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Previous Year Question Paper for CBSE Class 12 Chemistry - 2016 Set 1 E - Free PDF Download

Last updated date: 17th Apr 2024
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Chemistry Question Paper Class 12 Free PDF Download

Free download CBSE Class 12 Chemistry 2016 question paper (Set 1- C, E, N, S) solved by expert teachers. Register for Live Online Chemistry tuition to clear your doubts. Solving previous years' question papers is very important, especially for Class 10 and 12 students. Board exams are very crucial in one's life, and no one wants to score poorly in them. Board exams cause a lot of stress, which is not good for the student, as one cannot perform well in examinations if the person is stressed. 

Solving previous years' papers gives them an idea of how the examinations can be and allows them to test their skills needed for the examinations. It tunes them with the nature of board examination papers and helps them in fetching good marks. It is important to understand which parts are the students' strong areas and which parts need practice.

As examination approaches, students should try solving the entire paper within the given time, to gain time management skills. 

Solving Vedantu question papers will serve as a guide to solving question papers in the examination hall. Hence, it must be treated with utmost seriousness. 

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Class 12 - 2016 Set 1E Chemistry Previous Year Question Paper

When to start Solving Previous Year's Question Papers?

Students should start solving previous year's question papers as early as possible. Soon after students have completed their syllabus, they should make it a point to solve the question papers several times, to boost their confidence level and polish their preparation. At first, the entire question paper need not be solved. They can only solve sections of question papers, the syllabus of which they have covered - if students choose to revise while preparing simultaneously. 

What to do Before Solving the Previous Year’s Question Papers?

Before solving the previous year's question papers, one needs to prepare a proper study plan and follow it accordingly. As we know, discipline is the key to success, so being disciplined and executing a proper study plan is important. It will help in carrying out studies effectively and will also give time for revision. 

FAQs on Previous Year Question Paper for CBSE Class 12 Chemistry - 2016 Set 1 E - Free PDF Download

1. Where can I find the Previous Year  Question Paper for CBSE Class 12 Chemistry?

You will get an array of useful resources, i.e., NCERT Solutions, important questions, detailed syllabus in an organised form on the Vedantu website. These are prepared by experts on the subject and they are free of cost. That means you get access to a variety of study materials prepared by experts at absolutely no cost. The students just have to sign up and download the PDF, whenever they like. They can have access to these study materials at the time of their exams. 

2. How will solving Previous Year question papers for CBSE Class 12 Chemistry help me with time management?

By solving previous year papers for CBSE Class 12 Chemistry available on Vedantu, students can have an idea of their strong and weak areas. They will understand which question takes how much time for them and the overall duration of attempting the question paper. The faster they solve, the more time they get to revise their answers and correct the mistakes, if any, in the answer paper. They can also work on the questions that are taking more time to solve, by practising them more. 

3. How will solving Previous Year Question Papers for chemistry help me with building confidence?

Previous Year Question Papers are almost like sample papers. Students from previous years have already given exams on the same papers, so practising them will give the students a feeling of board examinations. It will help students identify their strong and weak points, and give them confidence about their preparation, which is important for any kind of examination. It is suggested that students should solve the question papers at least five times before they sit for their final board exams.

4. Are there any other benefits of solving the previous year question paper for CBSE Class 12 Chemistry?

Yes! There is! Apart from time management and building confidence, solving previous year papers will also help the students to know if they have completed the entire syllabus or not. They will get a brief revision of their syllabus with a preview of how sections appear in the form of questions. Students can revise the entire syllabus for CBSE Class 12 Chemistry by solving the previous year paper. It will also help them get familiar with the type of questions that come for exams, the marking scheme, the topics that get more weightage, etc. More practice shall also help in identifying mistakes and rectifying them. 

5. Is only solving question papers enough?

Other than solving question papers, it is advisable that the students also read their textbooks and study materials, such as revision notes, important questions, very well. The students will only be able to solve the previous year's papers, only if they are well versed and well acquainted with the syllabus and study materials. Regular revisions are also needed to score good marks. Writing while studying is also advisable - the notes you make will help with not only revision but will also improve your retention power.  Students must thoroughly revise all chapters from the NCERT books to understand the concepts clearly for the exams.