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Can an Average Student Crack NEET Exam?

By Anusha LalOctober 03, 2020
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Certainly yes. With proper guidance, consistent hard work and wise strategy, one can not only clear the NEET exam but also achieve a good rank. The majority of students are under pressure during the preparation time. Most of them think they are average students with low IQ and lag behind other students. To achieve something big, you need to trust yourself first and then commit to your goal. The medical stream is widely popular because of its high demand and work profile. Saving someone's life is intriguing and this profession provides you with life intricacies but above all, you are saving a life, and that matters the most. 

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How to Prepare for the NEET Entrance Test?

An average student can crack NEET if he/she is determined and consistent. Consistency is the virtue of champions, so make efforts every day to achieve the desired score you want. Here is how you can prepare for the NEET exam and avoid stressing over career options if NEET is not cleared.

  1. Concentrate on Subjects that will Help You Score Well 

Biology is the most important subject for the medical stream, so 50% of the questions are asked from this category. NCERT books are great for thorough fact learning. Also, look at the chapters that will fetch more marks. More than 14 questions are asked from biotechnology and genetics.

  1. Avoid Negative Marking 

In the entrance test, if you are not sure about an answer, do not fill up anything. Wrong answers lead to minus marking. For one wrong answer, you will be losing one mark from your total obtained mark. So be careful about whatever you answer.

Tips for NEET Aspirants to Achieve Good Marks

  1. Focus on basic concepts. Do not rush to cover a specific topic. Make sure to prepare small notes.

  2. Set targets and accomplish them. Make a study schedule and strictly abide by it. Try to complete your pending work as soon as possible, to reduce detested pressure.  

  3. Try to solve easy problems first and then go for difficult ones. Keep your speed and accuracy on the check.

  4. Do not discourage yourself by reconciling your efficiency. Keep on motivating yourself every day. 

  5. Practice makes a man perfect. So, make problem-solving your best friend for life. The more you will solve problems, the more you will be confident about yourself.

  6. A smart mindset will help you achieve your goals. You are your biggest competition. Challenge yourself every day with exciting mock papers.

  7. Time management is vital for NEET aspirants. Make time for every subject and do not exceed your time limit. This practice will even help you in the examination hall.

  8. Connect to good tutors and teachers to gain maximum knowledge.

  9. Show curiosity about everything. Ask your teachers to clear your doubts. Revise your topics every day, make this a habit.

  10. Do not try to memorize stuff without understanding the topic. Especially understand the concept of particle physics.

Career Options if NEET is not Cleared  

Most students consider NEET as their ultimate career goal. When they fail to clear this competitive exam, their world comes crashing down. Few of them also take a harsh life-threatening step. You must realize that your world never ends with a failure. A failed attempt is a foundation for success. Instead of cursing yourself, drive your energy to some alternative options. 

If you have not made your way to some medical university, don't worry as there are plenty of other career options related to life sciences. Here I am mentioning four alternative career options to alleviate your anxiety.

  1. Course-Related to Life Sciences and Biology 

Majority of students take PCB for pursuing biology. If you are one of them, then this might be your chance to pursue your love for biology. From botany to biochemistry, choose any stream that excites you the most.

  1. Healthcare Management Courses

If serving people is your ultimate wish. Go for hospital management. People in this field manage hospital administration, supplies, care services and more. This course is highly lucrative if you have a leader in yourself, pursue this to live your dream.

  1. The Mental Healthcare Sector

The mental healthcare sectors look after the mental well being of a patient. This is one of the most regarded career objectives in medical science. You will be reading the human brain to understand the reason for depression, anxiety or stress issues. 

  1. Try Again 

You can even consider a year drop to prepare for the NEET exam. Majority of the students wait for a year before reapplying. Aspirants who got failed because of few marks must think of applying twice. Work hard and achieve your goal.

FAQs on Can an Average Student Crack NEET Exam?

Q1. Can I Crack NEET in One Month?

Ans: The answer to this question is a bit tricky and can even irritate you. Maybe you can crack your NEET exam in one month depending on your prior knowledge and practice. There is no magic potion that can make you successful in a month apart from your hard work and dedication. Make a timetable and strictly follow it, study at least 10 hours a day. Encourage yourself by taking mock tests every day. Do not lose hope, keep on practising without failure.

If there is a will, there's a way, make this proverb your exam anthem. Get at least 7 hours of sleep, your brain needs to rest as well. If you follow this schedule, in the end, you will not be questioning whether I can crack NEET in one month?

Q2. Is it Difficult to Crack AIIMS?

Ans: AIIMS is a bit difficult than NEET, but a focused sharp mind can clear this competitive exam with ease. Good textbooks can help you in understanding the topics. Go for NCERT textbooks, to have a good grasp on niches. Make a foolproof strategy to avoid time wastage. Check the syllabus and previous year question papers before preparing for the AIIMS entrance test.

According to experts, students should start preparing at an early stage. Students start their medical preparations from standard 11. You can easily crack the AIIMS entrance test by sheer determination and hard work. Study 10 hours a day to achieve a good ranking in the AIIMS entrance test.