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Essay on Kabaddi

Kabaddi Essay: The Origin of the Game, The Rules, Tournaments 

One of the oldest and popular games in India is Kabaddi. From Tamil Nadu to international land, Kabaddi has traveled far and long. In this Kabaddi essay,  more about the background, history and importance of Kabaddi will be discussed. After a significant journey, Kabaddi has made it to the foreign land and is considered as one of the most thrilling games of India that require lots of energy besides strategy. Let’s have a look at everything you need to know about Kabaddi. 

History of Kabaddi

Over 4000 years ago, Kabaddi emerged in the southern part of India in Tamil Nadu. It is believed that the game emerged in the Vedic period. It was a game that was played by people to showcase their strength. There have been several essays on Kabaddi stating how thrilling, magical and fascinating the game is. Several documents state that the game was even played by Gautama Buddha for recreational purposes. In 1938, it got included in Indian Olympic Games and later in 1950 All India Kabaddi Federation was formed. In 1990, it became a part of the Beijing Asian Games and popularised the game as a competitive sport.

A Short Note on Kabaddi- The Sport

While writing a  Kabaddi essay in English, we must make use of resources to gather relevant information about the sport. Kabaddi is a team sport that requires seven players in two teams. The aim of the sport is for a single player on offense to run into the opposing team’s court up to an extent and then tag out as many defenders of the opponent team as possible and return to the respective court anyhow without getting touched. To play this game it is essential to have a wide field of 10-13 meter long. It is played for about 20 minutes approximately. Like any other games, the toss-winning team plays first in Kabaddi. The points are given based on the tagged players and also on stopping the raider. It seems like there is nothing more thrilling and exciting than watching a game of Kabaddi. The players, it is to be noted, are selected on the basis of body weight and age. 

An Essay on My Favourite Game Kabaddi

In this section of the short note on Kabaddi, a few names of top tournaments and leagues will be mentioned. Pro Kabaddi League, National Kabaddi Championships, Federation Cup, etc are a few of such tournaments that are worth mentioning in the Kabaddi paragraph in English. The Pro Kabaddi League was launched in 2014 only while the National Kabaddi Championship is the oldest tournament of Kabaddi in India.

Method of Playing- A Note on Kabaddi

In this part of the essay on Kabaddi, how to play Kabaddi is mainly focussed upon. When this game starts, one of the team’s players chants the word “Kabaddi” and tags the player from the opponent team and returns to his court. If the players from the opponent team stop the player in their court, then the player who tried to tag automatically gets disqualified. This might sound simple but it's pretty difficult and requires a lot of energy to play. The similar exhibition of energy and competition is seen in the Kabaddi World Cup which must be mentioned in any 10 lines about Kabaddi or 5 lines on Kabaddi. Kabaddi information in English essay would include the fact that to date India is the most successful team in this competition.  

As this essay about Kabaddi comes to an end, it is worth mentioning that there are a number of films that depict the importance of this sport and have showcased it as an integral part of the Indian culture. 

A Short Essay on Kabaddi

Write a Short Note on Kabaddi

It takes energy, dedication, and strategy to play Kabaddi, one of the oldest games of the country. This Kabaddi essay will be a short paragraph on Kabaddi that will highlight the game’s importance and several other things.

This essay Kabaddi states the effect of playing Kabaddi. It is a sport that increases the blood circulation in our body. Like any other game, it teaches us discipline and increases the sportsman spirit inside us. It also helps in creating a sense of brotherhood. Further, there are a lot of different names of this sport that were given in different parts of the country. Both teams have 7 players in the game and any team that would make the most in twenty minutes is declared victorious. 

Thus, an ancient Indian game that started evolving with time is now being played in countries like Japan and Korea. Also, this sport is regarded as the national game of Bangladesh and is also very famous in Pakistan and Sri Lanka. There are numerous international competitions in Kabaddi that take place in various parts of Asia. Some of these tournaments which deserve a mention in this Kabaddi essay in English are Asian Games, World Cup, SAF Games, etc. 

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Who Introduced Kabaddi as a Sport in India?

Ans: Muhamad Sarwar, Secretary-General of the Asian Amateur Kabaddi Federation sent Prof. Sundar Ram from India to tour Japan. After touring Japan for two months, Kabaddi was introduced in India. The Asian Kabaddi Championship was organised in the year 1980 and India became the champion while Bangladesh became the runner up. 

2. What are the Rules of Kabaddi?

Ans: The rules of the kabaddi are as follows:

  • Minimum 7 players have to be there in each team

  • The duration of a match should be of a minimum of 40 minutes, divided into two equal halves. 

  • The last raider of each half of the Kabaddi match gets to complete the raid even after the completion of the scheduled time.

  • Each team can take time out of 30 seconds in each half of the game

3. When did Kabaddi Originate?

Ans: Kabaddi was started about 400 years ago in Tamil Nadu, India.