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Quick Preparation with A Triumph of Surgery Class 10 Summary

Class 10 English Chapter ‘A Triumph of a Surgery’ revolves around a rich lady and her over-pampered dog. The writer of this story is James Herriot. He is a veterinary surgeon in real life and all his stories are based on the animals he treated in his career. In this story, he explains how a rich lady named Mrs Pumphrey loved her pet dog Tricki so much that she fed him all the time. The dog inflated like a balloon and fell ill. The vet or the author was called to rescue the dog from his misery.

The Summary of A Triumph of Surgery will tell you what happened next. She realized her mistake late and jeopardized the health of her beloved pet. The author wanted pet lovers to understand something clearly. Overfeeding your pets is not the actual way to show love. A Triumph of Surgery Class 10 Summary will help you grab the context of this story well. It has been prepared by the teachers at Vedantu in such a way that students of Class 10 can find immense convenience to prepare the chapter easily.

Summary of Chapter A Triumph of Surgery Class 10 English

James Herriot, a vet surgeon by profession and an avid story writer, perfectly explains how a dog owner’s over-pampering almost killed a dog. The story revolves around Mrs Pumphrey and her dog Tricki. She loved her dog too much and could not stop feeding him enough. One day, she went out with her dog for a walk. A vet was passing by and looked at the dog. He was looking awful. The doctor explained that he looked like an inflated sausage with four legs attached to it. The surgeon warned the lady to stop feeding the dog unhealthy food. She was unable to stop as she loved her dog so much.

As per the Summary of Triumph of Surgery, Pumphrey was unable to refuse when her dog looked at her for food. She continued to feed Tricki. One day, the dog fell sick and the narrator James Herriot was called in. In the A Triumph of Surgery Summary Class 10, Mr Herriot wanted to take the dog to the nearest hospital. Listening to this, Mrs Pumphrey almost fainted as she could not leave her dog alone. The narrator somehow managed to take the dog to the hospital. A bed was prepared for the surgical procedure.

As per the Summary of The Triumph of Surgery, the operation was successful but the dog was weak. It took him two days to recover from the surgery. On the second day, Tricki whimpered and tried to look around. The third day was very fascinating for the doctor as the dog wanted to go out with other dogs in the hospital to play. The dog’s condition started to improve. The doctor watched Tricki starting to fight for his food with other dogs. The news reached Mrs Pumphrey and she was so happy. She thought that Tricki needed energy food to recover faster and to become healthier. She started sending eggs to the vet hospital but the doctor did not allow Tricki to eat all those things. Later on, to improve the blood of her dog, Pumphrey sent bottles of wine. The doctor drank all those bottles. Pumphrey even started sending brandy for the dog. It was then the doctor understood what Tricki was eating and how beneficial his stay in the hospital is. In a lighter mood, the Summary of the lesson A Triumph of Surgery tells us that the doctor wanted to keep the dog permanently so that he can enjoy the goodies she was sending every day.

Mr Herriot was enjoying the best of his time. He was eating two eggs every day, drinking wine before and after lunch, drinking the brandy she sent at night and wishing to keep the dog in the hospital a little longer. The Summary of the triumph of surgery Class 10 describes how the doctor discarded his evil plan and decided to call Pumphrey to give her the good news. He did not want Mrs Pumphrey to worry anymore. As per the Short Summary of A Triumph of Surgery, he told her that her dog is all healthy and can be taken back home safely. Tricki was also missing his mistress. When he recognized her, he jumped inside the car and was ready to go home.

The Summary of A Triumph of Surgery Class 10 tells us how loving someone more than required can be dangerous too. The victory of the surgery gave back the dog’s life and the owner learned a lesson.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1. Why did Mrs Pumphrey Overfeed her Dog?

Ans. Mrs Pumphrey was very much fond of her dog. Even if the dog was fat as a balloon, she was unable to see the anomalies in his health due to her blind love. According to the Class 10 English Chapter A Triumph of Surgery, she was unable to say no to her beloved pet.

Q2. What did the Doctor do with Pumphrey’s Goodies?

Ans. The doctor cannot feed a dog with the things the owner sent. So, he ate all of them.