NCERT Solutions for Class 2 Hindi Chapter 10


NCERT Solutions for Class 2 Hindi Chapter 10 - Meethi Sarangi

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Hindi Class 2 Chapter 10 shows how innocent a child can be. The boy then threw away the instrument in a remote location. The story grips the students well when they find how stupid the boy can be. Follow the Class 2 Chapter 10 solution to understand the chapter well. You can download NCERT Solutions for Class 2 Hindi Chapter 10 Meethi Sarangi in PDF format and use it offline to study.

Class 2 Hindi syllabus has a beautiful story related to a sarangi, a violin-like instrument that makes heart-warming melodic sounds. The story is based on a sarangi player that visits the village of the author one day. The sweet tone of the instrument gathered a lot of village people at night. Bhola, an innocent child, thinks that Sarangi is something sweet that he cannot taste. He literally misinterpreted the villages saying how sweet the sarangi’s tone is. One night when everyone was sleeping, Bhola approached the instrumentalist. He was sleeping too. He took the sarangi and tasted it. He was disappointed that the instrument was not sweet at all.  

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Why did the boy throw the sarangi away?

As per the NCERT Solutions Class 2 Hindi Meethi Sarangi, the boy thought that the instrument would taste sweet. He misunderstood what the villagers were saying about the sweet music. He was disappointed and threw the instrument away.

2. What is the benefit of using Chapter 10 Class 2 Hindi solutions?

Meethi Sarangi Class 2 NCERT Solutions can be downloaded in PDF format on smartphones and computers. It will not take much space on the computer. You can use it offline to study the chapter and prepare for the exams.

3. How can you form the right answer to the exercise questions for Class 2 Hindi Chapter 10 Meethi Sarangi?

Follow how the teachers explain every concept in the book. Focus on the meaning of the sentences. Understand the story and follow the solution provided by Vedantu to frame the best answers to the questions.