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JEE Main 2014 April 11th Shift 1 Physics Question Paper with Answer Keys and Solutions

Last updated date: 16th May 2024
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JEE Main Physics Question Paper with Answer Keys 2014 (11th April) - Free PDF Download

Free PDF Download of Online JEE Main 2014 (11th April) Physics Question Paper with Answer Keys on Practicing JEE Main Physics Question Paper 2014 (11th April) with Solutions will help students to score more marks in Joint Entrance Examination(IIT-JEE).

IIT-JEE is considered one of the hardest examinations conducted in India on a national level. It is only natural for students to be stressed about where to get the right practice papers from. Now they don't need to worry as Vedantu is offering the PDF download for JEE Main 2014 Physics Question Paper with Answer Keys - Online Exam (11th April).


JEE Main Question Papers


Text, Images, Videos and PDF


JEE Main

Academic Session:



English Medium





Date and Month:

11th- April


Shift-1 Morning

Available Material:

JEE Main Previous Year Question Papers with PDF

These are super-easy to download and are sure to enhance your skills by regular practice, which is a must for every student who wishes to score excellence in Joint Entrance Examination (IIT-JEE) for a bright future ahead.

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JEE Main 2014 Physics Question Paper with Answer Keys

The PDF of JEE Main 2014 Physics Question Paper with Answer Keys - Online Exam (11th April) has 30 questions in total, starting with a question based on the topics of a first-order Radioactive Decay from the Chapter of Class 12 named ‘Nuclei’. Then it gradually goes to the second question based on Electromagnetic Radiation, again from Class 12. The third question is based on Electrostatic Potential and Capacitance from Class 12. The fourth question is based on Gauss law from Class 12 Chapter Electric Charges and Fields. Next, the fifth question is based on the topic of Ferromagnetic material from Class 12 Chapter Magnetism and Matter. The sixth question is based on the concept of Conservation Of Energy derived from the Chapter Work, Energy and Power Class 11. The seventh question is from Class 11 based on Thermodynamic Processes from the Chapter Thermodynamics. The eighth question is from Class 12 Chapter Simple Harmonic Motion. The ninth question is based on Lenz’s and Faraday's law from the Class 12 Chapter Electromagnetic induction. The tenth question is based on Class 12 on the concept of biot- Savart law. The eleventh question is based on the concept of application of Newton's law of motion. And so many more. 

To find A-Z of JEE MAIN at one stop, whether JEE MAIN Questions with answer keys, syllabus or just to know the eligibility this year for JEE MAIN, find everything at Free PDF FOR JEE MAIN for all subjects.

Year-Wise JEE Main Previous Year Question Papers

FAQs on JEE Main 2014 April 11th Shift 1 Physics Question Paper with Answer Keys and Solutions

1. What is the best source to study for JEE MAIN 2014 Question Papers with Answer Key?

It is hard to cope with stress when it comes to competitive exams like Joint Entrance Examination (JEE MAIN) and even harder to find the perfect solutions which are simple to understand and remember but now, the students can just sit back and relax because anyone can find the top-notch Question papers of JEE MAIN 2014 with point solutions which can be read in offline mode too. Easily downloadable from Vedantu, your one-stop for everything JEE and more!

2. What are the various advantages of attempting JEE MAIN?

The JEE MAIN is one of the most crucial exams in the lifetime of a student who wants to pursue engineering from one of the best colleges in India. It is conducted twice a year, once in January and the other one in April. To prepare for JEE MAIN students should study and practice with the help of Question papers of JEE from previous years so that they understand the different concepts and how they are applied in the solutions.

3. What is the Question Paper pattern for JEE MAIN physics?

This year, the students will be provided with a total of 30 questions in the physics section of JEE MAIN, out of which 20 will be multiple-choice questions (MCQs), you need to attempt all 20 MCQs correctly and the rest 10 questions will be numerical value answer based but the students will only be asked to attempt 5 out of these which can also be done correctly if regular practice with good revision material is done and tested.

4. How can I score better in JEE MAINS Physics?

A student will have to go through every single JEE MAIN Physics Question Paper with Answer Keys provided to check their progress and learn from their mistakes for JEE MAIN Physics. The students must prepare from the textbooks of Classes 11 and 12 to get a better understanding of every concept of physics in detail so that every single little fact or formula is etched well into the minds of students and they attempt the questions with absolutely no mistakes whatsoever. 

5. What can be considered topics difficult to deal with for JEE MAIN Physics?

The students usually find it hard to deal with the Chapters from Class 11 due to the irregularity in practice and as they have lost touch with most of the subtopics. Thus, to ensure that you ace the JEE MAIN like a pro, do a thorough revision of both Class 11 and Class 12 Chapters. Clear your doubts with our Special JEE crash course with an exclusive coupon available and find yourself among your kind of brilliant! These can be downloaded free of cost from the official website of Vedantu and app.