Ideal Student Essay for Class 7 Students

Essay on Ideal Student for Class 7 Students

Essay writing is an art that is developed only through consistent practice. Students with good language and communication skills also often tend to face problems while writing essays or lengthy answers. This basically is due to the lack of sufficient practice in writing. You can overcome the same by practising to write essays from a younger age. Vedantu has provided here an essay on simple and popular topics to help you understand the art of writing essays better. They will help you to understand the various ways of writing essays effectively. 

Ideal Student 

An ideal student is a student with a variety of hidden qualities in it and each time his presence helps in immediate problem solving with his presence of mind. Student’s life is the most crucial and learning phase of their whole life. Their number of factors is surrounding him to either development or his crashing future. 

The major part is played by the school. School is the place where the students don't make a student only a book worm but also helps him in his personality development. Even, most of the successful people are a little bit above average with studies but succeeded due to their other qualities developed during their student era. The teachers are the god for the child, according to study it has been observed that the student frequently walks on the footsteps of the teacher and the great teacher makes him a great man. A teacher is not only the person who teaches us in schooling but also our parents are our first teacher who teaches us off schooling. 

The king of cricket-Virat Kohali was not great in his studies, but his initiative was great in the game. He himself took an effort and started playing cricket along with studies and now he has almost broken all the records. He said in his interviews that he wasn’t great in maths but his calculation with the required run rate shocks all the spectators. 

The Ideal student is the person who is great at least in something, not necessarily in everything. His discipline and punctuality are remarkable. The amount of respect the elders gain from him and the amount of time spent by him on learning and acquiring is a must learned a lesson to all. He should be a motivated one and help the needy, his selfless attitude will lead him to be a successful person due respect. One of the best qualities in the ideal student is consistency. The Ideal person for Ideal students Dr APJ Abdul Kalam addressed consistency by saying, ‘Don’t take a rest after your first victory, because if you fail in the second, more lips are waiting to say that your first victory was luck!’

The ideal student is fearless in taking risks. Even if it's true that great things are made by taking risks. But, in real life, it's very difficult to get out of the comfort zone and do something remarkable, but the ideal student, if free of mind, is always spontaneous to try anything for his betterment. The great Indian business leader Dhirubhai Ambani was also once a worker in a petrol pump, but due to his fearless attribute made him the greatest businessman. 

God made human life in a proper format. There is everything set in his setup. So, it's important to do what needs to be done in the available time, otherwise, the time will reach a peak and we are loaded with responsibilities. Nothing is impossible in this life, it just takes patience, hard work and risk-taking qualities to bring out the best and ideal students have to learn this all to be the best in all. 

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Who is an ideal student?

An ideal student is someone who is disciplined, excels in at least one area of expertise, is polite to everyone, respects teachers, parents and fellow students alike. Along with it he helps people around him with their problems and completes his work on time with a positive attitude. He is someone who will inspire people around him to become more disciplined and consistent in life.

2. What role does a teacher play in student life?

A teacher is the most important person in a student's life in his growing years. Students practically spend 6 to 8 hours with a teacher. This makes the teacher the most influential person in a student's life. A teacher must ensure that he or she encourages a student to explore himself beyond his education. This will bring out all the hidden qualities in a student. This might also be the stepping stone for a student to find his passion as he grows older.

3. Should an ideal student be good at everything?

An ideal student is someone who is good at at least any one thing but at least tries other things. He need not excel in everything. He should at least be sportive to participate in everything. This will make him an ideal student.

4. How does Vedantu help students to write better essays?

Writing an essay needs a little guidance and a lot of practice. Understanding this, Vedantu provides students with a variety of essays on various topics to make them understand the correct manner of writing essays. Students can refer to these essays and reproduce the same in their own style for better marks in the exam.