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Happiness Speech

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Last updated date: 19th Jul 2024
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Happiness Speech for Students in English

The mental or emotional states of mind that include positive or pleasant emotions are expressed by a term called happiness. Research related to happiness has been conducted since the 1960s, in various disciplines that include social psychology, positive psychology, happiness economics, medical and clinical research. The only feeling loved by everyone. It can be achieved by enjoying the current life and accepting it as it is instead of thinking and trying to control the things which cannot be controlled. None of the feelings are under our control, whatever happens in life we have to just make a positive path and accept it. The goal in your life is to make the living worth which indirectly earns you happiness and pride. There are some values that can help us to keep happy that include friendship, love, and hobbies. The support from the people you love helps to create a positive environment. 


Speech on Secret of Happiness

Happiness has different definitions, generally described as positive emotions. Most people talk about happiness, when they talk about the happiness they mean about the current situation or they might be referring to the sense of happiness in how they feel about their overall life. Happiness is a broadly defined term where social scientists and psychologists use the term “Subjective-well being” to express the emotional state. There are two key components of subjective well-being, everyone expresses both negative and positive emotions whereas experiencing positive emotions can lead to happiness. The work they are doing, relationships, achievements, and some other things in life should bring the satisfaction that provides happiness. 


In happiness speech in English let us see the types of happiness:

  1. Hedonia: It is also known as short-term happiness. Generally, it is referred to as pleasure. Leading the dream life, self-care, fulfilling the desires, sense of satisfaction, and experiencing enjoyment.

  2. Eudaimonia: It is also known as long-term happiness. It is associated with completing the responsibilities, one should include the meaning that their life has meaning, purpose, and value. Investment in long-term goals. 


Long Speech on Happiness For Students

Many people will not invest their time or they don’t feel the need to think about what happiness means, but they have an idea when they are happy. But in this modern generation, it is the most important and essential thing to know about the meaning of happiness. According to some researchers, being happy or happy is the term used to describe the state of mind that expresses positive emotions such as joy, peace of mind, well-being, and many more positive vibrations. 


It is mentioned in the speech on secret of happiness about the types of happiness when you hear a joke or if you go through any funny incident then you laugh this leads to short term happiness that is for that moment or for a short period of time, instead if you keep laughing the entire day by remembering that particular joke then it is not termed as happiness. Thus most people like to have long-term happiness, it will be experienced only when the hard work done by you is paid off. Humans are often freckled-minded people, they will not have a constant mind or they will not concentrate on one particular thing, their mind changes often. People find happiness in materialistic things, these things include fancy foods, outfits, computers, some others. But it is important to know that these materialistic things provide short-term happiness.


Due to the current crisis, it is difficult to always stay happy, it is said that “An Idle Mind is the Devil's Workshop”. It is difficult to spend most of the time at home, we will get bored and frustrated easily. So instead of being silent or inactive one should always keep themselves busy by doing some work, learning something new, or should look forward to life. By following this they can be out of having negative thoughts. Living happily is a tough task. All should need an attitude to accomplish the task thus it is required to follow or including a good habit is necessary. 


In the speech on happiness in life, happiness that we strive to earn is the one that cannot be earned by anybody else, it should be defined by ourselves. What other people think is right affects the personal judgments of an individual. Being in an unfavourable situation or environment for a moment affects the mood. Facing a depressive environment can make an individual ill both physically and mentally. Unhappy people always have to face problems such as anxiety, stress, depression, or insomnia. One can easily or by adding some effort can overcome physical illness, but it is very difficult to overcome from mental illness. 


Happiness cannot be achieved at one go or overnight, there are no such switches that are turned on to be happy instantly. Achieving happiness completely depends on pursuing our goals. The path of happiness can include these things, regular exercise, caring for people, living in a peaceful and pleasant environment. It is often said that sharing our worries or negative thoughts with our loved ones can relieve us from stress.


Short Speech on Happiness For Students

When we speak about happiness positive emotions are the ones that come into our minds. None of the people can make us happy, we ourselves have to take care of the state of our mind. True happiness can only come when we realise the need for it. One must always be grateful to God for giving the desired things. Some people find happiness in small things that happen in their life, whereas some people find it in luxurious life, fancy foods, etc. 


Doing what you love, being how you want to be provides enough happiness and confidence. Along with making ourselves happy, we can also make the people around us happy by loving them selflessly. This thought will make our surroundings or people around us happy; this indirectly boosts our happiness. Our flaws can be accepted by us as we know the reason for it, but the acceptance of those flaws by other people makes you the most loved person, this what gives real happiness to a person.


