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Essay on Fair

Last updated date: 14th Apr 2024
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The Concept of Fair

Even though the world of entertainment and recreation has changed to a greater extent, and it kept on changing at a greater speed, “Fair” is still, and will always be close to our hearts. Because it is not just a place of recreation and entertainment, rather it is a traditional event that takes us to the roots of our culture in a fun and loving manner. You may be in any part of the world, but once in a year, you will be hyped about the word ‘fair’. Fair is a place where you can find all sorts of entertainment, food as well as business talk. In a fair, the mass of people gathers together, some for entertainment while some for business talk. Below is a presentation of both long and short-type essays where we will relive the moments of fair.

Essay on Fair in English

Writing an Essay on the fair is just as fun as attending the fair because it takes you on a walk-in memory lane so that you can write about it from your experience. But it is also a good idea to have some guidance while writing the essay in English, and hence Vedantu provides that Guidance to all the students for completely free.

Some information about the Fair

Fair can be considered as one of the oldest recreation activities, at least in India, in which hundreds of people gather at a time. We can trace the beginnings of the fair in 1000 AD. And the reason behind it was to boost the businesses and hence in return, it helps in boosting the overall economic condition of the country. Interestingly, the same thing can still be seen in modern times in events like that of “Book-Fairs” where the writers and readers all come together. 

In modern times the fairs have taken a place of an annual break, where everyone from the city can go for recreation, and to be relaxed. Fairs are generally set for a few days or a week. More often than not, the supply of the seller’s stock comes directly from the manufacturer, and hence the things can be brought at the fair at a relatively low price. In this way both the seller and the buyer get benefits.

Things that Happen at Fair

It is important for the students to learn about the things that happen at the fair in order to write an essay on it. The first thing, one may notice in the fair is the rides, there are many rides at the fair, such as Giant wheels that takes the riders to the sky, merry go round horse ride which can be considered as an unofficial trademark of Indian Fair, stalls of Magic Tricks, many toy shops, interestingly the toys that are available in these shops are, for the most part, not available in the shops of the city. Along with these rides the store of many fun activities, such as Balloon shooting can be found in the Fair as well. Also, if you ever had visited the fair, you must refresh your memory for writing the essay on fair.

While writing about the Fair these are the things that you must take into consideration. An important thing is that we eat lots of different things at Fair, and many of them are either packet food or the food that comes in the plastic, and plastic is not good for the environment, hence you must try to avoid it.

Essay on Fair for Students

‘Fair’ this particular word takes us into an imaginary world of a big ground full of different kinds of people and different kinds of joy rides. On those rides, where people sit on them screaming with joy and amusement. We also imagine many different types of stalls which are selling dazzling earrings, fancy clothes, tasty food and even selling toys for the kids. In a coinage, fairs are a representation of these different types of people who come to sell and buy and also have fun at a single place. After all, a fair is a place where there is no boundary set for people or for fun.  Also, in another sense, we can perceive fairness as an exchange of the creativity and productivity of different cultures around the globe.

The culture of fair started somewhere between the early 1000s or 1200s. Fairs actually started as an economic activity different from the redundant business processes and activities of the year. Now the fairs are viewed as an annual break to the year when everyone in the city or town is fed up with their routines throughout the year, fair then serves as a refreshment aided with knowledge, creativity, and business. Fair is set for a multiday, this proves to be a huge benefit for all the buyers and for all the sellers, even products are supplied from the foreign merchants.


Fairs in India

The oldest fair in the history of our country, India is the ‘Kumbh Mela’ which is almost more than 2000 years old. When the planet Jupiter, and the sun, and the moon aligns, those dates are considered appropriate for this Kumbh Mela to take place. Kumbh Mela takes place every after 3 years. The Kumbh Mela in 2013 made a world-record gathering of 10 crore people. If someone is looking for beautiful and rich fabrics, shining earrings, and a variety of other things, then he must go to Pushkar Mela in Rajasthan.


