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Essay on Indian Army

Indian Army is the land-based force of the armed forces of India. This unit of armed forces of India has the largest number of recruits and is considered as the third largest active force in the globe. The President of India is the Supreme Commander of the Indian Army whereas the Professional head of the Indian Army is the Chief of Army Staff (COAS). Through this essay on Indian Army, one will have a clearer idea on Indian Army.

A Long Indian Army Essay

The Indian Army originated from armies of the East India Company's which at last  became the British Indian Army and the Princely States Army, which after the independence in 1947, merged into the National Army of India. The units of the Indian Army have fought many battles in the past where they gained honor for the country with their bravery. One will find out more facts about the Indian Army through this essay on Indian Army in English. 

The Indian Army has the sole objective of protecting the nation from any foreign aggression that arises, ensuring the nation's security. They also try to prevent the nation from internal threats. During natural calamities, the Indian Army conducts humanitarian rescue operations to save many people's lives. There are a total of 65 regiments in the Indian Army that are divided based on their skills. These are some facts that one can learn from the essay on Indian Army. There are various medals presented by the President of India to different Indian Army recruits for their bravery in the battlefield. The medals awarded for the valour shown on the battlefield in the face of the enemy are Param Vir Chakra, Maha Vir Chakra, and Vir Chakra and the medals awarded for bravery and courage shown away from the battlefield are Ashoka Chakra, Kirti Chakra, and Shaurya Chakra.   

The Indian Army till now has fought four battles from which three were with Pakistan, and one was with China. Some other operations that are performed by the Indian Army are Operation Vijay, Operation Meghdoot, Operation Cactus, and Operation Brasstacks. One can also learn about some more missions conducted by the Army from this essay on Indian Army as they were also involved in many peacekeeping missions organized by the United States. Some of these peacekeeping missions were conducted in Lebanon, Angola, Cambodia, Vietnam, and many other countries. 

The Government is now planning to increase the capabilities of the Indian Force by introducing some new policies. Recently, it has been planned that the Indian Army with the Indian Navy will set up a marine brigade. The current formations that the Army follows are holding formations and combat formations. Holding formations are meant for holding and containing the enemies, and combat formation is meant for counter-attacking the enemies in order to neutralize them and stop them from attacking.

One can gain knowledge of the Army's uniform from this Indian Army essay. The Indian Army camouflage uniform includes a shirt, trouser, and a synthetic material cap. The Indian Army's camouflage dress has a jungle camouflage pattern that is designed to be used in woodland environments. Regiments which are posted in the desert or dusty area have desert camouflage pattern uniforms. The modern recruited armies are required to wear distinctive parade uniforms which are classified by variegated turbans and waist-sashes in regimental colors.

Indian Army gives the perfect example of gender inequality by recruiting women in different regiments of the Army. The first women were appointed in the Indian Army when the Indian Military Nursing Service was formed in the year 1888. These woman nurses have served the Army in both World War I and II.   

With all the facts relating to the Indian Army covered in this essay, one can understand the importance of Indian Army essay. The essay about Indian Army gave an overview of the Army as a whole. The Indian Army being the third-largest in the globe, has many features that one can see from this essay. It is also visible how the government has planned to make the Army better every passing day so that they are ready to face any danger, be it internal or external.

Short Essay on Indian Army

A Short note on Indian Army

Indian Army being the third-largest Army in the globe, is one of the most powerful and strongest among the armies of other countries. In the past, they have proved their superiority in different battles and missions that have been conducted. Through this short essay on Indian Army in English, one will be able to see the power and strength that the Indian Army possesses.

Indian Army has only one goal, that is to safeguard the nation's security and maintain unity in the country. All the recruits in the Army perform to achieve this one goal. The Indian Army consists of a total number of 65 regiments that are classified or divided based on their skills and capabilities. They are trained with two formations that are holding formation and combat formation. Holding formation is meant for defense, and combat formation is meant for an attack. 

Indian Army improves its skills by conducting training missions with different powerful countries such as The United States, Russia, and Israel.


Through this essay on Indian Army in 100 words, it is clear that the Indian Army is well prepared for any unwanted situation in the future and has the capability to deal with it.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. How Many Regiments Are There in the Indian Army?

The Indian Army has a total number of 65 regiments in which army recruits are divided according to their skills. Some of the important regiments are Gurkha Regiment, Dogra Regiment, Kumaon Regiment, Ladakh scouts Regiment, and many others.

2. Who Started the Army in India?

Mohan Singh established the first Indian National Army. He was an officer in the British Indian Army, and he was captured in the Malayan Campaign. The nationalist sympathies of Mohan Singh led him to find an ally in Fujiwara that helped him a lot.