NCERT Solutions for Class 8 English Honeydew Chapter 5 The Summit Within

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NCERT Solutions for Class 8 English Chapter 5 - The Summit Within - Free PDF Download

English subject is a subject of skill. For being best in the subject, first, you need to converse well, understand the language, be fluent with the language, and well-adapted to language. There are a bunch of poems and chapters in the subject which raises plenty of questions in the examination. Hence, every lesson is important. Vedantu aims to offer the complete series of NCERT solutions for each subject. Not only NCERT solutions, but also crash courses for various competitive exams are available at Vedantu's official website.

The NCERT solutions are very crucial for having an overview of the chapter. The solutions are to the point, without any excess explanation and irrelevant points, highly precise, in an easy and understanding language, and accurate word limit. If you are looking for NCERT solution for Class 8 English Honeydew Chapter 4 The Summit Within in pdf format, then you can get it just by tapping on the pdf link given below on this page free of cost.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Why is the Chapter named 'The Summit within'?

The chapter is named so because it describes the experience and difficulties faced by the author during the expedition. After reaching the top of the mountain, the author realized that the challenges are not only limited to physical ability but also the inner strength. First, you must win the inner summit of yours, with rigid will power, endurance, and persistence, which is the most important summit.

2. What were the emotions when the author conquered the expedition?

The author felt a strange combination of feelings. He was jubilant as well as sad. He felt enormous humility and smallness. He felt very close to God. He was a changed person now.

3. What were the things left by expedition members at the top of Everest?

Everyone present at the top of the mountain left some things as symbols of their victory over there. The author left a picture of Gurunanak, other teammates left a Durga idol and a Christian cross. It was a spiritual experience to be at the top, hence everyone left something which they worshipped the most.

4. What are the things that help you in conquering any difficulty during the expedition according to the author?

According to the author, the three root powers of your inner strength helps the most in completing any mission. These are the will power, endurance, and persistence.

5. What are the subjects available at Vedantu for junior classes?

Vedantu is a one-stop- solution for all subjects of every class. Science, maths, Hindi, English, Physics, Chemistry, biology, accounts, and many more subjects study notes are available at Vedantu.

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