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Input and Output Devices of Computer

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A Brief Introduction to the Parts of the Computer

We all know that computers are electronic machines that run on electricity. A computer has many parts. All the parts of the computer together make the computer system. A computer system mainly comprises a central processing unit, memory, input/output devices, and storage devices. All these components function together as a single unit to deliver the desired output. This article let us learn about the input and output devices of the computer. 

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What are Inputs and Outputs?

 Let us know the definition of the terms.

  • Input: Inputs are the set of instructions that are given to the computer.

  • Output: Output is the results that come after processing the inputs.

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Let us understand the concept with a simple example of a mango shake. To make the mango shake we need the ingredients and a juicer. Here we can consider ingredients as the inputs and the juicer as the processor that helps us to convert the ingredients to the required mango shake and where the mango milkshake is the final output. 

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What are Input Devices?

From the above explanation, we got a clear idea of the inputs. Now let us learn about the input devices. The devices which are used to input the data and the program in the computer are known as "Input Devices''. 

In other words, we can say that the devices that help in giving the instructions to the computer are called “Input devices''. For example, to input text, we use a keyboard, therefore the keyboard is an input device, in the same way to input any audio or sound we use microphones, therefore, the microphone is an input device. In the same way, we have many input devices.

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What are Output Devices?

The devices that help in getting  and viewing the desired results  are called output devices. In other words, we say that a device that is used to send data from a computer to another device is called an output device. Here are a few output device examples: monitor, printer, speaker etc. these are the devices where we see the results. There are many output devices.

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Difference Between Output Devices and Input Devices

Below table shows the difference between Output devices and Input devices:

Input Devices

Output Devices

Input is any data that is sent to the computer for processing. 

Output is the result of processed data that we can see through some other devices.

Input devices are controlled by the users.

Output devices are controlled by computers.

Mouse, Keyboards etc., are input device examples.

Monitors, Printers etc., are examples of output devices.

List of Input and Output Devices

There are different types of input and output devices. Let's discuss a few of them here.

Here is the list of examples of input and output devices.

Input devises

Output Devices











Light pen

Optical mark readers

Let us learn a few of the examples in detail.

Input Devises Examples

1. Keyboard: Keyboard is an input device that looks like a typewriter that's commonly present in all computer systems. Keyboard has all alphabets, numbers and special characters. We use a keyboard to enter the required information in the text form.

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2. Mouse: The mouse is the other commonly used input device. It is used to scroll through the monitor. It is the cursor on the monitor. The mouse has two buttons: the right click left click and a wheel in the centre for scrolling. 

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3. Scanner: It is an important input device that allows converting hard copy documents into digital files. There are different types of scanners based on their functionality. 

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Output Devices

1. Monitor: Every computer will have a monitor that displays the screen of the computer. It looks similar to the television screen. The monitor is a basic  example of output device.

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2. Printer: A device that accepts text and graphic output from a computer and transfers the information to paper is called a Printer. We have both black and white printers and colour printers. To make it more familiar, our textbooks are printed using printers.

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3. Speakers: Speaker is one of the most common output devices. They are used to hear an audio or video file from a computer.  Few computer systems have inbuilt speakers.

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Interesting Facts 

  1. Kids, do you think that computers can make their own decisions like us? The answer is a big No.  A computer cannot make decisions on its own. In other words, without inputs, a computer cannot function properly. So inputs are necessary for a computer to act in a particular manner and function.

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  1. Kids. Have you heard about a touchscreen? Here is what a touchscreen means: A touchscreen is a computer screen that can be used by touching it with a finger or a stylus pen, instead of using a mouse and keyboard. You can control anything through touch.

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In this article we have discussed the concept of inputs and output devices. First, we discussed the meaning of input and outputs. Later we learnt about the input and output devices along with their examples. We have also learnt the differences between the inputs and output devices. 

Learn by Doing

1. Hello, Children! Help your friend to circle the output devices from the chart below.

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2. Hello Friends! Help your friend Krishna unscramble the following words that describe the input and output devices of a computer system.





3.  Children let's guess the names of the input and output devices below charts.

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FAQs on Input and Output Devices of Computer

1. What are input and output devices?

Input devices are used to feed data and instructions into the computer. Input is of different types like clicking on an item, typing text, and clicking on audio or video. Output devices generate information in different formats such as video, audio, image etc.,

2. Is Keyboard an input or output device?

Keyboard is considered an input device because we only send the information to the computer but do not receive any information. It is one of the most common and popular input devices used in computers. The keyboard contains keys for individual letters, numbers and special characters, as well as keys for specific functions.

3. Answer the following sub-questions whether they are input or output devices.

a) Is the printer input or output?

b)  Is mouse input or output?

c) Is Keyboard an input or output device

The answer to the following question is:

a) Printer is an output device because it receives information from a computer's processor and prints the information on paper.

b) Mouse is an input device because it feeds the data to the computer by clicking its buttons.

c) Keyboard is an input device because it allows us to enter letters, numbers and symbols into your computer.