Social Media Essay

Essay on Social Media

Social media is the communal interaction among people in which they create, share or exchange information and ideas in virtual communities. It has become the basic need and quality of human beings to be social. The spectacular developments in communications and innovative and astonishing kinds of entertainment have given access to information and the ability to give a voice to people who would never have been heard. The current generation is fortunate enough to witness some of the most amazing technological developments ever in history. It has become the rage of this age. 


People always want to connect themselves with society in some or the other way. In earlier days, the modes of communication were limited. People socialized with others in their own ways. Earlier, socializing was narrowed to visiting each other’s place, having big gatherings, meetings in clubs, parks and other public places.

Now the time has changed. People have minimized their social life because of hectic life and increase in geographical distance and economic concerns. With the arrival of technology, social networking websites and applications have heralded a revolution in the world. It has indeed brought people from all over the globe closer by creating, sharing or exchanging information and ideas in virtual communities and networks. These social networking sites are based on web-based technologies and create highly interactive platforms. It has gained momentum globally because of its better feature, access, frequency, immediacy, usability and permanence. It has been recognized so widely and the usage has increased so incredibly today that it has moved from desktop computers to laptops to mobile phones. The platform is undoubtedly easily obtainable and accessible.

Today, every person is addicted to social media and that too at a glaring speed. Some important social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc. have provided us with the prospect to connect with people and foster better relationships with friends and acquaintances with whom we are unable to meet personally and share the happenings of our lives. Some tools like YouTube, Instagram, Whatsapp, etc. have provided the platform to share pictures and videos with friends and relatives living in distant places.

B2B social, reviews and travel sites in social media have made it easy and interesting for people to shop and discuss with friends and others about what you are buying. There are also some sites that offer collective buying offers to give consumers a fun-filled shopping experience. 


The social media sites are erasing differences in age and class. It has assumed a different dimension altogether through interactive sharing. It has now become a medium of mass reach at a minimum cost. In today’s times, one can avail the benefits of social sharing to building reputation and bringing in career opportunities. 

  1. They target a wide audience, making it a useful and effective tool for society. 

  2.  It reaches to people even in the remote areas and the information is spread like fire. 

  3. Distance is no more a limitation because of social media. You are constantly updated with the latest news and happenings in the society and environment through social media websites.

  4. Sites and blogs like Orkut, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and many more have become a tool for people to connect across the globe. People can attend live talks or live sessions or lectures happening anywhere in the world while staying at home. 

  5. Teachers and professors can teach on different topics from remote places. 

  6. You can now identify great possibilities for a job through multiple social media sites like LinkedIn, Google, Naukri and job search. 

  7. Social media enables companies to use these sites as a network to generate awareness about their product, promote their brand and thereby increase their sales. It saves the cost of marketing and advertising. 

  8. These networking sites on social media provide a comprehensive platform for young aspiring artists to showcase their passion and skills.

  9. The political leaders use the platform of social media for spreading social communication to mass. These days, the political candidates are also communicating with the voters through social media.

  10. Nowadays, a person’s fame or popularity is determined by the number of links he has created with these social media sites. 


However, social media has caused addiction to users. Despite huge benefits, it has some unfavourable consequences.

  1. Users of social media are becoming victims of fraudulent and online scams that seem to be genuine.

  2. It opens up a possibility for hackers to commit frauds and launch virus attacks.

  3. The productivity of people is getting hampered due to extreme usage and indulgence in these social media sites.

  4. Negative and disrespectful comments and reviews from employees about the company hamper its image tremendously. 

  5. Students too are exceedingly active on social media sites these days, which is limiting them from outdoor activities. 

  6. Students indulge in disputes because of these social media and because of that sometimes school has to resolve the disputes.

  7. Some sites are used to express personal anger or dispute due to which a lot of chaos and confusion is created.


Social media has both benefits and drawbacks. When you use it productively, it can be a tool of immense help but over usage can become a silent enemy. Thus, we as users have to learn to balance and not allow ourselves to be controlled by this technology.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1. What do you Understand by Social Media?

Ans. Social media is the communal interaction among people in which they create, share or exchange information and ideas in virtual communities.

Q2. How has Social Media benefited Society?

Ans. Social media has incredibly benefited society. It has erased the age and class barrier. Social media sites target a wide audience. People can connect with each other from any corner of the world. Distance is no more a limitation. Teachers and students are connecting through social media tools. People find jobs, shop and share reviews and discuss with others. It is a comprehensive platform for people to showcase their talents and passion.

Q3. What are the disadvantages of Social Media?

Ans. The disadvantages of social media are that youth is getting hooked to it inappropriately. People are falling into prey to fraudulent and illegal activities. Too much indulgence in social media is hampering the productivity of people. 

Q4. How has Social Media brought a Change in Human’s Lives?

Ans. In earlier days, humans did not have too many means of communication. This was the reason why they did not socialize much. Even if they did, their socialization was narrowed to meeting their own relatives or friends in a close circle. People could not explore much about what was happening around the globe. The job seekers were restricted to finding jobs through someone or newspaper. Now, technology has brought a revolution in the lives of people. Distance is no more a constraint for communication. People can communicate with anyone from anywhere in the world. The entire information about what is happening across the globe is available at the touch of our fingertips. Job seekers have not only widened their horizon of finding jobs, but also giving interviews on social media platforms. Social media has made the lives of people much simpler, easier and faster.