Television Essay

Essay on Television

The Television

The television is a popular entertainment device. It is very common and is found in almost all households. When the television first started broadcasting, it was known as the "Idiot Box” because, at that time, the only purpose of television was to provide entertainment. Now, with the advancement of technology and creativity, television has emerged as an important mass media. There are many learning and informative channels on the TV today which act as the source of knowledge as well as entertainment.

The Perspectives of Television

The television was first invented by a Scottish scientist, John Logie Baird. Originally it was capable of displaying monochromatic motion images (or videos). With advances in technology now we have coloured TVs and even smart TVs. Children and adults depend on television for their entertainment. People spend a lot of their leisure time watching television. This may lead one to wonder whether it is really a good practice to spend so much time on the television. There are certain advantages and disadvantages of television beyond doubt.

The Advantages of Watching Television

  • An Inexpensive Source of Entertainment 

Television is now a very cheap mode of entertainment. Televisions are not very costly and apart from a very minimal service fee one needs nothing more to be entertained. Televisions are a great entertainment option for people who live alone or cannot go out often. Televisions are cheap enough to be affordable for all.

  • Provides Knowledge

Television has a number of services like news channels and so on. These channels and services help us stay up-to-date with the latest news all around the world. Television also offers educational programs which help us expand the horizon of our knowledge. We get to learn about science, wildlife, history and so on.

  • Gives Motivation

There are programs on television which motivate people to develop certain skills. There are programs of motivational speakers which inspires the viewers to push themselves to excel in their line of work.

The Disadvantages of Television

Like every other device, television, too, has some demerits alongside its advantages. 

  • Inappropriate Content

Television has barely any measures to prevent segregation of mature and adult audiences from younger audiences. Thus when a piece of content is aired it can be viewed by all. As a result, the younger section of the audience is exposed to inappropriate content.

  • Addiction

Studies have shown that watching a lot of television can get addictive. Television addiction helps lower social activities and promotes inactivity. This makes children more susceptible to mental as well as physical illnesses.

  • Fake Information

A lot of television content is aimed to spread misinformation for views and ratings. This kind of misinformation can hinder social and communal harmony. The misinformation can also leave a lasting impression on the audience who are of a vulnerable age.

Whether television is good or bad for the viewers can be a long debate. However one must always bear in mind that a device is not good or bad, it is merely a device. How one uses that device is what determines its effect. If we judicially use the television and control our television viewing time we can get the benefits while avoiding the shortcomings.