Ideal Student Essay

Essay on Ideal Student


Who is a student? A student is a learner. A person who wishes to acquire knowledge and wisdom or skills in a particular field or develops his intellectual capabilities is a student.  In order to be an ideal student, a person should possess the qualities of respect, love, self-discipline, self-control, faith, concentration, truthfulness, conviction, strength and firm determination. Their parents, teachers and elders appreciate a person who has such qualities. An ideal student is not only a desirable student for his teacher but also a pride of his family and the nation. 


Qualities of an Ideal Student

An ideal student is always disciplined and lives in accordance with conduct. He is always conscious of his duties and responsibilities towards his parents and elders.  He is truthful, generous, kind-hearted and optimistic. He has a quest for knowledge. He maintains good health and a sound mind.

An ideal student is persevering and consistent in his studies.  He is regular in his classes. He reads a lot of books other than academic books. An ideal student is always well mannered and sets examples for other students.  He takes part in extracurricular activities. Basically he is an all-rounder in schools. Along with perseverance, he is also a hardworking student. Hard work and consistency go hand in hand. Without hard work, one can never climb the ladder of success.

An ideal student knows the value of time, unless he realizes how precious time is, he will not be able to master himself. If he lacks this quality, he will fail to realize his goals. Time never stops for any one. Next, he is always obedient and broad-minded. He follows instructions from his teacher and allows himself to be corrected and reformed for betterment. 

An ideal student is always humble. Only if he is humble, he will be able to learn, be obedient and will gain the knowledge and the skills imparted by his parents or teachers. 

An ideal student is responsible. Without having the capability to shoulder the responsibility regarding any thing, a student will not be able to achieve anything worthwhile in life. Only a responsible person can carry forward the greater responsibility of being a good citizen, a good person or even for that matter the responsibility of a family. 

An ideal student is never selfish. He is always very helpful and generous. Knowledge is said, increases only by sharing. He will always help his fellow students. He is full of humility and will never know what pride, conceit, vanity or selfishness is. 

An ideal student will have a keen observation and a seeker. Only a curious mind will seek new things and like to learn novel concepts as only a keen observer can acquire knowledge of new things. 

An ideal student is always robust and fit in order to have a good concentration and to work hard. He therefore keeps himself fit by exercising regularly. Exercise increases his capacity to concentrate, makes him disciplined and orderly. 

An ideal student respects and obeys laws of his country. He has all the qualities of a good citizen. He has respect for all religions. He has a passion for serving his motherland. He never tells lies and he doesn’t betray any one. He fights against social evils. 

As we all know a disciplined student is always successful. Finally, an ideal student is also respectful. He who has no respect, knows no knowledge, is a maxim. One cannot progress without the blessings of his teachers and elders, which he earns only when he possesses all the above qualities.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1. Who is an Ideal Student?

Ans. An ideal student is one who has the qualities of respect, love, self-discipline, self-control, faith, concentration, truthfulness, conviction, strength and firm determination.

Q2. How Does Keeping Fit Help to Become an Ideal Student?

Ans. Being fit helps the student to concentrate more and work hard.

Q3. Why Does an Ideal Student Value Time?

Ans. Time is important for all of us. Time doesn’t stop for anyone. An ideal student who values time will never fail to realize his goals.

Q4. Why is it Necessary for an Ideal Student to be Responsible?

Ans. An ideal student is always responsible because only a responsible person can be a good citizen and a good human being.