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NCERT Solutions for Class 2 Maths Chapter 11 - Lines And Lines

Last updated date: 16th Jul 2024
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NCERT Solutions for Class 2 Maths Chapter 11 - Lines and Lines Free PDF Download

In Maths Chapter 11 - Lines And Lines, we'll explore different types of lines. Lines can be straight or curvy, long or short. We'll learn how to spot them and have fun drawing our own lines. So, get ready to discover the world of lines and make your Maths time exciting! NCERT Solutions of Class 2 Maths chapter 11 is a trustworthy study guide for students to form a concrete understanding of the topics covered in the chapter. The Solutions have been carefully written by our experts to be easily understood by students. NCERT Solutions Class 2 Maths Lines and Lines comprise an explanation for the topics in a step-by-step manner. This helps in quick revisions, and the separately mentioned key points in an orderly manner make the lesson interesting and develop curiosity in the minds of the students.


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Chapter 11 - Lines And Lines


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Access NCERT Solutions for class 2 Maths Chapter 11 – Lines and Lines

1. Collect used matchsticks. Have fun making numbers and letters with these.

(a). Is there any number or letter that you cannot make with matchsticks?

Ans: No, there is not any number which cannot be written using matchsticks. 

(b). Now write some numbers using straight lines.

Ans: All numbers starting from $1$ up-to $10$ can be written using straight lines.

(c). What about writing letters using straight lines? Which ones are easy? 

Ans: It is easy to write letters using straight lines. Some letters such as A, E, F, H, I and k are easy to write using straight lines. 

(f). Find out where else numbers and letters are written with straight lines.

Ans: In digital clocks, numbers and letters are written using straight lines. 

e) Does a traffic policeman sometimes make curved lines?

Ans: Yes, the traffic policeman makes curved lines.

2. Designs with dots join the dots with curved or straight lines. Make your own designs.

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NCERT Solutions Class 2 Maths Chapter 11 - Free PDF Download

CBSE Class 2 maths chapter 11 Solutions are available in PDF format which can be Downloaded by the students from the website or application of Vedantu with ease. After Downloading the Class 2 chapter 11 Solutions, students can proceed with the chapter without any worry as the NCERT Solutions will be of utmost help in clearing all the basic concepts and queries. The key points and answers provided in the NCERT Solutions Class 2 Maths Chapter 11 will increase the inquisitiveness of the students towards the topic at hand and also subsequent related topics in the future.

NCERT Solutions for Class 2 Maths

Chapter 11 - Lines and Lines

Lines and Lines is a part of the CBSE Class 2 mathematics syllabus. It is the 11th chapter of the book. The topic primarily discusses the various types of lines we see around us; some of which include standing lines, sleeping lines, and slanting lines. The subject matter also mentions curved lines. Along with the texts, there are also several vivid diagrams and activities to help in the simplicity of learning. Our subject matter experts have also provided informative and proficient answers to encourage the students towards progress.

NCERT Solutions Class 2 Maths Chapter Wise Marks Weightage

Maths Class 2 chapter 11 is an integral part of the course of study for the students. Quite a few questions are regularly asked from this topic. Keeping that in mind, it is advisable to treat this subject material with the utmost care and seriousness.  With the help of NCERT Solutions of Class 2 maths chapter 11, the students will see a marked change in their basic concepts. Hence, it is advocated for the students to refer to NCERT Solutions Class 2 maths Lines and Lines.

Why are Ncert Solutions of Class 2 Maths Chapter 11 Important?

  • The Solutions are given by knowledgeable and skillful experts with many years of experience.

  • The study material is easy to comprehend yet it covers all the information in an uncomplicated manner.

  • Placement of the core points regarding the topic together makes for easy last-minute glancing and revising.

  • Information outside of text which will help in understanding the topic better is also provided.

  • NCERT Solutions for Class 2 maths chapter 11 furnishes a fun and educational experience for students which make learning effortless and rewarding.

  • Once the students go through the NCERT Solutions they will be left with no uncertainty on the subject matter. Hence, the students will have a strong foundation of basic concepts that will guide them throughout.


NCERT Solutions are super helpful for our Class 2 exams. First, read the chapter in our Maths book. Then, try answering the questions for Chapter 11 - 'Lines And Lines.' On Vedantu, we have detailed solutions that follow the rules. You can download them for free to prepare for your exam. In this chapter, we learn about different lines, like straight lines and curvy lines. We even find lines in everyday things like books and get to draw them too! It's a lot of fun!

FAQs on NCERT Solutions for Class 2 Maths Chapter 11 - Lines And Lines

1. Collect Used Matchsticks. Have Fun Making Numbers and Letters with These.

  • Is There any Number or Letter you Cannot Make with a Matchstick?

  • Now Write Some Numbers Using Straight Lines.

It is possible to make every letter and number with matchsticks because numbers and letters are made with straight lines and matchsticks also resemble straight lines. Matchsticks can be placed in different positions to make them resemble numbers and letters. Hence, there isn’t any number or letter that cannot be made with a matchstick.

All numbers starting from 1 can be written using straight lines. Some of the numbers are 1, 5, 10, 60, etc.

2. Find Out Where Else Numbers and Letters are Written with Straight Lines?

In lots of digital appliances, numbers and letters are written with straight lines. For example, in digital clocks numbers are written that way. Calculators also have numbers and some letters in straight lines. The countdown timer in traffic signals also makes use of numbers written in the same manner. Additionally, computers and mobile phones also have a similar feature with their letters and numbers. Devices used in our households like washing machines, microwave oven, air conditioner, etc have numbers and letters written in the same format.

3. How well has Chapter 11 of Class 2 Maths solutions been designed?

The solution of this chapter has been designed in the simplest possible way. The key points and self-explanatory concepts build curiosity among the students as the solutions are also provided in a step-by-step manner. Vedantu Solutions offers the best guide for the students as the exercises of the Chapter-Lines and Lines are provided by the subject matter experts. These solutions are set in an interactive way that also follows the Guidelines of the CBSE Board.

4. What Chapter 11 of Class 2 Maths is about?

The Chapter Lines and Lines, primarily focuses on the different types of lines that we encounter in our daily life. The types of lines are sweeping lines, standing lines, and slanting lines. The Vedantu guide offers the solutions to all the exercises from this chapter in a step-by-step manner that are explained in key points for easy and quick revision. These solutions are also followed by the guidelines set forth by the CBSE Board.

5. What is the main aim of Chapter 11 of Class 2 Maths?

This chapter aims at providing all the necessary information and properties of straight and curved lines. The one thing that motivates the students to learn is that this chapter involves diagrams and interesting activities that build curiosity in the student’s minds. This way, the students learn to apply the concepts in their real life in the most simple manner. The Vedantu guide helps the students to refer to the solutions either in online mode or by downloading them for free.

6. How has Vedantu made Chapter 11 of Class 2 Maths easy?

The Vedantu Guide for all the exercises is provided in an uncomplicated and simple way. This ensures the students motivate themselves into progressing exponentially. The solutions are informative and interactive. The experienced subject matter experts at Vedantu have followed the guidelines provided by the CBSE Board to compose the best guide. The examples and activities help the students to get interested. The study material is available both on the website and the app.

7. How is the guide supposed to clear all the concepts of Chapter 11 of Class 2 Maths?

The composition of the information, solutions, and examples to support the concepts that are covered in the Vedantu guide does not leave any chance for the students to get any doubts. However, if there are any doubts, Vedantu provides live doubt clearing sessions. The solutions provided by the experts at Vedanu are in a simplified and interactive way. The solutions can also be downloaded free of cost to study offline.