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Importance of Reading Books: Reasons Why Reading Books is Vital

By Srija MahalanobishDecember 08, 2022
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Do you want to explore the world without travelling? Are you eager to learn about a specific subject or want to know what it was like living in the past? Reading books can provide you with all the answers. 

As Jhumpa Lahiri said, “The best thing about books is that you can travel without moving your feet.” 

It is true. We learn many great things from books. They take us into a unique world of imagination without getting there in person. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that reading books is like watching TV in your head, right? For those who wonder about the importance of reading for students, here, we are sharing the most valuable reasons. 

Importance of Reading Books

Benefits of Reading Books in Student Life

Why is reading important for students? How is reading books going to help me in my academic life? In this blog, we explain the most valuable reasons why students should read books.

Importance of Books in Student Life

Books play a significant role in every individual’s life, especially in a student’s life. They are considered the best friends of students, in fact, the best companions they can ever have. They inspire them to grow in life and teach them valuable life lessons like “To be a champion, you must compete. For a great champion, compete with the best but to become the greatest champion, compete with yourself.

Inculcating reading habits in students can amp up their overall personality and perspective to see life.

1. Amazing Brain Twister

One of the foremost benefits of reading books is that it enhances knowledge by exercising the brain and causing it to think more. An English writer Joseph Addison once wrote, "Reading is an exercise to the mind and to the body."

It enables our minds to work across different areas. For example, it involves understanding to process the words you read. Beyond this, it enables you to use your analytical abilities, stimulate memory, and even broaden your thinking horizon by reading words off a page. Simply, reading is a neurobiological process that works on your brain muscles.

2. Enriches Vocabulary and Thus Communication Skills 

The ability to communicate effectively is an important life skill, and the utmost importance of reading books for students is that it helps us to communicate better. How? Students learn many new words while reading a variety of books from different zones. It ultimately helps them modify their vocabulary skills and improve their communication. That’s why if you want to build a career in writing, reading books is an important recommendation. 

3. Improved Writing Skills

With improved vocabulary and communication skills, you are surely going to make it in your writing skills. We know the importance of writing in student life as they deal with all kinds of assignments, and project works. Reading can influence your writing skills, as when you read a well-written work, you definitely observe its writing style and compositions. It will further help you improve yours.

4. Boosts Your Concentration Power

Being able to focus and concentrate for more extended periods is what is going to help you shine in the exams. Thankfully, this is the power of reading that helps you practise your concentration on one thing for a long time. For example, reading a novel requires all your attention from beginning to end, separating you from the outer world for a while. If you read a fiction book, it makes you engaged for a whole time.

5. Better Memory Power

Many students are not capable of memorising what they’ve studied for longer. It is quite common, but reading books can help boost the memory power of students. This is another importance of reading books for students as when they go through a particular scene of a story,  they create an image of it, like characters in the story etc. It helps them remember those things for a longer time. So if you have a bunch of to-do lists but you can't quite remember any of them, read books.

6. Encourages Thought Process

Another importance of books in our life is that reading enables us to work on our critical, and analytical thinking abilities to process information. When you read, you get the opportunity to think about things that don’t even exist in real life or used to exist in the past. For example, you learn about new cultures, events, and people you haven’t heard of. This enhances your ability to think. 

7. You Get Wikipedia of Information 

Do you know the most significant value of reading books in student life? It is none other than learning & gaining new information daily. Books are like an “information centre” or “library of gems of knowledge” for students that provide them access to unique and valuable knowledge anytime from anywhere. As Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam said, “Learning imparts Creativity, and Creativity leads to Thinking, Thinking provides Knowledge, and Knowledge makes you Great.”

Best Books for Students 

  • Atomic Habits by James Clear

  • How To Win Friends & Influence People by Dale Carnegie

  • The Little Prince, written by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

  • Designing Your Life by Bill Burnett, Dave Evans

  • Give & Take: A Revolutionary Approach to Success by Adam Grant

More Benefits of Reading Books

Tell Us About the Past

“A room unaccompanied by books is equal to a body without a soul”.

The significant importance of reading books is that they are the only medium by which we can get an insight into the past and learn about our history. Books named “A Brief History of Time” and “The Sixth Extinction” are important books that explain the natural history of pastimes.

Lowers Stress Level

Another power of reading for students is that it can also help reduce stress. Many kinds of research have proven that a 30-minute reading can lower your blood pressure, calm nerves, and distress psychological pressures. Reading is the most proven way to reduce stress compared to a walk in the park, having a cup of tea, playing games, etc. 

Enhances Creativity

Last but not least, reading has the power to boost your creativity skills. Whether you read about new technology or skills to make it better, it could help you impart new ideas or images in your mind. 

Summing Up

Now you know why reading is important. It is important as it helps improve your focus, memory, empathy, and communication skills. It reduces stress and improves your mental health.  Reading opens doors to a new imaginary world, entertains, and has positive mental and psychological benefits.

FAQs on Importance of Reading Books: Reasons Why Reading Books is Vital

1. Why is it important for students to read books?

Ans: Reading books helps students impart new knowledge not only about the world but also people. It boosts their social communication skills and expands their thinking horizons.

2. How can books change your life?

Ans: Reading books builds sensitivity & empathy in individuals when they read about biographies of great personalities. It provides them with a new way to see the world through another person's perspective. 

3. How can reading help you in the future?

Ans: Reading regularly can help develop useful skills in career and business. Reading can benefit your career by improving vocabulary, and communication skills, imparting creativity, and fostering empathy.