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Essay on Forest

Importance of Forests Essay

Forests are an essential part of our ecosystem and have great importance in our nature. Forest is a big piece of land constituting trees, shrubs, grasses, plants and more. It covers a significant part of our ecosystem and the natural resource of many useful raw materials. Based on the temperature and climate conditions, there are majorly three kinds of forests in our ecosystem:

  • Coniferous Forests 

They are found in the cold regions like Canada, Alaska, Northern Europe and Northern Asia. These types of forests consist of cone-bearing seed plants and have adapted to cold weather conditions. As the process of decay by dead animals and plants is less available in these forests, the soil quality of these forests is low and not fertile.

  • Deciduous Forests 

They are found in the moderate temperature regions like Europe, Asia and Northern America. Meaning of Deciduous is "tending to fall off". That is why the plants in these types of forests shed their leaves in autumn which regrow in the spring season. These kinds of forests can adapt to all kinds of climate change.

  • Tropical Rain Forests  

These kinds of forests are found in the heavy rainfall regions like South America, Indonesia, the Congo, Hawaii and Eastern Australia. The plants grow in these forests are thick and long, generally known as the canopy.

Importance of Forests Paragraph

Forests have a great significance in our ecosystem as they are the habitat of many wildlife animals and birds. Not only this, they are the natural source of many raw materials like Gums, Paper, Bamboos, Timber, Fuel, Rayon, Medicinal Drugs etc. All of these resources are required for human needs and industrialisation. Following are the importance of Forests in nature:

  • Forests protect wildlife and ecosystems by controlling flood, soil erosion, rainfall and air pollution.

  • It gives employment to many people who are involved in agriculture and harvesting.

  • Forests help in maintaining the earth's temperature by providing fresh air, oxygen and taking harmful gases like carbon dioxide away.

  • Forests support agriculture and provide us with essential herbs, food and other supplements.

  • Forests protect the wildlife species by providing habitat and food to them.

Despite having great importance in our ecosystem, Forests are continuously getting destroyed by humans for their need and industrialisation purposes. To meet our daily needs, we are cutting down trees without thinking about the consequences. Due to which we are witnessing low air quality and climate change. Deforestation is inducing many problems in nature by disturbing the balance of the ecosystem. Some of the major issues caused by deforestation are:

  • Forest Fire

  • Floods

  • Climate Change

  • Eliminating shelter of wildlife species

  • Poor Air Quality

  • Soil Erosion

  • Low Soil Quality, and many more.

How to Improve Forests Condition and Forests Cover?

To avoid all these problems, we need to protect forests by improving forests cover. Forest Cover refers to planting new trees and taking proper care of them. As a responsible citizen of this planet, it is our responsibility to preserve forests and improve the condition of our planet. To do this, we need to take a few steps which can improve forest cover and the condition of our ecosystem.

Steps to Improve Forests Cover and their Condition:

  1. The first step to improve forests cover is to plant more new trees and stop cutting the old ones for our selfish needs. By planting more trees, we can enhance the quality of air and make up for the loss we have done by cutting down the trees. Every individual must plant new trees every year as their responsibility. The government should also take responsibility for it and make new laws to regulate the cutting down of trees.

  2. We must opt for other ways to fulfil our needs so that the cutting of trees can be regulated and forests can be protected.

  3. We should find new and effective ways to regulate forest fires as they cause significant damage to all the wildlife species and nature. We should adopt more effective techniques to stop a forest fire.

  4. We should also protect the wildlife species and strictly give punishment to those who hunt them. By saving them and their habitat, we can prevent their extinction.

  5. We should use recyclable paper for our daily purposes or try to opt for the digital system as it will decrease the need for papers because many trees are cutting down to make paper. We should not waste paper and aware of other people as well to do the same.

By following these methods, we can improve the forests cover and the condition of forests in our ecosystem.


Forests are the essential part of our ecosystem, and thus it is our responsibility to preserve and protect it for our future generations, wildlife species and quality of life. We must not cut trees and plant more trees to improve air quality. We should aware people about the importance of forests and ask them to adopt effective ways to protect them. By doing this, we will not only save our planet but also preserve the natural resources for our future generations.