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Cleanliness Speech

Last updated date: 27th Feb 2024
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Introduction to Cleanliness Speech

A Speech On Cleanliness is usually given to address the importance of tidiness within and around the individual and society. Cleanliness is a vital way to live a healthy life. One who keeps clean keeps the diseases far away from him. In this article, you will understand the way to speak on the importance of cleanliness and ways to maintain it in a simple and easy language. There will be a variety of formats to present your topic in, it can be a Long Speech On Cleanliness or a Short Speech On Cleanliness.


Long and Short Cleanliness Speech In English

Long Speech on Cleanliness

This kind of Speech On Cleanliness is helpful for students in grades 8-12, as there are many awareness programs held now especially in schools so students can present with a Long Speech On Cleanliness. Take a look below.


Good Morning and a very warm welcome to everyone gathered here, today I ABC (mention your name) have the opportunity to speak on the importance of cleanliness. We have all heard of the saying Cleanliness is next to Godliness, which means it is in clean places that God resides. Many would like to keep their houses clean but throw their household waste into the streets irresponsibly, which is harmful to the environment. 


When one thinks of cleanliness, it is important to understand that cleanliness can be explored on many levels. Personal cleanliness means maintaining personal hygiene on day to day basis in the ways like brushing your teeth twice a day, taking bath every day, keeping your hair tidy, making up your bed, cleaning your cupboard, wearing clean clothes, doing laundry regularly, eating clean by avoiding junk foods, tidying up your reading desk, and keeping your room clean. Personal cleanliness is very important in order to lead a healthy life. At the same time, it is important to be considerate of the environment we live in and take accountability to keep our surroundings clean as well. 


We must be aware of our surroundings and the harm it causes when we destroy it by making dirty littering plastics all around. Environment cleanliness is equally important, which is why our honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi has started a campaign to keep India clean by keeping our surroundings clean called “Swachh Bharat Abhiyan.” It is our responsibility to make the Swachh Bharat Mission a successful one as this is also a responsibility towards our nation. Often when tourists visit India, they complain about the lack of cleanliness, leaking sewage, open defecation, and the lack of awareness to practice proper hygiene. This kind of attitude gives a wrong impression of India and Indians. 


There are so many steps already taken in the direction of the success of this mission, by making dustbins available on every street and by building public toilets, especially in villages. This practice will be helpful for our health as well. When one lives in unhygienic conditions, it is an invitation for diseases. Unhygienic conditions only serve as a breeding ground for more harmful bacteria and viruses. As we have learned during this pandemic due to the outbreak of a virus the only way to keep it afar is by staying neat and clean, always cleaning hands after touching a surface, and cleaning up after you come home from a long day of work. Cleanliness will keep you healthy, when you are healthy you are capable of taking healthy and fit decisions for yourself and lead an active life.


A cleaner lifestyle is helpful for you and everyone near you. So, when making these small changes, your life will also have a bigger impact. Share the same with your near and dear ones and help them to lead a clean and healthy life as well, and lead by being an example to them. 

Thank you. 


Short Speech on Cleanliness

This kind of Speech On Cleanliness is helpful for students in grades 4-7, as there are many awareness programs held now especially in schools so students in middle school can present with a Short Speech On Cleanliness. Take a look here.


Good morning everyone I ABC (take your name) am thankful for this opportunity to speak on Cleanliness and its importance and benefits. Cleanliness is the Gandhian way of living, so in 2014 on Gandhi Jayanti, our Prime Minister launched a mission to promote the idea of clean living further by pledging to build toilets in remote villages and small towns and providing a hygienic sanitation facility. Cleanliness is important at every stage of life be it in our own personal way or when we are a part of society.


When we live a clean life we lead a healthy and disease-free life. Take small steps towards the greater good of society and one can always start at home. Keeping our rooms and homes clean is the first step towards a cleaner life, personal hygiene can be maintained by taking care of our health and bodies clean, taking bath daily, brushing our teeth twice. Throwing the plastic or any food waste in the dustbin. One must maintain cleanliness at the workplace as well, and inevitably this will show a great impact on society and enhance environmental cleanliness. To keep the environment clean, do not engage in littering on the streets or urinating in public rather use a public toilet for sanitation.


Cleanliness will help you in taking good care of your own health while also keeping the environment clean. When the environment is clean, we lead a healthy and active lifestyle. Cleanliness should not be a one-time mission, it should be a practice and a daily habit. Stay clean and stay disease-free. 

Thank you!


10 Line Speech on Cleanliness

The 10 Line Speech On Cleanliness is extremely helpful for students in grades 1-3 as they gain a certain perspective on the topic in a simple and easy form. Take a look here.