A Village Fair Essay

A village fair is a colorful fair held in a small village, the fair is held during festivals, like Dussehra and Diwali. Village fairs are also held annually during the celebration of a local deity or the religious beliefs of the villagers. A village fair is generally much smaller than a city fair in appearance as well as in the activities performed. An Indian local village fair is marked by relatively small shops that are selling mostly toys and sweet items.

The hawkers who sell small toys on the hand-held wooden frames are seen roaming in the fair. Flutes, whistles, and a variety of lightweight toys are also seen in a village fair, this attracts children a lot. The Hawkers in a fair constantly play their flute or whistle in order to attract the children to buy those items from them.


Descriptive Essay About the Fair

Once in the spring season I went to a fair in my village, the fair was set up in honor of a local deity worshipped here. I wish my uncle and aunt visited the fair. As we entered the fair, I felt a different sense of enjoyment in the air, the fair was lit with a lot of hubbubs. We passed the stalls till we came to my favorite stall wherein large kadhai jalebis were being fried, the smell of the sweet made my taste buds active to savor the same. We had jalebis and kachori in the stall and went further to explore the fair. I played a shooting game where I won a beautiful flower vase. Nearby, was a shop selling big and small earrings, my aunt got a pair, the earrings had mirrors shining on them, which dazzled my sight. Walking a distance I saw a big merry-go-round where children rode the ride merrily. I stood there and watch them enjoy wondering why I grew up for now I could never sit on that merry-go-round. Instead, now I can ride the camel my uncle assured me. I enjoyed the ride on the hunch of the camel.

All was a lovely time spent well in that fair. I will carry this memory to my heart. As I proceeded towards home, I decided to share, my experience in my diary so that I can always relive the moment.



Fair, be it a city fair or a village fair, provides a fun activity to the children, as well as serves as a refreshment for the young and elderly. No doubt the fair is a fun event, but this is also a source of livelihood for the vendors who depend on this event. Many small vendors, also the hawkers depend on these fairs for their businesses. Fairs provide a platform for them to gain customers. They serve as a place for having quality time with family and friends. Parents also ensure that safety precautions are required to be properly taken before sending their children to the rides or to the ferry wheels.

FAQs on Essay on Fair

1. Why should I write an Essay on Fairs?

Writing an essay requires good writing skills, as well as creative thinking. Essay writing helps the students in expressing themselves in a better manner. There are various types of essays, and one of those types is “Descriptive Essay” and the Essay on Fair comes into this type of essay. This essay requires the students to write their experience of the fair, and hence students have to remember it well, and working on their ability of imagination they have to describe their experience.

2. Why should I use the Essay that Vedantu provides at the Fair?

At Vedantu we have a team of expert teachers who works very hard to provide the students with the best material, for all the subjects and all the topics, and with the same attitude, Vedantu provides this English Essay on Fair. The essay is composed of those teachers who have years of experience in teaching the students English composition and writing. One more important thing, the essay that Vedantu provides is completely free of cost and hence all the students can have benefited from it.

3. What is Pushkar Mela?

Pushkar Mela is a fair of Rajasthan, that celebrates the beauty of the desert, the camels, and also other cattle that are found in this region. A record of more than 2 lakh people from across the world come here to be a part of this festival, this is being held to facilitate the trading of camels and cattle who are the native animals in the desert.

4. How Businessmen are Facilitated From the Fairs?

The businessmen can meet face-to-face with their potential customers, they can present their work, crafts, and other items which helps them in a great way to start their building relationships.

5. Which Fair Records the Highest Number of People in India?

The Kumbh Mela attracts the highest number of people in India. Kumbh Mela is one of the prior pilgrimages of the Hindus. Kumbh Mela is a religious gathering of the Hindus, the mela is held four times over the course of 12 years, this takes place in 4 different locations which are situated on the bank of the sacred rivers.