Essay on Life on Mars

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Essay on Life on Mars for Students

Mars, in the solar system, is the fourth planet from distant the sun. This planet is the second smallest planet in our entire solar system. The possibility of life on this mars has aroused the interest of our scientists, now for many years. A reason for this curiosity is due to the similarity and for the proximity of the planet to the Earth. Mars of course gives some indications of the possibility of life existing on this planet.

In our essay, we will detail the possibility of life on this planet, Mars.

Life on Mars Essay

In the past, Mars looked quite similar to our planet, Earth. This is a fact, that existed billions of years ago, that there were certainly few similarities between the planet Mars and Earth. Also, scientists believed that Mars had a huge ocean. This ocean, as believed by the experts, covered greater surface area than the Earth’s oceans do so currently.

According to scientists, Mars was a much warmer planet in the past than it is now. Another noteworthy, the warm temperature and the water are the two major requirements for life to exist, which is available on this planet. So, with all probability, it can be said that previously there was life on the planet, Mars.

As we know that life on Earth also exists in the worst of circumstances, like life on Earth is available in the extremely hot and dry deserts regions, also life exists in the extremely cold Antarctica continent. So, this is noteworthy that this resilience of life gives us plenty of hope about our life on Mars.

There are some evident ingredients that prove that life already existed on Mars. Bio signatures refer to the current and past life markers. Furthermore, scientists are also souring the surface for life to exists on this planet. Moreover, there are also promising leads, like the presence of methane in Mars’s atmosphere the scientists have no idea where this methane is coming from on this planet. Therefore, there is a possibility that methane presence is due to the microbes which are existing deep below the surface of planet Mars.

Another important point to note, there is no scratching of Mars’s surface but a couple of inches of the scratching has taken place until now. Scientists have undertaken the analysis of small pinches of soil. They may have failed to detect signs of life for the use of faulty techniques.

Short Essay on Life on Mars

Scientists and researchers have their years spent researching for the evidence or any trace of life on the Red Planet, Mars. All these researches till now indicated they are researched that there is no previous trace of life on this planet, Mars. But the evidence of some elements like the frozen water, the liquid water which traces the past, and the methane in the atmosphere of Mars have provided some lead in the research to find the existence of life on this Red deserted planet, Mars.

If I ever get a chance to go to Mars and have a life there, then I would definitely explore around. I would only wish that the planet changes its conditions to make itself fit for humans to live and survive on this planet.

Also, this gives an insight for us. Humans should learn not to pollute further another planet the way it had polluted our planet.


There are quite many theories and fiction that are connected to the solar system’s fourth planet, Mars. Other controversies that are connected with life on Mars have come up in the late 20th and the 21st century. The possibility of life which is already existing on Mars or in the future that the humans inhabiting Mars is an excellent topic to discuss.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What are Bio Signatures?

Ans. Biosignatures are the morphological, chemical which is organic, elemental, or mineral, and the isotopic traces of the organisms that are preserved in minerals, sediments, and rocks. They represent the physical presence of the organisms as well as the proof of their metabolic activities and their metabolites.

2. What are the Challenges to Life on Mars?

Ans. All animals and plants cannot survive on Mars of the extremely harsh weather conditions. The other major problem is the gravity of Mars. The gravity is 38% to that of Earth, low gravity can cause health problems. Another problem is, the temperature of mars is much cooler than Earth.

3. Does Mars have Oxygen?

Ans. Mars has oxygen which is only 0.13% of the atmosphere, which is compared to 21% of the Earth's atmosphere. The MOXIE system is responsible for producing oxygen like a tree, pulling in the Martian air with a pump, and this using an electrochemical process to separate a single oxygen atom from another molecule of carbon dioxide.