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Previous Year Question Paper for CBSE Class 12 Chemistry - 2014

Last updated date: 23rd Apr 2024
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Previous Year Chemistry Question Paper for CBSE Class 12 - 2014 - Free PDF Download

Free download CBSE Class 12 Chemistry 2014 question paper solved by Expert Teachers. Register for Live Online Chemistry tuition to clear your doubts.

Question: How to download the previous year’s Chemistry paper for CBSE Class 12 2014 Solutions?

Answer: Students can download the previous year’s Chemistry paper for CBSE Class 12 2014 Solutions at Vedantu’s official website.

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Previous Year Chemistry Question Paper for CBSE Class 12 - 2014

Class 12 Chemistry

Students of Class 12 should study smart to score good marks in the Class 12 Chemistry exam as the chapters are vast and there’s much important information that can be asked as questions. They should pay attention in the class and make their notes to recall what they’ve learned.

If the Class 12 students have doubts in any chapter or they need a quick revision,  they can refer to Vedantu’s Youtube Channel, where they can find videos of both revisions, solving questions and detailed videos on every topic in Class 12 Chemistry. Class 12 students should organize their studying and avoid solving the same problems again and again. They can solve reference books or important questions by Vedantu to come across good questions.

Students should forget definitions and concepts as they are also as important as numerical. They should go through NCERT as many times as possible to recollect better during exams.

 Chapters of Class 12 chemistry :

  • Chapter 1: The Solid State

  • Chapter 2: Solutions

  • Chapter 3: Electrochemistry

  • Chapter 4: Chemical Kinetics

  • Chapter 5: Surface Chemistry

  • Chapter 6: General Principles & the Processes of Isolation of Elements

  • Chapter 7: The p-Block Elements

  • Chapter 8: The d Block & f Block Elements

  • Chapter 9: Coordination Compounds

  • Chapter 10: Haloalkanes and Haloarenes

  • Chapter 11: Alcohols, Phenols, and Ethers

  • Chapter 12: Aldehydes, Ketones, and Carboxylic Acids

  • Chapter 13: Amines

  • Chapter 14: Biomolecules

  • Chapter 15: Polymers

  • Chapter 16: Chemistry in Everyday Life

FAQs on Previous Year Question Paper for CBSE Class 12 Chemistry - 2014

1. How to solve the Class 12 Chemistry exam?

Class 12 students should practice a lot of mock exam papers before they appear on the final Chemistry Board Exam. They should practice 5-10 previous year's questions. This will help them to understand the time management they need to do in the final exam for best results. The student should take 5 minutes before starting and go through the question thoroughly. This read will help them figure out which questions will take time and the student can leave space accordingly or attempt it later. This is how Class 12 students should attempt the CBSE Chemistry exam.

2. Which topic is the easiest in Class 12 Chemistry?

Class 12 Chemistry is vast and several topics are easy and require a little less preparation than other chapters. Some of these chapters are Surface Chemistry, Metallurgy, p-Block Elements, Chemistry in Everyday Life, d and f Block Elements. Easy and hard depends on every student, and how much they've prepared. Class 12 students should focus on what's easy for them and plan their studies accordingly. They can solve previous year's questions to understand which topic is easy for them and which topic will require more practice. 

3. What chapter holds the most weight in Class 12 Chemistry?

Every year, the weightage of CBSE exams is released by the board themselves. Class 12 students should check the official CBSE website to keep them updated. But roughly it's the same and students can know better by solving previous year questions, from which they can also benefit by understanding which question type is being asked repeatedly. To score good marks in Class 12 Chemistry, the student should study smart and effectively to cover the most important topics in less time of revision.

4. How to study Chemistry for Class 12?

Class Students should plan out their preparations beforehand and stick to that. The course is vast and takes time to revise. Students should first mark their strengths and weaknesses in chapters and work accordingly. They should focus on mastering NCERT Exercises and should go through chapters thoroughly. To practice numerically they can use previous year papers as they contain many of the important question types that are asked every year. Class 12 students can also check out the most important questions list prepared by Vedantu’s hard working teachers on this site.

5. Why should students solve Previous Year Question papers?

Previous Year papers have helped Class 12 students in scoring good marks. There are 5 major reasons why children should solve previous year Chemistry papers-

  1. It helps to create an exam-like environment and helps to improve time management during the examination period.

  2. Previous Year papers help a student to understand the pattern of questions and prepare accordingly.

  3. Exam papers also help the student to plan their studies as after every test, they know where they stand.

  4. It highlights the chapters that need more preparation

  5. Helps to practice more and more.