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Welcome Speech For Bride and Groom

Last updated date: 17th Apr 2024
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Long and Short Welcome Speech For Bride and Groom

A welcome speech for Bride and Groom is emotional content delivered on the wedding day of a particular couple. It is given by someone close to the couple such as the parents or the best friends of the couples. It can be similar to or different from the father of the bride's welcome speech examples. For example, a welcome speech for the bride and groom by a close friend will show an appreciation of the journeys the couple has shared till the wedding day and wish them a fulfilling married life together. While the father of the bride welcomes speech examples will include a more bride-centred emotional appreciation and wish for a wonderful married life for both the bride and the couple as a whole. 

As the welcome speech for bride and groom is narrated, the general audience feels more connected to the couple and helps them express their wishes to the couple in a more meaningful way. This also fills the environment with positive emotional energy and the couple feels elevated, increasing their happiness as they step into another significant part of their lives. Given below are three forms of the welcome speech for bride and groom - a long speech, a short speech and 10 lines on the same. This will be helpful not only for the purpose of speech writing in English but also for their accounts while attending any such occasions.

Long Welcome Speech For Bride and Groom

Greetings of this auspicious day to everyone present for this blessed couple. A very warm welcome to all the families and friends of the bride and groom. I would like to welcome Prachi’s and Sidhu’s parents and relatives with all the love and warmth to the family. 

I hope that everyone enjoys the ceremony. It is a beautiful ceremony and was planned and organised by the beautiful and independent couple for whom we have gathered today.

Before the celebrations begin I will like to welcome Sidhu and Prachi formally into the family, although they have already become part of one big family. Even at the risk of sounding banal, I am pleased to tell you that Sidhu and Prachi are made for each other. I will extend a sincere thanks to Prachi for having filled my friend’s life with excitement and happiness. Also hats off to her for having tolerated him through the ups and downs as it is not an easy task to handle his quirkiness.

Having known Prachi for a long time now, I am pretty sure that I gave all the warning signs before getting into this family.  But as the best friend and brother, on a rather serious note, I am glad that such a beautiful, intelligent and compassionate girl has chosen my friend Sidhu for the journey of a lifetime. 

I still remember the day when Sidhu first saw Prachi and then came back to me as if having seen the last wonder of the world. And then I involuntarily became a part of their love life and their journey of coming together culminating into this beautiful wedding occasion. 

Although there are huge differences in their personalities and their habits, it’s beautiful to see how they managed through all their differences and grown together over the past eight years which can sometimes be envious as well. Sidhu being an introvert and Prachi being an extrovert have never come in between them. They have come together and have complemented each other in an alluring manner. 

Even though quirky, it has never come in between their maturity. I have seen them take some really good decisions about their life together and this wedding is just one example of their combined maturity and thinking. As we all have come together to wish this couple the best journey onwards, I think we all can appreciate the efforts the couple has put forward into organizing their wedding and even funding it completely together.

As an ending note, I would like to wish the couple a happy, eventful and everlasting married life. I will also request Sidhu to follow the advice given by his father, that a wise man gives in when he is wrong but a married man gives in even when he is right. With this, ladies and gentleman, I end my speech and give blessings to Sidhu and Prachi.

Short Welcome Speech For Bride and Groom

When George asked me to be his best man, I swear I couldn't believe the words. And this expression was not in response to him asking me to be his best man but the possibility that he could get married. 

Over the years I had always wondered how long I have to tolerate this quirky fellow. But now that Lisa is going to become a part of his life, to be honest, I feel very much relieved. I have seen George transform from a timid child to a bold and successful man Lisa has fallen for. I have also seen him grow more mature as a person since he began his relationship with Lisa. From a person who used to dislike typical romantic scenes, George made a spectacular show of his marriage proposal to Lisa. That's when I knew my buddy had grown up. 

Lisa, being a person filled with so much warmth and kindness along with a brilliant sense of humour makes George look good and decent while standing by him. I will wish them the best out of their marriage and the coming years of a maturing married life. 

Concluding, I wish them the very best in their lives both as individuals and as a couple. As I raise a toast to the lovely couple, I request you to please join me for the same. To George and Lisa.

The above-mentioned speech can be turned by adding some personal experience or attaching a personal emotion from the point of view of a father for writing the father of the bride welcome speech examples.

10 Lines on Welcome Speech For Bride and Groom

  1. A warm welcome to the bride and groom and their family.

  2. We thank you all for being a part of the celebration.

  3. I hope everybody has a good time at the ceremony. It's a lovely ceremony that was prepared and organized by the lovely and self-sufficient couple with whom we've gathered here today.

  4. While they have such different personalities and habits, it is beautiful to see how they have overcome their differences and matured together over the past eight years, which can also be envious.

  5. As the parents always say, a successful marriage is a symbol of the best friendship. 

  6. The bride and groom have put lots of efforts into the wedding and we all appreciate it.

  7. I wish that their married life is filled with joy, happiness, warmth and love.

  8. In this atmosphere of joy and purity, we all are happy to have come here. 

  9. As the bride and groom have been the best host at their wedding we extend thanks from the bottom of our hearts.

  10. Finally, a toast to the happy couple before the start of their wonderful journey.

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