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“Money is important for happiness.” Express your views either for or against this statement.

Last updated date: 13th Jun 2024
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 Convert the above statement into a paragraph and link the different points together. Make sure that all the points are connected. Expand the opposite of the idea given above for the counter view and elaborate the given idea for the view.

Complete answer:
 The given question asks us to write a counter view or a view, which means we need to either disprove the given points or elaborate on them.
In order to write for the given idea, we must assume the given sentence to be true. In order to write against the given idea, we must assume it to be false.
There is also a word limit that we need to follow, i.e. 120 words. So, our paragraph has to be around 120 words or more. The counter view section should always be in a paragraph and have a title above it. This means that the negation of the sentence will be the title of the counter view section.
All we have to do is argue against each of the points that could be made in the view section and expand our points.

                                          Money is not important for happiness

Happiness is a very subjective concept. It is also the very essence of life. A life without happiness is not worth living. However, to equate the feeling of happiness with money is a grave mistake. In fact, people often experience the exact opposite. They experience no feeling of urgency, or pressure and so start feeling empty inside. The possibilities become endless, making the person lazy and decreasing creativity. Money can also make a person extremely comfortable wherever they are in life, and so they begin to see no point in traveling or having any fun anymore. It can also become a burden and some people feel guilty. This is not a blessing, but a curse in disguise. All one needs for happiness are happy moments. Happy moments are not created with the help of money. So, happiness and money are not directly related at all.

 Use the given format in order to write the required solution. Add additional information in order to make the given information into a paragraph.