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KCET Answer Key 2023

Last updated date: 29th Feb 2024
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Answer Key for KCET 2023 Exam

IIT is a dream of almost every student but very few people can actually make it to IIT. So, the next best options for students are left are admission to BITS Pilani and COMED-K. Students who couldn’t make it to any of these but still dream of studying in a good college are left with the only option that is KCET. The difficulty level is moderate and gets you admission to good regional engineering colleges with a decent fee. For such students, KCET is very important as they work really hard to prepare for this exam. It is obvious that you will be curious to know your scores after spending intensified nerves cracking hours in the examination hall.

To help you with this, KEA (Karnataka Examinations Authority) publishes KCET answer keys for you to predict your own result and find out what scores you are likely to bag in during the examination hours. Now you can check the answer sheet to know the answers to all the questions which you were confused about. So, the good news is KEA releases the official accurate answer key in the form of PDF. In case of any discrepancy, you have the right to challenge the official answer key within a certain period of time. Once the discrepancy is resolved, KEA releases the final answer key.

KCET Answer Key 2023

The Karnataka Examinations Authority (KEA) is responsible for carrying out the admission process of Karnataka students. KCET, the entrance exam for admission to government colleges in Karnataka is also carried out by the Karnataka Examinations Authority. All the notifications of KEA are published in the leading newspapers. You can also check the official website of KEA.

The provisional answer key of KCET 2023 will be released by KEA around the third week of July. Like all the other competitive exams, the answer key of KCET 2023 also has the standard and precise answer to all the questions. It is easier for you to compare your answers with the official answer key released by KEA before the result. There is an official marking scheme for KCET papers, thus you need to follow that scheme to calculate your scores. For all the subjects (Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics), a separate KCET answer key 2023 will be released. The provisional answer key of KCET 2023 will also be open to challenge. In order to challenge, you have to send your objections along with a valid proof through email. The final answer key will be released after all of the objections are verified.

Significance of KCET Answer Key

The benefits of KCET answer key is striking. KCET Answer Key helps in forecasting your result on the basis of realistic prediction of your scores in the examination. It is somewhat important to know what scores you are likely to achieve. Earlier it was only possible after the results were out which obviously used to take weeks and sometimes months. But now things have changed. The answer key released by KEA can be referred to conjecture about your exams and envision your results. This proves to be very helpful in the following ways:

  1. On this basis of your predictions, you can decide your next move like research about colleges, apply for it, prepare for college entrance exams, etc.

  2. You also get to know what are the mistakes you have made and what your strategies or efforts have fetched you. So that you can aim towards perfection by rectifying your mistakes in future.

  3. Experiencing competitive level exams and getting to know your eligibility, itself is a significant event of your life. The result of the estimation of your score gives you a rough idea about the outcome of your exams which in turn makes you feel calm, relaxed and confident.

How to Download KCET Answer Key 2023?

You can follow the below steps to download the answer key of KCET 2023:

  • Visit the official website of KCET 2023.

  • Click on the answer key link.

  • The answer key of subject-wise will be displayed on the screen. You will have to click on the link.

  • You can download the answer key and calculate your scores.

Procedure to Calculate Probable Scores Using KCET 2023 Answer Key

You can use the answer key of KCET 2023, to calculate your probable scores right before the official results are announced. In order to do the precise calculation, you will have to use the official marking scheme as per the exam pattern of KCET 2023. According to the exam pattern, each correct answer is of one mark. And the best part is that there is no negative marking for incorrect responses. The total score calculated will be the probable score secured by the candidates in the examination.

Steps to Raise Objections Against KCET Answer Key 2023

You are allowed to raise the objections against the provisional answer key of KCET 2023 if you find any discrepancy. Usually, a day or two is allotted to the candidates to raise their objections. You can follow the steps given below to challenge the provisional answer key:

  • Email your objections along with a documented proof to the 

  • Objections can be raised not only by students but can also be raised by parents and teachers if they find any discrepancy in the answer key.

  • While mailing the objections, you need to check the subject line of the email that should be - “CET 2023 - Objection - Subject Name”.

  • You should also make sure that the subjection, version code, and question paper is mentioned correctly in the email.

  • All the objections should be sent to After that, it will be checked by the authorities and the final answer key will be released accordingly.

KCET Result 2023

After resolving the discrepancy in the answer key and releasing the final answer key, the Authorities of KEA release the results too in a few days. This year KCET Result 2023 is expected to be released in third week of July 2023. You can check the result from the official website by entering your Registration number/ Application Number and Password/ Date of Birth.