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JEE Main 2014 Question Paper with Answer Key and Solutions

Last updated date: 05th Dec 2023
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JEE Main Question Paper with Solutions - 2014 - Free PDF Download

Topics covered in the JEE Main Examinations

JEE Main or the Joint Entrance Examination Main, is an All India engineering entrance examination conducted by the National Testing Agency (NTA). It is the most important exam in any engineering aspirant’s life, and solving the 2014 JEE Main question paper is the best way to make the most out of it. The subjects included in the exam are Physics, Maths and Chemistry.  

Topics like pulley systems, differential calculus and electrochemistry will be among the topics that the students will face while attempting the JEE entrance test. Quadratic Equation, Statistics and Trigonometry are also a few of the important topics that are asked in the JEE Mains exam. The JEE Main 2014 question papers are important study materials while preparing for the national level entrance exam effectively. Students can download the JEE Mains 2014 question paper with solutions in PDF format from Vedantu. 


JEE Main Question Paper


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JEE Main

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JEE Main Previous Year Question Papers with PDF

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JEE Main Subject-Wise Previous Year Question Paper 

Prepare strategically for the JEE Main with access to subject-wise Previous Year Question Papers. Mastering the art of solving past exam papers is key to excelling in this competitive exam. Explore the table below for comprehensive collections of JEE Main Subject-wise Previous Year Question Papers, created to help your preparation. Refine your skills and boost confidence by practicing with these invaluable resources.

JEE Main Year-Wise Previous Year Question Papers

Start your journey to JEE Main success by checking out the Year-wise Previous Year Question Papers. These papers help you understand how the exam works, which is super important for getting ready. Practicing with these papers gives you a good idea about how the exam has been changing. Find the JEE Main Year-Wise Previous Year Question Papers with solutions from the table below and download them for FREE. 

JEE Main 2014 Question Paper with Solution PDF Download

The JEE Main 2014 papers are beneficial for the engineering aspirants, especially in learning about the exam, how it is conducted, and the question paper patterns. Solving the JEE Main 2014 question papers, students will get an in-depth idea about the topics and the marking schemes. The test awards four marks for each correct response and deducts 1/4 marks for each incorrect answer.  Students are encouraged to attempt the questions and mark the answers only if they are fairly certain about the answer. Instead of wasting time by solving irrelevant questions, it is better to concentrate on patterned JEE Main question papers by downloading it from the Vedantu Portal.

JEE Main 2014 Question Paper with Solutions (April 6th)

JEE Main 2014 Physics Question Paper with Solutions

JEE Main 2014 Chemistry Question Paper with Solutions

JEE Main 2014 Maths Question Paper with Solutions

JEE Mains 2014 Online Question Paper With Solutions

JEE Mains is the most opted engineering entrance test held all over the nation. Students pursuing engineering as a career option appear for the JEE Mains at least once in their academic career. The JEE Mains 2014 online question paper with solutions is designed to test the student’s fluency and knowledge in Physics, Chemistry, and Maths. Solving this paper will provide students with the idea about question patterns and difficulty levels in topics such as electrodynamics, surface chemistry, set theory, to name a few.

The topics included in Physics are: Electrodynamics, Capacitance, Current Electricity, Electromagnetic Field, E.M.I., Electrostatic, Heat And Thermodynamics, Heat Transfer, Mechanics, Center Of Mass, Fluid Mechanics & Properties Of Matter, Gravitation, Projectile Motion, Rigid body dynamic and Modern physics.

The topics included in Chemistry are: Inorganic Chemistry Chemical Bonding D-block & f-block, p-block, Reaction Mechanics, Transition Elements and Coordination Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Aromatic Compound, Carbohydrates, Amino Acids and Polymers, General Organic Chemistry, Hydrocarbons, Oxidation & Reduction, Practical Organic Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Atomic Structure, Chemical Equilibrium and Gaseous State.

The topics included in Maths are  Binomial Theorem, Complex Numbers, Coordinate Geometry, Circle, Straight Line, Coordinate Geometry (3-D), Differential, Calculus, Application of Derivatives, Functions, Limit of functions, Sets & Relation, Integral Calculus, Differential equation, Indefinite integration, Mathematical Reasoning, Matrix & Determinants, Probability, Quadratic Equation, Sequence & Series, Statistics, Trigonometry, Height & Distance, and Trigonometric equation.

Students can understand more about the topics by going through reference books or practising the sample papers and JEE Main 2014 question paper. This will help them to achieve a better study plan and score well in the exam.

2014 JEE Mains Paper With Solution - Weightage Marks

The 2014 JEE Mains question paper with solutions were prepared by subject-matter experts keeping in mind all the latest improvements in the entrance exam. The JEE Main 2014 paper consisted of questions from class 11 and 12 syllabi. The total number of questions asked from class 11 syllabus was 41 and from class 12 syllabus was 49. The JEE Mains paper is divided into three categories Physics, Chemistry, and Maths. Each question is for four marks, making the total marks for both the papers 360 marks. The weightage marks of JEE Mains is given below:

Weightage Marks of JEE Mains


Class 11

Class 12


No. of questions

Total marks

No. of questions

Total marks

No. of questions 

Total marks 






















Grand Total







Benefits of JEE Main 2014 Question Paper Only 

Practising the JEE Main 2014 question papers will provide the students with a competitive edge over others. Students can download the JEE Mains 2014 question paper with solutions to practice while preparing for their JEE exam.
The benefits of attempting JEE previous years question papers are :

  • It helps the students to analyze their preparation levels. 

