Speech on Child Trafficking

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Introduction to Child Trafficking

Child trafficking is one of the most serious problems that no part of the world is safe from it. Across the globe, child trafficking is a part of the problem of a bigger one that is Human Trafficking. This article attempts to explain human trafficking meaning in English. Trafficking is done by luring children and young adults who are often on the lookout for a better opportunity than their actual living situation. Those trafficked are then compelled to many forms of labour, sexual slavery and exploited for forced marriages, extraction of organs etc. In this speech on trafficking, we have provided a Long Speech On Child Trafficking as well as a Short Speech on Child Trafficking.

Long and Short Speech on Child Trafficking

Long Speech on Child Trafficking

This form of human trafficking speech is useful for students in higher grades 8-12 where they can delve into details and speak about the situation in a panoramic manner.

Greetings to everyone, I Abc (mention your name) feel honoured to have the opportunity and platform to speak on such an important issue that everyone needs to be aware and wary of. Let us understand human trafficking meaning in English. Trafficking basically refers to the act of the doer that is the traffickers who mostly are men and in some cases, women as well. They lure their victims who are especially women, and young children using varying deceptive techniques. Deception via charm and lies and promising them better opportunities in life to make more money, etc. When this form of abuse of power and exploitation is done to children and kids, it is called child trafficking. 

These young children who place their trust in dangerous strangers are trafficked and find themselves helpless in the most difficult situations where they cannot even get out of. The rate of this serious crime and violation of human rights, where every year the number of victims falling prey and being trafficked in their home country and abroad is only alarmingly rising. 

Trafficking happens because of poverty, lack of social opportunities, oppression, and lack of economic opportunities. They want to break the cycle of poverty and be free but these conflicts and instability in life make them the victims of such heinous crimes as they are trafficked to even worse conditions, with unhygienic sanitation and no healthcare.

The drive of humans to fulfil their own selfish needs has taken such an ugly turn that even children are not spared. And most of these trafficked children are girls. Nearly ⅔ rd of the trafficked children are girls. They are then forced into many illegal activities like child labour which is otherwise considered a punishable offence. They practice this in remote areas where this offence cannot even be reported as people are unaware of it. They are also forced to marry much older men who treat them as sex slaves. Young girls are also forced into prostitution that is a violation of human right. They are also often used for extracting organs and selling them to make money.

At such a tender age, these children suffer unimaginable pain, they become a victim of multiple pregnancies, and many also suffer from sexually transmitted diseases, and they also lose their lives more often as their bodies are unable to bear so much trauma. 

The most chilling part of this practice is how strategic and organised the perpetrators who carry out this mission are. Once the victim falls prey they are trapped and overnight transported to another region, state or country where they know no one to ask for help and hence they suffer.

There are organisations that are fighting against trafficking and taking actions to provide a home and take care of victims who somehow managed to get out of it. But this is a long fight and there aren’t enough organisations fighting for it. UNICEF that is the United Nations Children's Fund is a Humanitarian Aid Organization that works on a global level to provide a rehabilitation centre for such children.

Thank you.

Short Speech on Child Trafficking

This type of speech is helpful for students in grades 4-7 where they can understand such a complex topic in simple terms and a short time.

Hello everyone, I XYZ (mention your name) feel fortunate to have the opportunity to speak on a topical matter that is child trafficking. Child trafficking is a way of seizing children from their families and their opportunities to lead a normal life by violating basic human rights.

Children who are born into poverty, in low-income families and areas and are oppressed. The families with a long downtrodden line of poverty are more likely to fall prey to this serious crime. As the families try to cope up with their limitations of lack of proper education and better economic opportunities, traffickers come along and promise their families of giving money. In return, the ask for their children to be sent off work so they can lead better lives.

The traffickers can be men and women. Both use deceit as their weapon of choice. The children are trafficked into worse conditions and are forced into illegal activities like labour, making them work in factories and industries in unhygienic environments. Girls are forcefully married or traded into prostitution which is also called commercial trafficking. It leads to multiple pregnancies in young girls and they also lose their lives. The children are also used for the extraction of organs. 

There are a few organisations that carry out rescue missions to protect these children from labour and sexual exploitation like Avani in Mumbai, Her Choices Trust in Hyderabad, and Faith Foundation in Shillong. These are Non-Government Organizations and the financial support they acquire is also limited but they still manage to provide the necessary rehabilitation resources.

Thank you.

10 Line Speech on Child Trafficking

This form of speech is easy to understand and convey the meaning to the students in grades 1-3 in a simple manner.

  1. Child trafficking is an illegal act committed by violating the basic human rights of an individual.

  2. Children fall prey to the lure offered by traffickers because they are naive and don’t know right from wrong.

  3. About ⅔ rd of the children trafficked are girls and they are mostly from rural parts of the country and the world.

  4. These children are forced into labour, they are sexually exploited, become victims of organs extractions and abusive marriages.

  5. The children often lose their lives due to trauma that is physical and mental as well.

  6. No part of the world is free from this heinous and serious crime.

  7. There aren’t enough and stricter laws to punish the offender and therefore the rates are only increasing every year.

  8. There are few organisations that carry out rescue missions to support the children and provide a better and safer environment to live and grow.

  9. These organisations are often Non-Governmental Organisations, so we can stop this crime by supporting them financially.

  10. The better way to stop these crimes is by educating the families and communities in rural as well as urban areas and having stricter laws.