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Speech on Self Discipline and Its Importance

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Last updated date: 19th Jul 2024
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Speech on Self Discipline and Its Importance for Students in English

Self-Discipline, contrary to popular belief, is not a severe or limited behaviour or a restrictive lifestyle. In its most basic form, Self-Discipline is the ability to do what needs to be done even when you don't want to. Self-Discipline is required at all times, whether you are happy or sad. It's just that when you're feeling good, happy, and motivated, you don't have to work as hard to maintain your self-control.

In today's fast-paced world, Self-Discipline is crucial for success. With rising distractions and reducing attention spans, it is very easy to be left behind in a world that operates at a neck-breaking pace. Self-Discipline forms a routine that manages time and resources efficiently. This leads to conservation of energy and free time needed to unwind in your busy lifestyles.

Without discipline in your life, you can be pushed to the brink that might leave you exhausted, helpless, and stressed. This is completely avoidable by taking a few small steps on a regular basis towards an organized lifestyle. Self-Discipline helps you achieve that and all your other goals in life. You must cultivate the habit to feel responsible for all your actions. With discipline in your lifestyle, you are taking charge of your decisions and empowering yourself with more confidence.

For students in school and students about to enter their college life, Self-Discipline is key. Currently, the students are in a protected environment nurtured by the care of parents and the guidance of teachers. But the world waiting for students outside the schools and colleges, tests everyone's mental and physical stamina, even grown-ups of all ages. Hence, Vedantu has provided both long and short ‘Self-Discipline and its importance’ speech for students of Class 1 to 12.


Long and Short Self-Discipline and its Importance Speech

Today, I am here to deliver a speech on Self-Discipline and its importance. Self-Discipline is one of the most important steps in becoming a better person.  Many people believe that Self-Discipline is only important for those who want to pursue a career in academia and become doctors or scientists, but this is not true. 

Self-Discipline is important for everyone. If you are creative and want to be a singer, dancer, actor, or painter, or if you want to go into any field, you must be Self-Disciplined. Self-Discipline is essential for both those at home and those at work.

Our mother gets up early in the morning and prepares breakfast for us, as well as packs our lunch, bags, bottles, and so on. When we get home, she feeds us, cleans our uniforms, and prepares them; she also assists us with our homework and prepares our dinner. She is able to accomplish all of this because she is also Self-Disciplined. Indeed, it teaches us to love and care for both ourselves and others. 

Self-Discipline, on the other hand, is important for everyone and at every stage of life; it can be learned at an early age. Because the young mind is fresh and eager to learn, anything taught at this age becomes a habit for people later on.

Many children, on the other hand, dislike being given instructions because they believe they are being forced to do so.

As a result, parents and teachers must exercise extreme caution when instilling the habit of Self-Discipline in children. They should be taught the benefits and significance of Self-Discipline in someone's life through examples. 

Children and young adults are drawn to actors, singers, players, and so on. Instructors can use examples of famous figures, players, actors, dancers, and so on to persuade students that their dream of becoming famous requires rigorous training and practice. And even when they become popular, they maintain their Self-Discipline and focus.

Students who want to pursue sports as a career must be Self-Disciplined because only then will they be able to succeed.

Some very common expectations from such students include waking up early, exercising regularly, eating healthy and on time, drinking enough milk and juice, drinking water, and so on. These practices are impossible to achieve if no one is Self-Disciplined in life. 

Self-Discipline is also important because it allows people to control their emotions and become more practical in life because such people are more centered in life.

It is also significant in life because it provides individuals with the proper approach and attitude toward life and aids in the fulfillment of someone's decision through thick and thin. Self-Disciplined people do not have mental fluctuations, and they achieve their goals in a long time.

Self-Discipline essentially helps to strengthen your inner strength, eliminates weakness, laziness, procrastination, and addictions, and instead helps you stay fit, timed, and energetic.

Everyone needs the Self-Discipline to lead a happy, stress-free life.

Short Speech on Self-Discipline and its Importance

Today, I am here to deliver a short speech on Self-Discipline and its importance. The ability to control one's own behavior, habits, and etiquette is referred to as Self-Discipline. It is significant in someone's life because it assists in overcoming weaknesses and living a useful life. 

Self-Discipline is required to help you live a successful and fruitful life. Discipline can be imposed from without, whereas Self-Discipline is the determination to remain disciplined. Discipline, no matter how difficult it may appear, is an important part of our lives because it is required at any age.

Discipline is not only imposed on children; being an adult is also important for being Self-Disciplined; whether it is at home, the office, the playground, the gym, or anywhere else for that matter, it teaches us to respect the times and times of our time. Self-Discipline is also necessary for living a healthy life because we must eat and drink on time.

When children are young, they are expected to explain everything, such as brushing, bathing, hand washing, eating, doing homework, and so on. However, as they grow older, they begin to do all of these things on their own, which is referred to as Self-Discipline. Discipline aids in distinguishing between what is right and wrong and instills in people a sense of responsibility.

Self-Discipline comes naturally to some people. And with a little effort, some people can do it. The effort is worthwhile because it improves people's lives. It simply means exercising self-control. A person who maintains control is able to control his or her actions and reactions. 

