Speech on Deforestation


Deforestation is a term that all of us must have come across in one way or the other. The general meaning of deforestation is the clearance or loss of forest cover or forest area. The loss of forest cover is usually for activities such as urbanisation, agricultural or mining practices. As the world continues to change at a fast pace with more urbanization activities taking place, deforestation has become a common practice but it comes at a cost. 

In this speech on deforestation, we have included a long and short speech on deforestation along with a 10 lines persuasive speech on deforestation. 

Long Speech on Deforestation

A warm welcome to everyone present. Today I would like to present a speech on deforestation, a trend currently in practice which is proving to be more hazardous with each passing day. We as a generation are witnessing the effects of climate change and one of the major causes responsible for it is deforestation. 

The continuously increasing world population has been termed as one of the main reasons for deforestation. As the world population continues to grow, the demand for spaces increases, be it for livelihood, rearing animals, raising livestock or agricultural practices. Studies have shown that a vast majority of lands are being cleared out for agricultural practices as the demand for crops and food products are on the rise to meet the demand of the ever-growing population. Other activities such as clearing forest cover to facilitate mining, creation of roads etc. also contribute to deforestation. A significant factor contributing to deforestation also includes forest fires. 

Now, as we have learnt about some of the main causes of deforestation, let us understand how losing forest cover adversely affects us in this deforestation presentation speech. Carbon dioxide, used up by plants during the process of photosynthesis, is among the natural captors of the sun’s rays radiating back from the earth’s surface, to keep the earth’s temperature sustainable, a phenomenon termed the greenhouse effect. However, with the loss of forest cover, there is an excessive amount of CO2 on the surface of the earth. This results in a higher percentage of the sun’s rays being trapped which raises the temperature on earth significantly thus, contributing to global warming. Recent studies have shown that deforestation in tropical areas contributes about 12 percent of the total anthropogenic CO2 emissions. 

Dry, arid climates are also among the adverse effects of deforestation. With forests being cleared up, the water cycle is altered, the groundwater is not being extracted and released in the form of water vapour to the atmosphere which subsequently leads to a drier climate. 

While agricultural practices require clearing of forest cover, an excess of the same in turn affects soil fertility and leads to erosion. Trees help to hold the soil moisture and keep it fertile. Quite many agricultural plants such as soybean, coffee, cotton, etc. are unable to hold on to the soil firmly as they are planted on deforested grounds. This, in turn, aggravates soil erosion and the fertile topsoil layer gets eroded to rivers, lakes and surrounding water bodies. 

In recent decades, the tropical rainforests regarded as the ecosystem with the highest diversity, have been majorly subjected to deforestation. Significant areas of these forests have been lost owing to a number of factors which have reduced the ecosystem diversity. As per estimates, deforestation results in the loss of about 137 plant and animal species on a daily basis, amounting to the loss of 50,000 species in a year. Public health has also witnessed a high level of deterioration as a result of deforestation. Experts have said that deforestation is also associated with the rapidly increasing number of disease outbreaks across the world. 

It is important that we are aware of deforestation and the major threats it poses to the environment and humanity. Efforts are already being made to replant trees in several places to restore the ecological balance. We should also make conscious efforts to contribute towards the aversion of deforestation practice in our best possible capacity. 

Short Speech on Deforestation

Hello everyone. Today I have been presented with the opportunity to deliver a short speech on deforestation awareness. The world today is experiencing the massive aftereffects of deforestation. Analyses have revealed that nearly 12 million hectares of tree cover have been lost.  The completely grown tropical forests covered an area of 15 to 16 million square kilometres in 19467, but as of 2015, almost 50% of this forest cover has been destroyed, as estimates show. 

So, what causes do we attribute to deforestation? Let’s reflect on the same in our speech on deforestation. While there are a number of reasons that have led to deforestation on such a massive scale, a few among them have the most astounding effects. Since the start of civilisation, the practice of clearing forests to cultivate crops is not unheard of. However, with the steep increase in the world population, the demand for forest cover to be cleared for increased production of crops in order to sustain people’s needs has grown enormously. Added to it is the fact that the world today needs more area to house this rapidly growing population and thus, urbanisation, which ultimately leads to the clearing of forest-covered areas. The tropical rainforests, the most biologically diverse regions on earth, have been subjected to a high-level of deforestation activities over the years. 

The effects of deforestation are most pronounced in cases of global warming and climate change. In addition to this, the loss of soil fertility, biodiversity loss are also commonly seen. We must all understand that we human beings have a limited span of life on earth and we must choose to live the same responsibly. People have gradually started to realise that the outcome of deforestation can never be good. As such, we must all make continuous efforts to ensure that the earth is sustainable not only for us but for the generations to come. 

10 Lines Persuasive Speech on Deforestation

The persuasive speech on deforestation has been provided in the form of pointers below and can prove to be beneficial for children of Classes 1 to 4.

  1. Deforestation means the removal of forest cover of a place by a significant amount.

  2. Presently, forests make up only about 30% of the earth. 

  3. Wood extraction, clearing lands for agricultural use, urbanisation are among the root causes for practising deforestation.

  4. The world today is struggling to meet the demands of the population and such more and more forest areas are being cleared. 

  5. Significant forest cover has been erased in countries such as China, India, Philippines, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Thailand, Sri Lanka and Mexico.

  6. Clearing of trees leads to accumulation of a high amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, resulting in global warming. 

  7. Deforestation results in the loss of biodiversity as the species of plants and animals gradually reduce or become extinct. 

  8. Among the main effects of deforestation include floods, loss of soil fertility, and global warming. 

  9. Climate change is also one of the effects of deforestation.

  10. We must make sincere efforts to stop deforestation and pay attention to planting more trees.