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Best Man Speech

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Last updated date: 16th Jul 2024
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Best Man Speech in English for Students

The Best Man Speech is one of the most memorable parts of any wedding, but it's crucial to get it right because, although it only lasts 10 minutes or so on the big day, the memories of it can last a lifetime. Most Best Men have no idea where to begin, how to finish it, or how to talk about the bride and groom in a substantive and non-cliche way.

Here we have provided groomsmen wedding speech so that students can have an idea about the best man speech structure. They can refer to the below-given speeches for writing a best man speech.

Long and Short Great Man Speech

Long Groomsmen Wedding Speech

Ladies and gentlemen, good evening. I'd like to express my gratitude to everyone who has come to celebrate the Bride and Groom's special day. Many of the guests were aware that I would be giving the best man’s speech but still chose to attend, so a special thank you to you.

Wedding days are supposed to be memorable, and this one will undoubtedly be. The weather cooperated, the ceremony went off without a hitch, and now it's time for a reception to rival the most opulent celebrity gathering... I can't think of a more memorable way for Rachel and Ross to begin their married life... Okay, I can.

Finally, now that I've accepted the job of delivering the great man speech, I'm pleased with how things went today. All went off without a hitch from the best man's perspective. For starters, I got him to church on time, which is a miracle for Ross because he isn't known for his punctuality and had never seen a church before this morning. He also arrived sober, which is an accomplishment not to be overlooked.

Of course, the best man’s speech is the most important responsibility for someone in my position. Many people anticipate me making fun of the Groom. Character assassination is a time-honoured tradition of the best man speech outline, and although I've known Ross long enough, you'd think I'd be bringing up humiliating stories from his history. If that's the case, I'm afraid you'll be disappointed. 

Truth be told, I've been standing by Ross's side for several years, through thick and thin. And in all that time, I've never met someone who wasn't a man of honour, honesty, and impeccable character. So, rather than shooting him down on his wedding day, I'd like to use my best man speech to highlight some of his best qualities.

First and foremost, let us congratulate Ross on his appearance today. I know he worked hard to keep in shape for the big day, and he looks fantastic in his wedding suit. Ross has been following a strict daily workout routine for quite some time.

Ross has always set ambitious goals for himself and has a track record of achieving them. Our first teacher gave Ross a special place in class where we could all see him because there was something about his cheeky smile that always cheered his classmates. Ross had his own distinct fashion sense as a youth. 

For the fun of his peers, he would often parade up and down in his favourite costumes after school. For a moment, I even tried to imitate his style. Unfortunately, this resulted in a very public and humiliating restraining order, which still holds me 250 metres away from the Knickerbox branch in my neighbourhood. 

My friend Ross has met his match in Rachel, who is brave, kind, and caring. Without a doubt, she is the most caring, giving, frank, kind, loyal, and beautiful woman he could have wished for... I know you're probably expecting a punchline after the last five minutes, but there isn't one this time. Every word I say is true.

I have no idea how he got her.

So, ladies and gentlemen, let’s start the celebration by raising our glasses and making a toast for Rachel and Ross, the bride and groom!

Short Best Man Speech Outline

Greetings, ladies and gentlemen. For those of you who don't know who I am, my name is Joey Tribbiani and I am the best man. I am known for giving quite funny best man speeches but this time, It's going to be one of the short best man speeches as Ross here is dying to go on his honeymoon trip!

When Ross told me that I am supposed to give the best man speech brother I was scared. They're right when they say it's nerve-wracking. I feel somewhat better knowing that I am not the only one in the room who is nervous and nauseous at the prospect of what lies ahead, as she has recently married Ross Geller.

Since we spent so much of our childhood together, he has played just as important a role in the development of my sense of humour as anyone else. So, though I tried to make this speech amusing, it is entirely his fault if it isn't. 

On many a wild night, I've been his partner in crime, and in quieter moments, a near confidante to whom he could confess almost anything. All – and I mean anything – has provided me with plenty of fodder for my speech this afternoon.

I did promise, however, not to reveal any information about the stag night. Oh, and while we're on the subject, Ross, you still owe me forty dollars. As a result, I won't.

During our nearly 10-year relationship, Ross and I have done a lot of things together. And, like all friends, we've had our fair share of ups and downs. I recall occasions when a petty quarrel will appear out of nowhere. Ross would then refer to me as smelly, and I would refer to him as having "big ears." Then things will spiral out of control. But, sure enough, Ross would send me an email from work the next day, and we'd make up. As true friends do, no matter how old they are.

Ross was the smooth-talking, early-developer of the two of us, and he believed he could have whatever girl he wanted. But, unfortunately for him, he was never able to please any.

Before he met his lovely bride, that is. I've never known him to be happier since then. And the fact that he's now spending less time in the museum and less time on studying fossils speaks volumes about how he feels about Rachel.

On a serious note, ladies and gentlemen, please stand up and lift your glasses to my very best friend and his lovely new bride. To, Ross and Rachel.

10 Lines for Best Man Speech Ideas

  1. Good afternoon, everybody! My name is Joey, and it's great that Ross has finally accepted that I'm the best guy after all these years!

  2. I've been tasked with saying a few things about today's main man as part of my work – I can honestly tell that he's one of the most handsome, most funny men you'll ever meet, and I'm proud to call him my mate.

  3. In all seriousness, I've known Ross since I interviewed him for a job when I was 16/17 years old – he showed up late, with the very familiar 'curtain' hairstyle, confidently wearing his Arsenal tie, and somehow managed to persuade me that I'd found a gem.

  4. But you can tell from looking at Ross that not much has changed – despite the fact that, unlike other people, he's lost weight in the years I've known him.

  5. I'd like to thank Ross and Rachel on behalf of the bridesmaids, Monica and Phoebe, for inviting us to be a part of your special day.

  6. I sincerely hope and know that you will be very happy together, and please look after him, Rachel because he struggles to look after himself at times!

  7. I've known you two for years and have never seen two people who are more in love with each other.

  8. My admiration for you grew as a result of the way you held Ross' hand and stood by him through his most trying times.

  9. Rachel is an amazing individual. Thank you for being there for my brother at a time when he needed you the most.

  10. I wish you both a happy, safe, and long marriage. You two are deserving of all the happiness this planet has to offer.