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NCERT Solutions for Class 2 Hindi Chapter 14 - Natkhat Chuha

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NCERT Solutions for Class 2 Hindi Chapter 14 - Natkhat Chuha Free PDF Download

Class 2 students find the best chapters to study in Hindi. One of the most interesting prose pieces is Natkhat Chuha. This story is all about a small mouse living in a hole. He is known for his mischievous activities. He was not able to come out of his hole when it rained heavily. Bored out of his life inside the hole, he decided to go to the city and make some purchases. One thing led to the other, the mouse caused a ruckus in the city.

Hindi Class 2 Chapter 14 is all about the events that happened that day when the mouse went to the city and caused trouble to the city dwellers. In order to find out more and understand the context of this chapter, you need to follow the NCERT solutions for Class 2 Hindi Chapter 14 Natkhat Chuha. This solution is prepared by the experienced teachers of Vedantu following the CBSE format. The students can download this file in PDF format and use it to study the chapter at their convenience.


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NCERT Solutions for Class 2 Hindi Chapter 14 Natkhat Chuha

Natkhat Chuha: Class 2 Hindi Chapter 14 Summary

Class 2 Hindi Chapter 14 tells us about a mischievous mouse living in a hole. He is known for his notorious activities. It was heavily raining for many days. The mouse was unable to come out of the hole and was bored inside. When the rain stopped, he came out and decided to go to the city. He wanted to make a cap with the best fabric in town. He quickly got ready and headed towards the city.

When reached there, he found a fabric shop. He asked the shopkeeper to give him the best fabric for his cap. The shopkeeper did not pay attention to him and told him to get lost. The mouse got angry and told him that he will bring his troop and destroy all the clothes in the shop. The shopkeeper was frightened and gave him the fabric he wanted.

The same thing happened to the tailor. The mouse approached the tailor and asked him to make a cap out of the fabric. The tailor denied saying that he did not have time for such petty things. As per the Class 2 Chapter 14 solution, the mouse used the same trick and the tailor agreed. One after the other, the mouse started to intimidate the people in the city to get the job he wanted to be done. The mouse threatened when the shop owners and citizens did not listen to him.

Eventually, he reached the king’s palace and wanted to sit on the throne as the king did. The king, as usual, ordered the sentries to put the mouse inside a cloth and throw him away outside the city. The mouse threatened the king that he and his troop will bring down the entire city if he does not comply. At the end of the Ch 14 Class 2 Hindi, we find out that the king forcibly leaves the throne to the mouse for the day. the mouse wore his beautiful cap, sat on the throne, and then left the city.

Why Should You Use the NCERT Solution of Class 2 Hindi Chapter 14?

By following the Class 2 Hindi Ch 14 NCERT solutions, you can concentrate on how to make the best answers to the exercise questions. With the help of the framed answers, you can practice and revise the chapter properly. All your doubts will be cleared when you follow how the experts have prepared the answers. Understand the prose piece using this solution so that you can score well in the exam.

The use of CBSE Class 2 Hindi Chapter 14 solutions will help you manage your time preparing the syllabus. You can quickly find and form the answers to the questions by referring to the solution. Your answering skills will improve more and your score in the exams will automatically increase.


Preparing for Class 2 exams becomes easy with NCERT Solutions. Read the chapter first, then solve the NCERT questions for Class 2 Hindi Chapter 14 - 'Natkhat Chuha.' Vedantu offers detailed solutions following CBSE guidelines. Download these free NCERT Solutions to guide your exam preparation. In this chapter, we meet a playful mouse who loves fun. The story teaches us about his adventures and enjoying life. We learn about friendship, joy, and having a good time. It's a delightful chapter that brings smiles and helps us appreciate the simple joys of life with the playful Natkhat Chuha.

FAQs on NCERT Solutions for Class 2 Hindi Chapter 14 - Natkhat Chuha

1. How can you clear your doubts related to the questions of Natkhat Chuha?

When you use the best Natkhat Chuha Class 2 NCERT solutions prepared by the teachers of Vedantu, you will make great progress. All your doubts will be clarified when you find the right explanation of the chapter. Focus on the descriptions in the solution and prepare this chapter well.

2. What is the benefit of using NCERT solutions Class 2 Hindi Natkhat Chuha?

Students will be able to save time while preparing Class 2 Hindi Chapter 14 Natkhat Chuha. They will be able to revise it easily without wasting time.

3. What is the best way to improve your answering skills in Hindi?

If you follow the NCERT solutions Class 2 Hindi Chapter 14, you will find the best and high-scoring answering formats developed by the teachers. You can follow this format and prepare the best answers on your own.

4. How to use Vedantu’s NCERT Solutions for Class 2 Chapter 14 Hindi exam preparation?

Vedantu’s NCERT Solutions offer a comprehensive study guide for all grades. When you use them to their complete capacity, they help you not just by providing NCERT Solutions but also by mentoring you for the entire academic year. 

They can help you with Chapter 14 in the following ways:

  • Proving authentic and reliable NCERT Solutions.

  • Providing an explanation of the chapter.

  • Providing summaries and plots of the chapter in simple English.

  • Explaining difficult vocabulary in an uncomplicated manner.

5. How does Vedantu make understanding Class 2 Chapter 14 Hindi easy?

Certain Hindi poetry and prose can sometimes feel complicated to Class 2 students. While Chapter 14 is easy, it still requires a proper explanation for students to understand the same. Vedantu does a brilliant job at simplifying the NCERT content as per the requirements of specific age groups. Our expert teachers work tirelessly to provide the entire plot, summary, key points, and character sketches of all the chapters in straightforward English. This helps the students to understand the chapter's objective and theme in a wholesome manner. Comprehending a chapter perfectly also allows for better performance in exams.

6. Can Class 2 students use Vedantu to study Chapter 14 Hindi independently?

Vedantu introduces a simple-to-use interface along with easily understandable material. The tech-savvy generation of today can easily navigate the website. Moreover, Class 2 students will be easily able to understand the reading material provided by our professional teachers.  Vedantu's website also provides interactive free masterclasses which young students can themselves attend to increase their knowledge on specific subjects.  Class 2 students will readily be able to learn Chapter 14 and even grow intellectually using the Vedantu website. They can also download the Vedantu app where the NCERT Solutions are provided at free of cost.

7. What different places did the mouse go to?

In Chapter 4 "Natkhat Chuha" the naughty mouse first goes to a cloth shop to buy fabric for his cap. It then goes to a tailor to make a tiny cap for itself. However, when the cap seems a little too plain for the mouse's liking, it goes to purchase some sparkly ornaments for its cap. Finally pleased with his new cap, he decides to give the king a visit to show off his new sparkly cap. 

8. What is your takeaway from the chapter “Natkhat Chuha?”

Chapter 14 "Natkhat Chuha" is an intriguing tale of a naughty little mouse who harasses various people to get some work done for himself. He doesn’t even leave the king of the palaces and intimidates him to sit on his throne. This is an amusing story that shows how even a tiny creature can cleverly use people to its advantage. For more detailed explanations and the theme of this chapter you can look up Vedantu's NCERT Solutions for Class 2 Hindi Chapter 4 "Natkhat Chuha."