Self-Discipline is practiced by some of the world's most powerful people. They claim that one of the main reasons they have attained high status is due to Self-Discipline. They didn't start out high, but they made the most of what they had and rose through the ranks.

Failure, defeat, ruined relationships, health issues, obesity, and thus unhappiness can all result from a lack of Self-Discipline. Self-Discipline will motivate you to select and then commit to the thoughts, actions, and attitudes that contribute to success and progress. It will also provide you with the ability and inner strength to overcome life's addictions, laziness, and procrastination, which are major roadblocks in one's life.

10 Lines on Self-Discipline and its Importance Speech

  1. Discipline means living life with proper rules and regulations.

  2. It includes rules, regulations, manners, and etiquettes that shape our lives.

  3. Discipline in life aids in the improvement of our habits and personalities.

  4. Discipline guides us to follow the right principles and achieve success in our lives.

  5. It is also believed that in order to be a good citizen of the country, one must live a disciplined life.

  6. It promotes self-esteem and self-control in our lives.

  7. Getting up early, exercising, eating healthy foods, and avoiding bad habits are all aspects of living a disciplined life.

  8. Eating habits that are disciplined also help us to stay fit and healthy.

  9. The principle is to respect others and to be obedient.

  10. The first type of discipline is "Induced Discipline," which we learn from other people's indiscipline. The second is “Self-Discipline,” which is generated in our own minds and assists us in controlling our behavior.


We can conclude that discipline is an essential part of everyone's life. To be a good and ideal citizen, as well as a good human being, we must cultivate discipline in our lives. Self-Discipline may be difficult to achieve, but it is critical for leading a healthy personal and professional life. A Self-Disciplined person makes the best use of his or her time. As a result, he can accomplish more and do more work than someone who is not Self-Disciplined.

In times of social media taking over the lives of students as well as adults, Self-Discipline is the need of the hour. Mindless scrolling on Instagram, YouTube and Facebook has reduced the student's attention span drastically. 

Reduction in attention span leads to more difficulty in focusing on due tasks. Performance goes down due to the fact that students are getting easily distracted. It's becoming more difficult to finish studying and working in one go without feeling the urge to look at a phone screen.

Therefore, Self-Discipline acts as a friend in need and a systematic push to help students keep distractions, boredom, and laziness at bay. It instills commitment in the students' minds to remain concentrated on their goal until they achieve it. This builds a sense of self-validation of emerging victorious in their daily battles. 

Overcoming your demons like lethargy, distorted focus and mood swings with Self-Discipline in this age of social media is a rewarding feeling. It is vital to multitask easily without feeling burnt out, finish work before the deadlines and enjoy free time with loved ones. 

Self-Discipline builds character that helps lead a well-balanced, rejuvenating lifestyle.

FAQs on Speech on Self Discipline and Its Importance

1. Do you need the Self-Discipline to do well in creative careers?

Most people with successful careers in creative fields were not born artists. In fact, many artists lead a very Self-Disciplined life from a very young age. Crafting one’s art form, mastering the craft and honing his or her skills with changing trends requires regular practice. 

Without Self-Discipline, the dedication required to practice daily cannot be attained.

2. How to Develop Self-Discipline in life?

The following are a starter towards becoming Self-Disciplined:

  • Be self-aware to form a plan that uses your strengths to overcome your weaknesses.

  • Avoid distractions at any cost with willpower and by rewarding yourself if you are able to resist temptations.

  • Prioritize your goals and channel all your thoughts, energies and actions towards accomplishing them.

  • Get a trusted guardian, mentor or even friend involved in your growth process who can motivate you.

  • Use realistic targets, efficient deadlines, To-Do lists and well-planned schedules to achieve tasks.

3. How to get Self-Disciplined to fight social media addiction?

The following ways are instrumental to curb social media addiction with Self-Discipline and willpower:

  • Develop an ‘out sight, out of mind’ thought process by keeping your phone away

  • Turn off the notifications to prevent getting distracted by the beeping sounds

  • Keep aside multiple hours of your day for ‘Digital Detox’

  • Download apps that restrict access to social media if the daily screen time is crossed

  • Mark your work table or study room as a ‘No Phone Zone’

4. Is maintaining Self-Discipline tough?

Many people wrongly believe Self-Discipline to be tough to maintain. This mindset is deceiving. It’s not tough to be Self-Disciplined in the long run. It’s tough to not favor short-term gains over long-term gains.


This is because one tends to feel that it’s tiring and unfair that the present self is working hard whereas the future self is gaining the benefits. This isn’t true. One must realize that long-term benefits are more important than short-lived gains.

5. Can one stop being Self-Disciplined after becoming successful?

Self-Discipline is not just the key to achieving success, but also the key to preventing a downfall after success. It is imperative to continue to be disciplined even after reaching the peak as relieved nerves may lead to a laid-back attitude. This can undo years of hard work, patience, and perseverance. Therefore, Self-Discipline not only helps prevent failure but also grows manifolds to even more fulfilling forms of success.