Time and Tide Waits for None Essay

Essay on Time and Tide Waits for None

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The value of time and tide is revealed by ‘the proverb time and tide waits for none’ and their truth that both waits for none. Time is a precious commodity. Sometimes ‘time and tides wait for no man’ are equivalent to this phrase. Even one of the famous personalities like ‘The Alexander the Great’ who dreamt big had to accept his defeat in front of the time. We are aware of the fact that time is more valuable than money. If the financial condition goes down it can be uplift but if the time has lost it cannot be regained. Time is a free gift given by the god to all living things on the earth. No one can prove his ownership on time.

Humans have an unpredictable death, so we should not spend any morsel of precious and priceless time without purpose and meaning at any stage of life. Once, for motivating a depressed lost contestant in an event, a motivator said, “Don't say you don't have time to prepare, everyone has the same 24 hours in a day, the victory depends on the perfect utilization of it.” Your future is carved on the basis of how you use your time in the present. So, respect the time and make best use of it is advisable.

Even the great Maratha Warrior Shivaji Maharaj never disrespected time. He won many battles by using Guerrilla warfare at the perfect time. If he had not used the time wisely, enemies could even capture the Hindu Nation within a fraction of seconds. Let's think about another example, the smallest creature on the planet, the ant, is always engaged in its work in summer and winter as it is aware about the fact that it is not allowed to go out on rainy days. She is the best example of ‘time is precious’ and wasting time is like wasting a life.

Let's concentrate on some of the indirect benefits of the time.What helps everyone move forward in their lives is- time. We must be excellent investors of it as we manage the money. There is one thing in common in between the great waves of the sea and time that do not stop for anyone. The people who understand the divine power of it and make the best use of it, succeed in climbing the ladder of success. So, it’s necessary to do the work on time and if we fail to do so, it becomes a curse for us.

Storing even a single second in life is impossible. The reel life has a rewind or storing devices to experience the same feeling again, but in real life this never works. It's better to work hard in presence so that we don't need to cry tomorrow. Though time is a beneficial quantity, most people give more significance to money over it, they should be aware of the fact that time gives money but money can't give time. As per the yin yang theory, ‘bad time has a good thing in it, one day it will disappear.’

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What Does The Saying Time Wait For No One Mean?

The expression time waits for no man means that some things are inevitable, such as birth, death, the sun rising in the morning, and the passage of time. No man can control such inevitable natural phenomena or facts of life.

2. What is Time And Tide?

Time and tide wait for no man. The manners of nature continue, no matter how enormously we might like them to hold. The word tide indicated “time” when this proverb was produced, so it might have been the alliteration of the expressions that first contested to people.

3. Which is The Correct Sentence: Time And Tide Waits For None Or Time And Tide Wait For None?

Similarly, in a sentence like `Time and Tide [wait /waits] for no-one`, we should remember that `Time and Tide` form a single pair so we should substitute the singular `This` and not the plural `They` and choose the singular `waits` as the answer. So the correct statement would be Time and Tide waits for none.

4. What Are Proverbs And Example?

The definition of a proverb is a short saying that is widely used to express an obvious truth. An instance of the proverb is "Practice makes perfect." Proverbs is a book of the Bible which contains facts or words of enlightenment from Solomon and otherwise Israelis, or general sayings which are regarded wise.