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Animal Names

Last updated date: 27th Feb 2024
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Always Show Love and Care for Animals!

We live in a diverse country. You must see human beings which are living beings, you also see plants which are living things. But what else comes under living organisms? Have you seen different animals? They are also living organisms and there are different types of animals.

Let's Study Animals in Detail :



Animals are defined as living organisms that can move and eat. Animals need food and water to survive. Animals can also sense what goes around them. So we can say that as animals are living things they are also like humans, they eat, they walk, and they talk in their language.

Different Types of Animals 

There are millions of different species of animals. We can classify the types of animals into 6 main types and every category is different from the other, these are as follows:

  • Pet animals 

  • Farm animals 

  • Wild animals 

  • Mammals 

  • Sea animals 

  • Birds 

  • Insects 

Let’s study them in detail

Pet Animals

Pet Animals

 Pet Animals

The animals we like to keep in our homes are known as pet animals. They are domestic, different pet animals are: 

Dog, Puppy, Turtle, Rabbit, Parrot, Cat, Goldfish, Mouse, Hamster.

Farm Animals 

Farm Animals

Farm Animals

There are numerous farm animals which people like to keep on the farms, these animals are a source of livelihood for the people and people earn great through keeping these animals these animals include:

Cow, Rabbit, Dogs, Pig Goat, Fish, Chicken, Horse.

Wild Animals

Wild Animal Names

 Wild Animal Names

The animals which are dangerous and which we cannot keep at home or which cannot be on roads are the wild animals these species of animals are kept separate in forests or some wildlife conservations where these animals are kept these animals include; 

 Giraffe, Snake, Lion, Tiger, Gorilla, Fox, Kangaroo, Squirrel, Elephant, Crocodile.




Mammals are any vertebrates, which belong to the class Mammalia. Mammals have different features: they have hair on their body and they have mammary glands.

Different kinds of mammals are 

  • Squirrel 

  • Dog 

  • Panda 

  • Kangaroo

  • Horse 

  • Monkey 

  • Cow 

  • Elephant 

  • Fox 

Sea Animals

Sea Animals

Sea Animals

Sea animals are animals that are aquatic. They survive in water only and they are found in different water bodies such as rivers, ponds, lakes, and oceans.

Different kinds of sea animals include

  • Fish 

  • Crab 

  • Seal 

  • Octopus 

  • Shark 

  • Seahorse 

  • Starfish 

  • Whale 

  • Penguin 

  • Jellyfish 

  • Lobster 

  • Sea lion 

  • Sea turtle 


Different kinds of Birds

Different kinds of Birds

Birds are organisms that have feathers, they have big jaws as they are also living organisms that fly high in the sky. There are different kinds of birds. Birds have 4 chambered hearts and lightweight skeletons which help them to fly.

Different kinds of words are as follows:

  • Crow 

  • Peacock 

  • Sparrow 

  • Pigeon 

  • Turkey 




Insects are the largest group of invertebrates, insects can further be divided into Flying insects or Crawling insects. Some insects can fly up to a certain height and others only walk or crawl on the land.

Flying insects includes 

  • Bees 

  • Fly 

  • Dragonfly 

  • Moth 

  • Butterfly 

Whereas Crawling insects includes 

  • Caterpillar 

  • Cockroach 

  • Spider 

  • Warm

  • Ant

Other categories of includes of insects include:

  • Ladybird 



  • Beetle 

  • Louse

  • Centipede 

  • Spider

Interesting Facts

  • Crocodiles can't stick their tongues out.

  • Starfish do not have a brain.



  • Only female mosquitoes bite.

  • Owls don’t have eyeballs. They have eye tubes.



  • Butterflies can taste with their feet.


There are millions of different kinds of animals that live on the earth. Animals are found throughout the world, they come in huge varieties of shapes and sizes, they live on land and also they live in water. They are an important part of our ecosystem. Thus animals are beautiful creations of God.

FAQs on Animal Names

1. Why do birds have lightweight bodies?

The skeletons of birds need to be lightweight which helps them to fly easily as the skeleton of a bird is light but it is strong enough to handle the force during flight. Birds have hollow bones which help them to keep them lightweight and help them to fly. They also have smooth feathers which reduces the force of weight. So We can say that the birds have very light and hollow bones to make them lightweight and hence help them in flying.

2. Define Animals.

Animals are living things. Like plants, animals need food and water to live. Animals have well-developed sense organs. They react according to the environment. Animals are further of various types i.e. Pet animals, Wild animals, Farm Animals, Birds, Mammals, and Insects. There are a large number of animals found on earth and every animal is different. Animals are of different colors, sizes, and shapes, Animals can move, and are multicellular which means they are made up of more than one cell.