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We have always seen women inside the four walls of the houses. In this chapter, we'll talk about women outside the houses. We will see how some roles are regarded as masculine or feminine or how Education is a very important part of everyone's life but still, not everyone gets Education opportunities and also we'll learn about women’s movements which helped to change society. Here, notes on women change the world Class 7 Civics Chapter 5 are given. Readout all the notes from our site.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Question 1. Draw a Comparison Between Literates as per the 1961 and 2011 Census.

Answer. As per the 1961 census, 40% were literate out of all boys and men of 7 years or above whereas only 15% were literate out of all women and girls.

As per the 2011 census, 82% of boys and men are literate whereas 65% of girls and women are literate. The number of literates has increased over the years but still, there is a huge gap between males and females.

Question 2. What do You Mean by the Women’s Movement? How did they Help in Fighting for Women?

Answer. The struggle for seeking justice and fighting for women’s rights to make changes in society is known as the Women’s Movement. These movements played a vital role in changing society for women. The important components of these movements were: i) Campaigning - Women came together and did campaigns for women’s rights and justice, ii) Raising Awareness - By using posters, public rallies and speeches, iii) Protesting - Protesting against all spheres which go against women’s rights, iv) Solidarity - Showing solidarity for all women of all regions or communities.

Here, we've covered the Class 7 Civics Chapter 5 notes. In this chapter, we've learned how women are breaking the stereotypes, how society and the world are changing for women whether in terms of education or other technical or legal spheres. We hope women change the world Class 7 notes will help you in learning.