Childhood Essay

Essay on Childhood


Often it is heard from many renowned persons that they want to go back to their childhood days. Actually we all want to do that. Childhood is that stage of life which we can enjoy- the part of life which we cannot get back however much we want. Our future is built up on the basis of our childhood. Our future is shaped by our parent’s love and care. It is the actual time when we can teach our children what is right and what is wrong. Childhood is the time when the foundation of our life is built on the pillars of right values and principles.  

Importance of Childhood

The childhood memories we gather stay with us throughout our life. Anytime they can bring happiness in our life when we are down. The actual value of childhood can only be understood by the grownups because children are not capable of realizing the importance that this period brings with it. 

Children are free from all the worries, hazards of a busy life, and stresses in this world of uncertainty. We, the grownups feel delighted when we recollect our childhood memories. But it is obvious that every memory of childhood days can’t be good. There may be some unwanted memories which can haunt a person his entire life. When we grow up we miss every single day of our childhood period. Our life is fully dependent on time. The time that has already passed cannot be brought back and so can’t our childhood. The innocence and careless days of childhood are what makes even poets and writers cherish those days and praise them.  

Children may fail to realize what golden moments they are passing through only until they reach adulthood. For an adult the best days of his life were spent while he was a child and it is during his stressful days he longs for the lost time. This is when the significance is best realised. The moral and social character of a child is developed in this time. In this time, the parents can easily alter the mindset of the children and make them differentiate between right and wrong. The minds of children are like clean slates on which any story, pleasant or harsh, can be written easily. 

Childhood is the time when a child’s diet must be apt to develop his health and immunity. The proper habit of eating, reading, sleeping, doing exercise and to be neat and clean must be taught in this phase of time. It is also the best time for a child to engage in any creative activity like drawing, singing, etc or sports for these will be with him when he grows up and work as stress buster. 

We the adults also have a thing or two to learn from children. They care for every people without any discrimination. They are also very helpful in nature to the people surrounding them. We can learn the lesson of humanity from children. Children are to be treated as the future of the country and they are the biggest part of a developing nation. Thus, they must be nurtured accordingly. 


A happy childhood makes for a successful adulthood. Children are like vehicles without any proper destination. You can drive them in any direction you want. Children are the representatives of God. They are the most innocent human beings in this world. It is us who can give them a beautiful future. If they have done some mistakes we should rectify them instead of misbehaving with them. Today’s child is tomorrow’s responsible citizen.