans: In the Ranga Marriage Summary Class 11, the villagers were disappointed to find that nothing changed in the boy who went to study English in a big city. It shows how conservative villagers can be.

3.  How Did the Couple Honour the Author?

Ans: As per the Class 11 English Ranga’s Marriage, the couple named their son after the author.