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CBSE Hindi Previous Year Question Paper Class 12 PDF with Solutions (2019-2013)

Last updated date: 17th Apr 2024
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Class 12 Hindi Previous Year Question Paper FREE PDF Download

You can now get the Class 12 Hindi question paper with solutions here on Vedantu available for free in PDF format. These solutions are prepared by subject matter experts to help students to enhance your study process. These previous year Hindi question paper Class 12 provide step by step detailed answers to all the questions in numerous paper. These solutions are accurate and strictly abide by the CBSE guidelines. Scroll down and download the Class 12 Hindi question paper along with solutions to help you perform very well in the exams.


The students of CBSE are very much aware of the fact that a subject like Hindi is the most scoring one for them. When it comes to going ahead and passing with flying colours in Class 12, students can expect themselves to have a higher chance with Hindi, as it is comparatively easier than other subjects like Social Science, Maths, Physics, etc.


CBSE Class 12 Hindi Previous Year Question Paper Overview 





Number of Questions

Upto 15

Time Allotted

3 Hours

Maximum Marks



Hindi (A, B and C)

Type of Questions

Short Answer Type, Long Answer Types, Case-Based Problem and MCQs 

We at Vedantu strive to provide useful resources that can help students to achieve their goals. One of the important dreams of every student is to excel in board examinations. The board's examinations conducted by CBSE is the highlight of students’ academic career. Needless to say, solving previous year's questions can greatly aid in academic preparations. On this page, we have provided last year's Class 12 Hindi previous year questions paper with solutions from the years 2019 to 2013, i.e. 5+ years. The previous year's question paper is downloadable in PDF format. Solving these 5+ previous year sample paper will help students to excel academically.

CBSE Hindi Previous Year Question Paper Class 12 (2013 - 2019)

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CBSE Hindi Previous Year Question Paper Class 12

Importance Previous Year Hindi Question Paper Class 12

Although Hindi might be an easy subject to pass, there is a lot of margin for a student to up their grades by working or studying well in this subject. The CBSE exams are mostly moderate in terms of difficulty while curating the question paper for Hindi. This still requires them to prepare well for the exams.

Students are required to be well prepared for their CBSE Class 12 main exams,, no matter which subjects they are. The subject might be one that is simple like Hindi, they do need to have their hands on the type of study material that can guide them towards the right direction and help them score well during their exam. For this purpose, students can have the best study materials including their previous year question paper to get their study done. 


Benefits of Solving Previous Year Question Paper Class 12 Hindi

Solving previous year question paper Class 12 Hindi can offer several benefits to students. Here are some key advantages:

  • Exam Pattern Familiarity: Solving previous year question paper for Class 12 Hindi helps students become familiar with the exam pattern, question types, and marking scheme used in the final exams.

  • Effective Time Management: Regular practice of solving question papers enables students to improve their time management skills, ensuring they can complete the exam within the allocated time frame.

  • Identification of Weak Areas: Attempting previous year paper allows students to identify their areas of weakness and focus on improving them, thereby enhancing their understanding and proficiency in specific topics.

  • Confidence Boost: As students gain familiarity with the exam format and question types through solving previous year paper, they experience a boost in confidence, reducing exam-related anxiety and stress.

  • Enhanced Exam Performance: Ultimately, solving previous year question paper equips students with the knowledge, skills, and confidence needed to perform well in the Class 12 Hindi exam, leading to better academic results.

Preparation Tips for CBSE Class 12  

Given below are some important study tips for students appearing in Class 12 board exams.

1. Always study and complete the CBSE Class 12 Business Studies NCERT textbook.

2. Practice the excercise questions given in NCERT textbooks.

3. Solve as many previous years question paper as you can.

4. Estimate the time taken to complete a question paper ands jot down the important points learned.

5. Refer to important points and summary to go through topics and concepts a few days before the exam.


To wrap up this article, we must emphasise that practising CBSE Hindi previous year question paper Class 12 is an important part of preparing for board exams. One can learn about the types of questions that are posed in board examinations for all topics by doing so. You can also look through our website for more topic-related questions on all subjects to help you study for exams. Work extremely hard to prepare, create a schedule, and stick to it. We hope that our assistance was beneficial to you.

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FAQs on CBSE Hindi Previous Year Question Paper Class 12 PDF with Solutions (2019-2013)

1. Why should a student consider solving a previous year question paper for CBSE Class 12 Hindi? 

Solving previous year Hindi question papers for CBSE Class 12 is a good practice that is recommended by almost every teacher out there. This is because one can easily gain some practice in doing so for their exam preparations. They can also obtain some of the most necessary insights for their preparations as well including marking scheme, time management, focus topics, etc. These are also combined with getting an idea about the type of questions that one should be able to answer during their main exams. 

2. How can a student get an idea about the markings scheme of the Hindi CBSE Class 12 paper?

The marking scheme is one such thing that all the students must know as well as pay attention to. This is due to the fact that the students can prioritize their focus points when they are preparing for such CBSE Class 12 question papers. The best ways are two. One is to check out the syllabus where all the marking schemes will be marked as per the sections of the paper. Another is to get your hands on the previous year question papers, where you can find how each question might be marked as. 

3. Are solving previous year Hindi question papers helpful for a student of Class 12 CBSE Board?

CBSE Board is one of the most prestigious organizations, and hence passing their exams with good grades means a lot. Hindi being a very scoring subject is one that can help the students with their overall grades. This may even help you in bumping your overall grades up a notch or two. The question papers are helpful in a way where one can be confident about the way that they have prepared for the exam and score well as and when the time comes to appear in the exams.

4. Can I find help in solving the Hindi question paper of the previous year for CBSE Class 12?

An easy answer to this question would be that there are many ways in which you can get help in finding solutions to the Hindi question papers from previous years. Students can very easily download PDFs from platforms like Vedantu, where PDFs are available online and can be made use of after downloading them. A student has the option of solving the previous year question papers on their own and then comparing the solutions to yours to check if you are on the right track or not.


You can avail all the well-researched and good quality chapters, sample papers, syllabus on various topics from the website of Vedantu and its mobile application available on the play store. 

5. Is it recommended to solve the previous year question papers for CBSE Class 12, Hindi?

Yes, solving a previous year question paper is one of a kind of practice that the students are recommended to perform. Many teachers and tutors have chimed in regarding this for over years and still do. This is one of the best practices for a student to get ready for their exams without much nervousness. This practice can boost confidence and make a student gain clarity in terms of the main CBSE Class 12 Hindi question paper that they will have to solve.