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CBSE Sample Paper Class 12 Maths 2016-17 with Solutions

Last updated date: 23rd May 2024
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CBSE Sample Question Paper-2 for Class 12 Maths

CBSE Class 12 board examinations may be the end of our school life's full of graceful days. Still, it can be seen as the gate that will be open, showing you to a great field where students can choose from among various options and then step into it for pursuing the field of further higher education as per their selected options for their own career desire. 

Therefore, board exams need to hold importance in the students' lives and require a lot of hard work to score as far as to be selected, considering various and desired institutes. These colleges could open up a new different direction apart from school life. Students wishing to build up and stream their careers in engineering or any other streams relatable in maths must score excellent marks, especially in math subject. The best way for pursuing to do so is recommended for practicing the available material.

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Competitive Exams after 12th Science

A Peek into CBSE Class 12

The class 12 Board examinations are a very important part of any student's life. This is because the marks secured  in the board exams go on to evaluate the overall performance of the candidate,and this is criteria based on which the student will be able to opt for their course and institution for higher education.  Therefore, in order to score and perform well in the exams, students have to put in their blood and sweat and work extremely hard. The first step toward this is the practice of the NCERT textbooks. Apart from this, the NCERT also provides the students with relevant study materials and guide books to help in their preparation of the exam. 

But the most important thing remains the practice of the sample questions. These questions help the student evaluate themselves and their performance, on the basis of which they will be able to take measures on improving themselves. 

CBSE Sample Papers for Class 12 Maths

Sample papers for class 12 maths are set in a manner that students can get to test themselves through these papers and find out the areas that need improvement before the exams and need focus with practice. Solving maths problems and having them finished in time needs training with the time bounding of time and the course. Vedantu's sample papers for Class 12th maths have many solved documents that will enable them to answer their question correctly and undoubtedly. Attending the sample papers for Class 12th maths will boost the students' confidence and writing skills as many theorems require to be stated as per the guidelines. 

Sample Papers for Class 12th Maths

The CBSE has cut almost 30 percent of the total syllabus that used to come before 2016-17 due to the insufficient studying methods because of current pandemic scenarios facing all of the world's people. Vedantu's sample papers for Class 12th maths are based on the board's latest syllabus and guidelines. Vedantu even enables the students to download maths sample paper for class 12th pdf prepared by the expert teachers for free and practice them to enhance your capability to give the perfect answers as per the guidelines and thus increase the chances to score much higher marks in Boards Exams. 


The website of Vedantu understands the needs of the candidate and provides them with the most relevant sample questions in the pdf format. Students can download free math sample papers for class 12 PDF and practice them regularly to obtain accuracy in answering as well as to understand the time management in class 12 maths exams.

Mock Paper Links

The links to JEE Maths Free Online Mock Test for Class 12 are as follows:

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FAQs on CBSE Sample Paper Class 12 Maths 2016-17 with Solutions

1. Where to download the sample papers for class 12 maths?

The sample papers for class 12 maths can be easily downloaded from the website of Vedantu. These can be downloaded for free and can be referred to in offline mode as well. The website makes sure that all the materials are updated and revised regularly so that the students are always up to date with the curriculum. The practice of these sample papers will help the students immensely in the preparation for their exams. The practice of the paper will help the student come across areas that require more focus. Apart from this, it will also help in improving their time management skills. 

2. How to prepare for the class 12 maths board examination?

Every student wishes to score more than 90 in their board examinations. To achieve this, the students are suggested to follow the given steps:

  • As a first step, the students should design a well-designed timetable. 

  • Every subject should be given equal time and dedication

  • The students should make it a point to complete all the assignments on time so that the syllabus is completed on time. 

  • Before referring to the guide books and study materials, the students should make sure that they are done with the exercises that are present in their NCERT textbooks. 

  • Once this is done, the students should now refer to the NCERT textbooks for more insight and knowledge in the subject.

  • The field of mathematics demands constant practice and revision. Therefore, it is important for the student to practice the problems regularly to attain mastery over the concepts.

  • The students can refer to the sample papers provided by the website of Vedantu for more improvement. 

3. What is the marking scheme for class 12 maths board exams?

The marking scheme for the class 12 board exams are as follows:

  • Relations and Functions holds a total of 8 marks

  • Algebra has questions adding up to 10 marks

  • Calculus has a total of 35 marks

  • Vectors and three-dimensional geometry allots 14 marks

  • Linear programming has a total of 5 marks

  • Probability has a total of 8 marks.

  • Apart from these, there is an internal assessment of 20 marks.

Adding all these will give the student 100 marks in total.

In order to score more than 90% in the board exams, the student should make sure that they do not leave any questions. Adequate practice will help the student score desirable marks in the exams

4. What is the syllabus for class 12 maths sample papers?

The syllabus for the class 12th designed by the NCERT is as follows:

  • Sets And Functions

  • Algebra

  • Coordinate Geometry

  • Calculus

  • Mathematical Reasoning

  • Statistics And Probability

To be able to score more than 90% in the exam, it is important for the student to be very thorough and precise with all the important concepts that every chapter has to offer. It is to be remembered that scoring marks in mathematics is easier compared to other subjects. But to be able to do so, the students are expected to be confident with what they study and present it effectively in their answer sheets. 

5. What is the use of practicing the sample papers?

The sample papers are designed to help and assist the students in the preparation of their exams. The benefits of these are as follows:

  • Firstly, the sample papers give the students an idea on how the questions are set for the exam.

  • It helps in strengthening and polishing the skills and knowledge of the students.

  • The students are able to figure out the areas that they might be weak in. This will help them focus on the areas that require more attention.

  • The practice of these papers will also help the students improve their time management skills so that they are able to complete their exams well before time.