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Food Names

Last updated date: 20th Apr 2024
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Learn and Grow with Food Names

Learning the food names becomes important as the child grows, this is because the food names form a very important part in everyone’s life. We will learn about as many food names as possible in our daily life. Learning the names of the food will help the kids in enriching their English vocabulary as well. Let us learn the food names.

Why is Food Important to Us? 

Food is of course the most common and important need of all living things. Food is indeed a survival component without which we will not be able to make it through our life and eventually end up feeling energyless. Food helps us to grow up and stay fit and healthy.

Kids Learning the Food Names

Children start learning about the name of the foods from the day they are born.  While growing up, they identify these foods with the help of their taste and texture. Also, as they grow up, they learn about which food is healthier and which ingredients are used in those foods to make them healthier.

How to Make the Kids Learn About the Food Names? 

In this section, we will know how to make the kids learn about the names of the food. 

  • A kid’s favourite activity is playing the cooking game. You can engage the kids with different types of food items and ask them to make an easy food item. In this way, they will learn about the various ingredients in the food and also will allow them to learn the food name by heart.

  • Teach the food names with flashcards. This will help them to identify the food names quickly. 

  • Ask the kids to identify the food names using food charts or diagrams. 

  • Also, you can ask the child the food names while you unpack the grocery bag. 

Learn the Food Names

Food Names

Food Names

Here is a list of 22 food names that are quite common in our daily eateries. 

  1. Salad

  2. Sandwich

  3. Bread

  4. Steak

  5. Tuna Steak

  6. Fish

  7. Shrimp

  8. Rice

  9. Spaghetti

  10. Pizza

  11. Hamburger

  12. Eggs

  13. Cheese

  14. Sausages

  15. Apple Juice

  16. Grape Juice

  17. Milk

  18. Candy

  19. Cookie

  20. Pie

  21. Cake

  22. Cupcake

Different Tastes and Textures of the Foods

The foods never taste the same. There are different taste varieties according to the food types. Some common taste varieties are as follows:

  • Salty

  • Spicy

  • Sweet

  • Sour

  • Acid

  • Bitter

  • Bland

Two common textures of food are as follows:

  • Crunchy

  • Raw


Food Names with the Different Timings to Eat

The different food names according to the time it is eaten are as follows:

  1. Breakfast: This is the first meal of the day that one eats in the morning. 

  2. Lunch: Lunch is the meal which people have during noontime. 

  3. Dinner: This is generally the last meal of the day.

  4. Snacks: These are the small portions of food that are eaten in between the main meals.

  5. Take-out Food: These are the foods that people usually buy from the stores and are eaten at home or elsewhere.

  6. Drinks and Beverages: The liquid content that we drink comes under drinks or beverages. Juice, milk, tea – these all are drinks and beverages.

  7. Meal: This forms the main content of the day like breakfast or lunch.

  8. Bite: The small portion of food which we chew in our mouth. 

This article is mainly focused on the names of the food, its necessity, and the vocabulary of the food. The article also helps to make the kids aware of the terminologies of food in order to make their English vocab strong.  

FAQs on Food Names

1. Name some most popular foods.

Some popular food names are as follows:

  • Potato Chips

  • Donuts

  • Ice Cream

  • Soft Drinks/Soda

  • Pizza

  • Oreo Cookies

  • French Fries

2. What is the most popular combo for dinner?

Rice, Chicken, and Salad are the most popular combo for dinner one can have. 

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