  • Students will learn time management.

  • Allows students to develop the accuracy of their answers and identify their strengths and weaknesses

  • Helps students to classify the important chapters, concepts and their weightage.

Important JEE Main Question Paper with Solutions - 2014 Free PDF Download From Vedantu

JEE Main question paper with answers is a complete package for the students to ensure that they ace the entrance examinations. It contains both the solved question paper along with the solutions and analysis to understand where we went wrong or where we succeeded. JEE Main question paper with answers of 014 is a comprehensive, self-contained package of the questions and solutions, and can be used as complete study material for the JEE Main exam. This self-contained package of the exam including all the question papers is available in the PDF format both on the website and mobile application of Vedantu.

JEE Main question papers are extremely helpful for studying and preparing for the Joint Entrance exam in India. Students who are preparing for the entrance examinations can solve these sample question papers to strengthen their understanding of the different concepts. On Vedantu, we have a list of previous year question papers with solutions for various categories. Students can take a look at the question paper to revise the concepts.

If you are new to these exams you will definitely find it difficult to prepare yourself for the most important engineering entrance examinations like JEE Main, JEE Advanced and IIT-JEE. The paper for the JEE Main is based on subjects like Physics, Mathematics and Chemistry. Every year thousands of students apply for admission to various prestigious universities of India.

FAQs on JEE Main 2014 Question Paper with Answer Key and Solutions

1. What were the weightage marks of different subjects in the JEE Main 2014 paper?

The JEE Main exam is an entrance test for admissions in the engineering colleges in India. It is an all India exam administered by the National Testing Agency. The JEE Main 2014 exam consisted of a total of 90 questions of two papers with a total of 360 marks. The JEE Main 2014 paper was an offline test, and the type of question was MCQ. The test awarded four marks for each correct response and deducted 1/4 marks for each incorrect answer. The subjects included for the exam were Physics, Maths, and Chemistry and each subject consisted of 30 questions.

2. What are the important topics required for the Physics JEE exam?

Physics is the most important subject for the JEE Main exam. Concepts like mechanics, electricity, and Thermodynamics constitute around 60 per cent of marks allocation for physics. Students can practice previous year question papers to understand what type of questions are required from each chapter. The important topics covered for the Physics JEE Main exam are Electrodynamics, Capacitance, Current Electricity, Electromagnetic Field, E.M.I, Electrostatic, Heat And Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer, among many others.

3. Who can give the JEE Mains paper?

JEE is an abbreviation for the Joint Entrance Exam which is an entrance test for all the students who aspire to be an engineer in the top colleges ranging from IITs, NITs. Any student who has passed the Class 12th  or its equivalent exam in the academic year. Students can give JEE for 3 consecutive years. Also, students who are pursuing 12th can appear for the exam as well. It is the foundation level of the entrance tests and the top 2.5 lakh students qualifying it can further appear in JEE Advanced.

4. Is the JEE Mains paper tough?

The IIT JEE is one of the toughest exams in the entire world, probably because of the extremely limited number of seats available and the overwhelming number of students appearing for the exam. Also, it has a vast syllabus divided into three subjects. Another aspect why it is titled a tough exam is because of its high cut-off rates which have been increasing due to huge competition. The JEE paper is really unpredictable, so it is advised to be prepared from every corner and definitely solving the previous year question papers gives a better idea about the entrance test.

5. What is the paper pattern of the JEE Main entrance exam?

The pattern of the JEE Main exam remains the same every year. It is important to note that students have to opt for either or both of the 2 papers conducted where Paper-1 is for engineering which has both online and offline whereas Paper-2 is for the students who are interested in architecture which is only a pen and paper test. Paper-1 consists of 75 questions and the maximum mark is 360. It is divided into three sections - Physics, Chemistry and mathematics having 25 questions each and a total of 3 hours of time.

6. Is JEE Main the right exam for architecture?

Yes, to the students who are interested in pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Architecture, it is essential to give JEE Main but the only difference is that you have to opt for Paper-2. Paper-1 is purely for engineering institutes. Paper-2 is an offline exam and there is no option for writing it online. The Paper has 3 parts which are Mathematics that contains a total of 30 questions of 4 marks each, an aptitude test containing 30 questions of 4 marks each and a drawing section has 2 questions of 70 marks each for which separate sheets shall be provided. The exam is for 3 hours.

7. Would solving previous year question papers be helpful in the JEE Main exams ?

Yes, solving the previous year question papers help a student understand the pattern of the question paper and analyse them in a logical way. Anyway, JEE doesn’t repeat the questions in phases as it is but they may likely change the values keeping the concept the same. This would help students understand the important topics to be covered. Vedantu aims to be a helping hand to students thereby making way to their desired institutions with detailed notes, syllabus, mock test papers, previous year papers with expert teacher answers and live doubts sessions. Visit the app or website to know more.