  1. Cleanliness helps us lead a healthy life.

  2. Cleanliness keeps us away from diseases that spread due to unhygienic lifestyle, diseases like malaria, dengue, etc.

  3. When we lead a clean life, it becomes easier for us to maintain an active lifestyle and keep fit. 

  4. Personal cleanliness helps in ensuring good habits and maintaining a safe distance from harmful bacteria and viruses.

  5. When one is clean they are not susceptible to fatal illnesses, so it’s important to take care of our environment by separating our waste before disposing of, cleaning our hands, and urinating in toilets and not in nature.

  6. The sewage system must be checked often to keep from leakage.

  7. The Indian Government has also taken many steps in ensuring cleanliness in our country like the “Swacch Bharat Abhiyan.”

  8. In the Swachh Bharat Mission, the government has pledged to build public toilets for providing proper sanitation facilities.

  9. Cleanliness has become a necessity in today’s lifestyle.

  10. Cleanliness will help you lead an agile and active lifestyle and a longer life with your loved ones.

FAQs on Cleanliness Speech

1. What is the proper way to start a cleanliness speech?

The students of English who are planning to deliver a speech on cleanliness should start by addressing the principal of the school, the teachers and the classmates and the students of other classes as well. They should elaborate on why cleanliness plays an important role in maintaining our daily hygiene. They should also deliver a speech that includes the benefits of maintaining cleanliness. 

The speech should include important points and facts that the members of the society should remember and how cleanliness can help us to eliminate all bad habits. In the end, students should talk about the necessity of cleanliness and how a cleaner society and atmosphere are favorable for all the species of nature. They should thank all the audience for paying attention to their speech.

2. What are the goals of practicing cleanliness?

All the activities performed by human beings that can eliminate any kind of dirt and dust from nature falls under the category of practicing cleanliness habits. To make the society and the residential areas clean, all the members should come forward and practice hygiene and cleanliness habits on a daily basis. They should take proper care in collecting dirt and garbage from all the households.


They should clean the drainage systems properly so that it does not give birth to bad odor or bacteria. People should also make the roads clean and free from any dirt. Most importantly, they should take proper care of themselves and maintain their oral health and take care of their own hygiene. Cleanliness suggests an umbrella term that includes all the activities that human beings should perform in order to maintain their own hygiene and to clean the atmosphere.

3. How to prepare a proper cleanliness speech?

If you are preparing to deliver a speech, the first thing that you should do is to analyze the preferences of the audience. It is very important that you jot down the main points that you are going to talk about depending on the people you will be addressing while delivering your speech. If you are preparing a cleanliness speech that you will deliver at your school, then you should talk about the importance of maintaining cleanliness and the impact it can have on the lives of the people.


Start your speech with an introduction in which you will be talking about the meaning of cleanliness and what are the requirements to maintain cleanliness in our society. Always have a rough manuscript prepared beforehand so that you can revise all the points and include all the important aspects of maintaining cleanliness in your speech. 

After you have finished talking about all the important significance and influences that cleanliness habits can have on our mind and health, refer to some of the contemporary activities carried out in various cities and states of India. Do not forget to talk about the initiatives taken up by the NGOs to clean our society from all kinds of dust and garbage. 

Discussing any kind of recent activities, relevant to the subject matter, can instill a sense of enthusiasm in the minds of the audience to transform the idea of cleanliness into a reality. You should discuss the points briefly ensuring that you do not take much of the time and in the end, you should have all the audience.

4. What are the simple steps to practice cleanliness habits in our society?

Practicing cleanliness habits may seem to be difficult at first. But if you have a look at the root cause of all these problems, there are not many. For example, most of the dirt gathers in the drainage system because of excessive usage of plastic materials. The solution to this problem can solve a lot of issues that we face in our day to day lives. Using recyclable and reusable materials like paper can be the most ideal solution to this problem. 

Using plastic bottles and plastic materials to store something can also diminish the chance of blocking the drainage system. Having a look at all the possible places where water can gather due to heavy rainfall should be filled up with mud. If there are containers that can collect the water they should be turned upside down. By following these simple steps we can practice the habit of cleanliness.

5. From where can I get a detailed discussion of the cleanliness speech for the students?

On the Vedantu website, there are articles on the cleanliness speech that you can refer to if you are preparing to deliver a speech in your school. The cleanliness speech published on the website covers all the important facts and points that you should consider before composing the manuscript for your speech. For more information regarding other topics, you can refer to the other articles published on the website as well.