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1 Minute Speech on Science and Technology

Last updated date: 18th Jul 2024
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They say the 21st century is the century of science and technology. Today, we do almost all our work with the help of science and technology. In modern times, the clean growth of a country cannot be imagined without science and technology. We all know the value of science and technology in our daily lives. Different inventions of science have made our everyday life simple and stress-free as well. On the other hand, technology has taught us the modern way of life.  

On the other hand, the economic growth of a country also depends on the growth of science and technology. According to recent data, our country, India, has the third largest scientific workforce in the world. India is progressively developing in the field of science and technology. The Indian Space Research Organization has its own launch satellite among all the other countries in the world. After independence, India launched a number of satellites in the space of its own efforts. On November 5, 2013, India again proved its power in the field of science and technology by launching Mangalyaan on Mars. The former Indian president APJ Abdul Kalam has worked himself out at DRDO ( Defence Research and Development Organization) and ISRO and tried to develop India in the field of science and technology.  


With the advancement of science and technology, some deadly weapons have been developed and modern wars of different nations have become more devastating and destructive. Nuclear energy has become a real threat to this world in modern times. With this in mind, the great scientist Einstein noted that the Fourth World War would be fought with stones or trees evacuated. In fact, he was afraid that the inventions of deadly weapons of war would one day end up in human civilization. But if we use science and technology for the well-being of the human being, it will develop us in the fastest way.