NCERT Solutions for Class 2 Hindi Chapter 11

NCERT Solutions for Class 2 Hindi Chapter 11 - Tesu Raja Beech Bazaar

Class 2 Hindi syllabus has an excellent collection of poems taught to the children. Every poem has beautiful thoughts embedded in the lines. The 11th chapter is about a person named Tesu Raja. He once went to the market to buy pomegranate. The hilarious conversation between the shopkeeper and the person has been depicted in this poem. If you study Hindi Class 2 Chapter 11, you will find that the person asks a series of unnecessary questions to the fruit seller before buying the pomegranates. 

The seller also answered the questions in a satirical way. To understand the concept of this poem, you need to follow the Class 2 Chapter 11 solution prepared by the expert teachers of Vedantu. This solution can be downloaded in PDF format. This file can be easily accessed via a smartphone or a computer offline. You can prepare this chapter as per your convenience and score better in the exam.

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NCERT Solutions for Class 2 Hindi Chapter 11 Tesu Raja Beech Bazaar

Tesu Raja Beech Bazaar: Class 2 Hindi Chapter 11 Summary

The poem in this chapter is all about the conversation between Tesu Raja and a fruit seller. The entire conversation happens in the middle of the market. Tesu Raja tries to be smart and pursues the fruit seller by asking too many unnecessary questions. The fruit seller answered the questions in a smart way. Tesu asked how many grains are there in a pomegranate. The seller replied that the number of grains matches the number of fabrics in a rag. 

Not satisfied with the answer, the person asked another question to outsmart the seller. He asked how many sheep are there in a flock. The seller answered that the number of sheep is similar to the number of leaves on the tree. If you follow the NCERT Solutions for Class 2 Hindi Chapter 11 Tesu Raja Beech Bazaar, you will find out how the conversation progressed.

There were many such questions asked by the person one after the other. The seller also answered wittily to the person. After wasting so much time of the seller, he then decided to buy four pomegranates. It shows how much the person wasted the time of the fruit seller to just buy 4 pomegranates. In order to understand the concept of this poem, you need to follow the NCERT Solution of Class 2 Hindi Chapter 11 prepared by the experts. You will be able to grab the concept well and answer the questions accordingly.

Why Should You Use Class 2 Hindi Ch 11 NCERT Solutions?

The prime reason to download the Ch 11 Class 2 Hindi solution PDF file is to understand how the exercise questions in this chapter have been answered. To form the best answers, you will need the support of a reference guide. This solution will be the best study material to seek such guidance. You can rest assured that the answers are to the point and follow the exact guidelines stated by CBSE. The language used to frame the answers to the questions is also very simple so that Class 2 students can understand them easily. Hence, preparing the chapter with the aid of the CBSE Class 2 Hindi Chapter 11 solutions will become a lot easier. You can study as per your convenience as you can use the solution file at your convenience.

The PDF solution file can be downloaded easily from the website. It will also not take much space on your smartphone. You can also download it on your computer or use this file offline to study anytime you want. This adds more flexibility and convenience for a Class 2 student. Tesu Raja Beech Bazaar Class 2 NCERT Solutions have been formatted in an organized manner so that the students can find the answers very quickly. Follow the answering formats in the solution to make your skills better. You will also be able to revise the chapter very fast before an exam.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What kind of questions did Tesu Raja ask?

If you study Class 2 Hindi Chapter 11 Tesu Raja Beech Bazaar, you will find that Tesu Raja asked absurd questions to the fruit seller.

2. How can you prepare Chapter 11 Class 2 Hindi?

Follow the classroom lectures properly. Take notes and study the poem at home properly. Memorize the lines and try to understand the meaning. Proceed to the exercise portion. Find the questions and start answering them one after the other. Compare your answers to that of the NCERT Solutions Class 2 Hindi Tesu Raja Beech Bazaar. You will surely find out where you need more improvement. Refer to the answers and prepare the chapter anytime.

3. What is the way to escalate your skill of answering questions related to a poem?

By following the NCERT Solutions Class 2 Hindi Chapter 11, you will discover a proper format of answering the questions. Follow this format prescribed by the experts to score more in the exams.

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