Think what qualities should an ideal contraceptive have.

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Hint: Ideal contraceptive methods should be the one that should not interfere with the normal sexual drive of the couple, and should be highly effective and discrete. The regulation of conception by preventive methods to control the number of offspring is known as contraception or birth control. Example: Contraceptive pills, contraceptive injection, condoms, etc.

Complete answer:
The qualities of an ideal contraceptive method are:
- It should be safe, that means the contraceptives are free from any kind of side effects or compliments.
- It should be reliable, that means the contraceptives are 100% effective.
- It should be easy to administer and convenient to use.
- It should be easily usable by both males and females.
- It should be effective for preventing sexually transmitted diseases or STDs.
- It should be inexpensive and cost-effective.
- It should be easily removable.
- It should not interfere with the person’s sexual drive.
- It is independent of coitus.
- It requires little or no medical supervision.
- It should be easily distributed.
- It should be acceptable to all cultures and regions.
- It should have widespread availability.
- It is rapidly reversible.
- It should not act on libido.
- It should have a quick onset of action.


- Family planning is also an ideal method of contraception, either through tubal sterilization in case of the woman, or vasectomy in case of the man. Both are permanent contraception methods.
- Long lasting reversible contraceptive methods are also ideal such as the implant or intrauterine device (IUD).
- The diseases which are transmitted through sexual intercourse are
known as sexually transmitted disease or STDs. Example: HIV.