Happiness Motivational Speech:

The more we try to get happier the more it slips away from us, this directly means that happiness is not the thing that can be found in materialistic things but it is the thing that depends on one’s mental state. Here are some inspirational stories that let us see them go through them.


There was a boy and he had a very wealthy family. One day the boy’s father took him on a country trip. The main aim of the father was to show his son how poor people lead their life. They found a farm of a poor family and they spent some days on that farm. After that trip, the father enquired about the trip with the son, and the boy replied “It was great”. The father asked the son whether he had observed how the poor people had led their life, and asked him to describe deeply what he had observed. The boy replied by comparing it to the life he was leading as a boy of a wealthy family, he said that “we have a dog whereas they have four of them, we have a swimming pool to spend time and they have a big river which has no end. We have a very expensive lantern to provide light whereas they have numerous stars above them at night. We have a paved area, where they have a whole horizon. We have a limited amount of land, where they have endless fields. We buy the food, whereas they grow the food. We fence our house for the high protection but they don’t need any fencing to their houses as their friends support and help them in protection”. 


By listening to the words of the boy the father was stunned and he couldn’t even speak a word. Then at the end, the boy added saying thank you to his father, he said that “ Thank you for letting me know how poor we are”. This speech on true happiness inspires us in such a way that happiness is not found in materialistic things instead it is dependent on love, friendship, and freedom.  


Let us see another story,

There was a class of around sixty students, once the teacher told the kids that they are going to play a game and the teacher gave one balloon to each of the students. She then asked the students to blow it up, the students did that then she asked them to write the name of the respective student on the balloon which they have in their hands. The students did so, then the teacher asked them to throw the balloons into the empty classroom as per the teacher’s guidelines they did that. Now she asked the students to collect their own balloons which they have written their name on in a minute. They started searching for their balloons and the room was messed up but at the end of the time, none of them got the balloons in their hands and all of them were upset, then the teacher gave one more balloon to each of them and asked them to follow the same procedure and they again threw the balloons to an empty room. This time the teacher asked the students to get the balloons whichever they found and then they had to return them to the person whose name was written on them, now the students have got their balloons in a fraction of seconds, this time the students were very happy. 


Now the teacher said that she conducted this just to inform the students that how important it is to help someone in their life, helping someone can make the people happy which makes the surrounding happy. This happiness is indirectly gained to each one of them.



We have seen a happy speech, an inspirational story, and the reasons and causes of being happy. Thus we can conclude that being happy doesn’t only involve the happiness of a single person but it is the family or the surroundings that should be happy or pleasant. Happiness cannot be found in a single situation or it cannot be found instantly; it is to be found in one’s state of mind. Everyone deserves to be happy.

FAQs on Happiness Speech

1. How is happiness important in life?

Happiness is one of the fundamental goals in life. Everyone is constantly striving to achieve happiness through different means. Being happy can be a state of mind which expresses positive emotions like the peace of mind, joy, and various other positive vibrations. Life tends to be up and down as people experience a range of emotions in their lives however the quest is always to find happiness through the experience of positive emotions and it is one of the fundamental requirements in life. 

2. What are the different factors that have an impact on happiness?

There are several factors in life that play a major role and have a big impact on the overall emotions that a person experiences. These emotions either translate to happiness or otherwise. Some of these factors include the immediate environment of the individual, social and personal care, professional achievements, well being of friends or family, and the overall social bubble of the person. If the majority of these factors are positive, a person tends to experience happiness.

3. What are the different things that can help us achieve happiness?

Some of the different factors or things that can help attain short-term or long-term happiness include love, friendship, and hobbies. Indulging in one’s hobbies is an enriching experience that brings enjoyment, satisfaction, and a feeling of positive emotions. This translates to happiness. This is why clinical psychologists often suggest people indulge in their favorite hobbies. Similarly, love and friendship are major experiences that bring positive energy and contribute massively to happiness. 

4. How can I refer to the Vedantu notes “Happiness speech for students in English”?

The Vedantu notes on “Happiness speech for students in English” can be downloaded from the app or the website. These notes are offered in PDF format and can be downloaded for free. Once you navigate to the relevant page, you can find the “Download PDF” button, and when you click on it, the PDF file containing the notes will be downloaded on your device. 

5. What can I expect from the Vedantu notes on “Happiness speech for students in English?

The Vedantu notes on “Happiness speech for students in English” provide a comprehensive analysis of the different aspects associated with happiness. These notes provide an in-depth summary of the different theories and factors that are associated with the eventual feeling or emotion of happiness. The notes also provide a short speech on happiness, a long speech on happiness, a motivational speech on happiness, and then provide a summary of the concept.