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CBSE Sample Paper Class 12 Physics 2017-18 | Free PDF Download

Last updated date: 24th Feb 2024
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Physics Mock Paper-1 for CBSE Class 12 Board Exams

The CBSE Class 12 Board exams are a very important affair in any student's life. It is based on the marks scored in these exams, that the future of the student is decided and evaluated. Therefore, it is advised that the students prepare thoroughly well for the exam. One of the most important subjects in the CBSE Class 12 curriculum is the subject of Physics. And among many other Science subjects like Chemistry and Biology, Physics requires much more practice. It is based on the concepts given forth by Physics, that so many advancements have taken place and shape over time, making our lives easier. Thus, for students aiming to spike up their percentage in the Board exams, it is important for them to be very thorough with the topics and concepts that the Physics syllabus puts forward. 

To help students achieve this, the website of Vedantu has aimed at providing the candidates with all the relevant and important materials that will come as a great source of guidance and assistance for the students preparing for the board examination. These materials can be easily downloaded in pdf format and can be accessed offline as well. Along with this, the students can also access the sample questions for Physics which will provide them with enough practice and guidance on how the questions are set for the examination. These sample questions will improve the students’ performance in many aspects and thus help them score desirable marks.

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Importance of the Physics Mock Paper-1 for CBSE Class 12 Board Exams

Physics is the most fundamental discipline that aims to understand the behaviour of the universe and is largely responsible for technological advancements that are made in the world. This is the reason; students are encouraged to study Physics. It is believed that the right guidance is needed to get good scores in Class 12. One of the best methods is to solve the sample question paper of Physics Class 12. If students are looking for CBSE sample papers for Class 12 Physics, Vedantu is the best platform for students to know everything about the solved sample papers.


Class 12 Physics Sample Question Paper Weightage

Here is the chapter-wise weightage of marks of the sample paper of Physics CBSE Class 12 that the CBSE board had released. Students need to prepare themselves for the Physics exam as per the following table:


Chapter-wise Weightage for CBSE Sample Papers for Class 12 Physics

Unit Number



1 & 2

Chapter 1: Electric charges and fields

Chapter 2: Electrostatic potentials and capacities

Chapter 3: Current electricity 


3 & 4 

Chapter 4: Moving charges and magnetism

Chapter 5: Magnetism and Matter

Chapter 6: Electromagnetic induction

Chapter 7: Alternating current


5 & 6

Chapter 8: Electromagnetic waves

Chapter 9: Ray optics and optical instruments

Chapter 10: Wave optics 


7 & 8

Chapter 11: Dual nature of radiation and matter

Chapter 12: Atoms

Chapter 13: Nuclei 



Chapter 14: Semiconductor Electronics: materials devices and simple circuits. 


Total Marks



Advantages of CBSE Sample Papers for Class 12 Physics

To get the highest scores in Physics Class 12, students must follow the sample question paper of Physics Class 12 available on the Vedantu website. They must practice these sample papers by allotting a time limit and solving them. 


Solving sample question paper for Physics CBSE Class 12 will let students get loads of benefits which are as follows:

  • Summary of the Entire Syllabus: The student will get an overall idea of the entire syllabus and easily attempt the examination questions.

  • Self-Evaluation: By solving sample papers, students can easily evaluate their scores.

  • Sample paper design: Sample papers are designed keeping the CBSE final examination pattern in mind. Sample papers help students to get rid of nervousness, anxiety and confusion during final exams.

For easy access to the sample paper of Physics CBSE Class 12, students should download and make a hard copy from the Vedantu website, which is free. This will make students evaluate their performances and find out their mistakes for their improvement in Physics.

FAQs on CBSE Sample Paper Class 12 Physics 2017-18 | Free PDF Download

1. What are the topics taught under Chapter 3 of Class 12 Physics?

The important topics that the 3rd chapter of Class 12 Physics deals with are;

  • Electric Currents

  • Electric Currents in Conductors

  • Ohm’s Law

  • Limitations of Ohm’s Law

  • Drift Of Electrons and the Origin of Resistivity

  • Resistivity of Various Materials

  • Temperature Dependence of Resistivity

  • Electrical Energy, Power

  • Combination Of Resistors-Series and Parallel

  • Cells in Series and Parallel

  • Kirchoff’s Rule

  • Wheatstone Bridge

  • Meter Bridge

  • Potentiometer

All these topics are very important for the Class 12 Physics board examination. To help the students score well, the website of Vedantu provides the candidates with numerous study materials, the study and practice of which will help the student attain mastery over the topic, and thus score desirable marks in the examination.

2. Where to download sample questions for Class 12 Physics?

The sample questions for the Class 12 Physics can be easily downloaded from Vedantu's website or mobile app. These can be downloaded in PDF format for free and can be saved for future references as well. The website makes sure that all the materials are updated regularly so that the students don't miss out on anything. The practice of these questions will prove extremely helpful to the students in numerous ways. Firstly, they will realize the pattern in which the questions are set. The students will also come across areas that require more attention and thus prepare accordingly for the exam. It will also help the students work upon their time management skills so that they can finish the exam well within the given time limit.

3. What are conductors and insulators?

The substances through which the passage of electricity is easy are called conductors. Examples of these are metals and the earth. On the other hand, the substances that offer resistance to passing electricity are called insulators. The examples for these are plastic rods and nylon. 

For more insight into the chapter, the students are advised to refer to the website of Vedantu. This website provides all the relevant materials and notes that are required by the students for the preparation of the exam.

4. Define Huygens principle. 

Huygens’ principle is essentially a geometrical construction. This construction presents the shape of the wavefront at any given time and allows to determine the shape of the wavefront at a later time. Based on the Huygens principle, the following is to be noted; 

  • Every point on the given wavefront acts as a light source. It emits secondary wavelets.

  • These secondary wavelets spread in every direction in space in consideration of the velocity of light

  • After a given time, the envelope of the wavefront of the secondary wavelets gives rise to the new position of the wavefront.

5. Is Class 12 Physics hard?

No, Class 12 Physics is not hard if the student is well prepared with all the concepts. To score good grades in the board examinations, the student needs to be well versed with all the important topics that the Physics syllabus incorporates. Reading all the chapters is the first step towards achieving this. Making notes and marking all the important areas are also very helpful in retaining all the important concepts. The students can also refer to the study materials and guide books designed by the NCERT. For more practice, the students can download the Sample Papers and Previous Years’ Question Papers from the website of Vedantu.